JWA Datamine: New Creatures, Epic Donations and More!

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Explorers! We have brand-new information for you thanks to multiple dataminers that let us know that there were new things in the code! So our very own dataminer MattE dived into the code and shared some very interesting things with us that might be coming in Update 2.5! Let’s see what we unveiled!

Disclaimer: Just because the things we are going to mention are in the code does not mean that they will all be implemented in a future update. GamePress shares this information based on the fact that we found something news-worthy, but does not guarantee that these findings will be in the next update. Please do not assume this datamine article as a guarantee that the following things will be in a future update, as Ludia has put creature code and other features in the code before without ever releasing them.

New Creatures

We have found several new creatures in the code. They come complete with descriptions, which you can find in the tab down below if you are interested in them. For now, we will share the names and most likely model they will have based on images found on the internet.

  • Rinchenia – Oviraptor/Ornithomimid model
  • Stegoceras – Pachycephalosaurid model
  • Struthiomimus – Ornithomimid model
  • Tsintaosaurus – Hadrosaur model
  • Andrewtrodon – Hybrid between most likely Andrewsarchus and Troodon/Glyptodon

Creature Descriptions

Andrewtrodon: Andrewtrodon's skin is 4 inches thick and patched with medal-like scales. DPG engineers had to redesign drone dart sensors because the originals were not strong enough to scan through the creature's tough exterior.

Rinchenia: Rinchenia had an agile frame equipped for stalking prey, and a crest on its skull that might have been used to attract mates.

Stegoceras: Juvenile Stegoceras are called Ornatotholus. Experts use this term when identifying the genus' flat and underdeveloped juvenile skulls. A fully grown Stegoceras skull is round and can reach up to 3 inches at its thickest point.

Struthiomimus: "Mimus" means "mimic" in the dinosaur names Struthiomimus, Ornithomimus and Gallimimus. Struthiomimus' incredibly powerful hind limbs and large three-pronged feet make it seem like a devilish imitation of the modern-day Ostrich.

Tsintaosaurus: The special forward-facing crest on top of Tsintaosarus' head has given it great scientific popularity. Aside from its crest, this creature was like most Hardosaurs, because it could move between quadrupedal and bipedal stances and was a target for large predators like T. rex.

Epic Donations

It seems like Ludia has plans to include Epic Donations and Requests in the alliance! We have found evidence of an Epic Sunday, where you can share Epic DNA with your Alliance before the day ends! It seems like you will only be able to request Epic DNA on a Sunday, as there is code that ‘you cannot request Epic DNA at this time’, meaning that it will likely be a Sunday-only deal. We think that this is a good way to incorporate Epic Donations, as this prevents people from constantly swapping around Epic DNA with for example alternate accounts. It might also be a one-time event, but we sincerely hope that this is not the case, as requesting Epic DNA is high on the wishlist of many JWA players. You can find the whole string of codes in the tab below:

All Epic Donations Messages and Code


IDS_REQUEST_EPIC_PUSH_NOTIF: Epic Sunday is starting! Share Epic DNA with your Alliance before the day ends.


IDS_REQUEST_ERROR_NOT_IN_ADMISSIBLE_TIME_FRAME: Whoops! Epic DNA cannot be requested at this time.


IDS_REQUEST_ERROR_WEEKLY_DONATION_REWARD_LIMIT: Weekly donation reward limit reached

Multiple Strike Events and Trials Found

We have also found evidence of multiple Strike Events coming soon. Below you will find a list of all Strike Events and the descriptions that we found for them. There are a couple of really desirable ones among them, like a Diplodocus Strike Event! These Strike Events are mostly for the Valentines Day event, so we can expect to see them soon!

  • Velosrhacos Strike: Velosrhacos and her Cunning family guard this special Strike Event reward! Face off against these fast foes with high HP, Resilient creatures.
  • Diplodocus Strike: Diplodocus and her thirsty team have their eyes on you! No amount of Distraction will draw their attention away. Instead, try being bluntly Fierce to win this special Strike Event reward.
  • Valentine 2021 - Sweetheart Strike: Charming snakes guard this special Strike Event reward! Don't let yourself get tied down by these serpents, they're sure to squeeze the life right out of you.
  • Valentine 2021 Strike Event description: Popular creatures guard this special Valentine's Day Strike Event reward! Use Nullifying effects to stop them from Dodging you, and remember that these sweeties are seldom Vulnerable.
  • Horned Scent Strike: Take on horned creatures for a chance to win a special Scent reward! These creatures are known to use Shields, Stun and speed altering abilities.
  • Lunar Trials: Stand Trial against creatures discovered in Asia! Participants must bring creatures with a speed of 126 or more.
  • Valentine Trials: Charming creatures wait for you in court. Crush their hearts with Stun effects!

Next Hybrid Pursuit

We have also found the likely next Hybrid Pursuit in the code! Prepare yourselves for a desirable one, as the next Hybrid Pursuit is likely to be Acrocanthops! This very offensive creature’s components are desired by many, so be sure to get hunting during its Pursuit! Featured creatures: Arctops and Acrocanthosaurus.


There are a number of miscellaneous findings in the code, and we will share the highlights with you.

Store offers:

  • Trykosaurus Incubator
  • Pyroraptor Store Offer
  • Horns of Gold Store Offer
  • Lunar New Year Offer
  • Red and Gold Special (Coins and Legendary DNA)
  • Love Potion Incubator
  • Premium Boost Bundle

A number of achievements has also been found. It seems like Ludia is going to expand on the achievements in the game! Here are the ones that we found:

  • IDS_ACH_BATTLECOMPLETION_LOSE_MINIMUM_MULTI: Lose {0} {1} or harder battles.
  • IDS_ACH_BATTLECOMPLETION_PARTICIPATE_MINIMUM_MULTI: Participate in {0} {1} or harder battles.
  • IDS_ACH_BATTLECOMPLETION_PARTICIPATE_MINIMUM_SINGLE: Participate in 1 {0} or harder battle.
  • IDS_ACH_BATTLECOMPLETION_WIN_MINIMUM_MULTI: Win {0} {1} or harder battles.
  • IDS_ACH_CAMPAIGN_MISSION_ALL: Complete all Campaign Missions.

Parting Words

These are quite massive findings, so we thank everyone who let us know that these were in the code! It seems like Ludia has big things in store for us, so let’s hope that these will all be implemented in Update 2.5! What are you looking forward to from these findings? Let us know in our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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