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Explorers! We’ve got some exciting news for you! NEXT WEEK, we will be doing another edition of our famous Password Hunt! We did this event before when we just went over to GamePress a while ago, and now it’s time for a second edition! What is it all about? Read on to find out!


This Password Hunt will be very similar to the previous edition. We will be hiding a Password somewhere in GamePress content and you need to find it! The Passwords will go online at the Daily Reset for JWA (when the Strike Events and Featured Dinosaurs change) and will stay online for 5 hours! After a set period of time we will use our social media accounts to share a hint with you to help you find the Password! Be the first to find the Password for the day and you will win a 10 dollar giftcard!

The passwords will be hidden in GamePress content. So you for example, you need to look in articles, images and other GamePress content that we produce! An example of a password can be seen down here:


Of course, it’s not going to be that easy, and this is not the actual password. You’ll get an even better chance of finding the Password if you follow our social media accounts, because we will be posting hints there! If you aren’t following our  Twitter, Facebook and YouTube page, be sure to do that now!

How do I enter?

Entering is very simple: Be on our Discord server and you are eligible! We are going to use Discord to keep track of who won, so be sure to join our Discord! When you discover the Password, you need to send me (Bart) a message to win! If you did win, I will be in touch with you for the reward!

Join our Discord to participate in the Password Hunt!

Bonus Giveaway

Just like last time, we want to give as much people as possible a shot at winning a prize! Even if you weren’t the fastest, as in the top 10 who didn’t win each day, we will draw one of the 50 names for yet another 10 dollar reward! So even if you aren’t the fastest, there is still a chance for you to win a prize! We will add all the names in a randomizer to randomly select a name to win a giftcard. NOTE: if you end up in the top 10 multiple times, this means that your name will be in the randomizer multiple times! So be sure to get searching for those Passwords, as they will increase your chance of winning a 10 dollar reward!

If you have already won a reward by being the first to find a Password, you won’t be eligible for this reward. So if you already have a prize, you cannot win in the bonus giveaway.

Fine Print

If you participate, there are a couple of things you need to know about:

  • The winner provides their e-mail address, name and the device they use so we can send the code for Apple Store credit or Google Play Store credit.
  • Winners from previous days cannot win a second time.
  • We will be running a second contest with the GamePress Mods on our discord, but they are not eligible for the same prizes as the general public. 

The Winners

As the contest is going to be held, we will update this section of the article to show you who the winners are! Stay tuned for that!

Day 1 Winners and Runner-Ups:

1: Fort42!  - Winner of the Gift Card
3: Povalov
4: Fogsonite
5: Apricot
6: Juno340
7: BlueZombie (EliteFusions)
8: elderrose
9: cathn
10: Llywelyan

Parting Words

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this contest! We want to give you guys something back for all the support that you show us and contests like these are the best way to do it! Be sure to join our Discord to join the Password Hunt! We hope to see you on there!

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