JWA News Roundup: Patch 1.10, Themed Scent, Updated Dindex with Sim Tool

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Welcome back, Explorers! Wow! What a week it has been! Hard to believe that Patch 1.10 went live earlier this week. We have a lot to cover about Patch 1.10, there is a new scent in the store, and we have an awesome new tool on our Dinodex we can't wait to tell you about! So let's get to it! 

Patch 1.10 - Developers Chime in

Patch 1.10 went live on Tuesday and this might be one of the most controversial patches to date (hard to believe, huh?) While there wasn't a huge list of creatures that received stats changes, the dodge mechanic got a major overhaul and there was a boost reset to get ready for the new system - Stat Boosts 2.0. And there are opinions about that reset. Check out the Ludia forums if you want to see all sides of the argument for yourself, but people were not happy about the new cost compared to the old cost and the boost reset in general. The Ludia Developers even made a rare appearance on the forum to chime in on the subject. 

Hi everyone,

We understand that some of you are puzzled with the update to our Stat Boosts system.

Since the introduction of stat boosts, we have monitored your feedback so that we could change the system for something that would align better with your expectations of customization, not downgrading DNA value, ability to reset progression.

To get you involved, we shared our design intentions on September 27th where we provided information regarding the new mechanics - . An additional Q&A was provided on October 21st to address remaining questions following this initial announcement.

Since we realize this is an important change to a mechanic you have all gotten used to, we decided to remove ALL Stat Boosts and give them back with a multiplier of x1.5. This means that someone with a total of 500 Attack Stat Boosts split on creature and in bank, would get 750 total.

We also made sure that the total Stat Boosts needed to max a stat became slightly lower going from 2046 (in the old system), to 2000 (in the current).

Finally, we are going to change distribution to be slightly more balanced.

We continue to thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout these changes.

Sincerely yours,

Game Developers

We aren't exactly sure what they mean by "we are going to change distribution to be slightly more balanced", but we will keep an eye out for any developments on the topic. We're sure this isn't the last we have heard of it. For a full review of the patch check out all of our articles below. 

1.10 Bugs and Fixes

Today, Ludia released their list of known bugs as of 1.10 and the fixes that were updated with the patch. They did note that some of the fixes require an update from your devices play store so make sure to check that out. And 


  • Map | We have completely revamped the infrastructure to deliver a better geolocation experience and we need your help to ensure we provide a good experience in your region. For more information, please go to 1
  • Scent | Scents are not attracting park-specific creatures. This issue is currently in the works. We will be sure to include it in the release notes when it makes it onto a major update.


  • Match timed-out state will not appear anymore when returning to the map from a change in context.
  • Match timed-out state will not generate a blank battle page when returning to the battle menu.
  • All sanctuaries will be shared with Alliances (according to the rules and limitations).
  • Several text (localization) fixes.
  • Boosts no longer temporarily appear in player’s wallets.
  • “Donated by” window doesn’t appear empty when tapping the “i” button when donation tile is ready to be collected.
  • Dsungaripterus is not missing its texture layer anymore
  • Players are ranked based on their highest trophy count of the previous season when reviewed in the Alliance list.
  • Pterovexus Distracting Impact animation freeze is fixed.
  • Incubators earned in the campaign, now count towards the different social missions.
  • Naturally spawned (e.g. not with Scents) creatures will no longer overlap with Sanctuaries.
  • Flying creatures now disregard vertical distances when calculating the Drone battery.
  • Players no longer need to reset the app in order to receive hard cash after watching a TAPJOY video anymore.
  • Buffs activated on the same turn as a damaging Swap Out ability no longer last an extra turn.
  • If a player still has an old Halloween Scent (2018), new Scents (2019) will only attract creatures from the 2018 list
  • On iOS in the matchmaking screen, game red text is appearing. This text has no impact on the game and cannot be interacted with. On Android, the text is left-aligned instead of centered…

Themed Scent - Scent of Blood

We have another themed scent in the store today and it is the Halloween scent called Scent of Blood. These are the creatures that the community voted for in the scary creatures poll that went out about a month or so ago. This is what you can expect to get from it. 

scent of blood

This scent might be worth it if you are working on Thor or any of the raptor hybrids since you are more likely to get commons from it. There is also a chance to get 1 a day from supply drops so make sure you are using them up as you get them. You can only carry 2 in your bag (unless you purchase them) so if you are maxed at 2/2 and you get another from the supply drop, you will esentially lose that one. 

New Dinodex Simulator Tool

As you all know, we produce a lot of content with our Battle Simulator Tool. We have received multiple requests to host that tool on the website. Unfortunately, because of the raw data required to store such a tool, we can't release the full simulator. Instead, we did the next best thing---Introducing Dinodex 2.0. We have updated our Dinodex to include the best counters and matchups for every single dino in the game. So if you are struggling with Erlidominus in the arena and want to know what creatures are the best counter for it, go to the creature page for Erlidominus and at the bottom, you will see the top counters based on rarity and the win rate those creatures have against it. 

erlidom matchups

While it isn't the complete simulator, these results are based off the simulator tool we have an we are very excited to share this feature with you. If there are any matchups you don't understand or you think are incorrect (like how does Smilonemys beat Procerathomimus 100% of the time?) make sure to head over to our discord to chat about it! 

Wrap Up

This has been an exciting week and we are looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next week with Halloween. We have also started on the 1.10 tier list already and hope to have that out in the next couple of weeks. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information, and join our discussion on discord. Have fun out there, explorers! 

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