JWA News Update: 1.11 Tier List, Stygimoloch Season and Phorusaura Pursuit!

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Explorers! This week has been relatively quiet for the most part, but the news we did get was some big news! First off, we released the 1.11 Tier List this week and there have been some changes in there! Second, we now know the next Season reward. being Stygimoloch. Thirdly the Weekend Tournament has gone liveΒ and finally we have a new Hybrid Pursuit coming up! Let's cover the news!

1.11 Tier List

We got the 1.11 Tier List out yesterday, and there have been some major changes! The biggest ones feature Phorusaura and Grypolyth being crowned as Tyrant Tier dinosaurs, as well as Erlikospyx dropping from Tyrant Tier to High Apex. Thoradolosaur seems to be a hot debate as well, with it dropping to Mid Apex. If you are wondering why we placed Thor in Mid Apex, our writer OrigamiRobot has pulled up some numbers to explain our decision! And I want to remind you that we did not determine placements on numbers alone, but also based on experience in Friendly Battles and the Arena!

Quick note: The JWA Field Guide will not update for a while, so if you want to see the new Tier List, check the article down below or go on our Discord to find it there!

Stygimoloch Season

We now know the next Season Reward for the January Season, which should start next Monday! It's the S. S. Arcadia Arena Exclusive Stygimoloch! Here is the official picture showcasing the numbers!

Stygimoloch Season Numbers

We predicted this would happen, as the rewards have been following a pattern of working their way up the Arena Exclusives! Following this pattern, these will be the next rewards:

- February: Purussaurus

- March: Phorusrhacos

- April: Irritator

- May: Stygimoloch GEN 2

- June: Baryonyx GEN 2

- July: Gallimimus

- August: Pachycephalosaurus

I will personally be looking forward to April, June and August! Those creatures are in high demand and their hybrids are extremely powerful! Next month Purussaurus should also help if you are busy working on the High Apex Carnotarkus! Some good seasons ahead of us Explorers!

Weekend Tournament

The Primary Skill Frost Tournament is active! This Skill tournaments allows Common and Rare non-hybrids to participate with levels set at L26 and no Stat Boosts allowed! This will be the perfect opportunity for people to use the new Megaloceros! The entry fee is 20 HC, which in my opinion is definitely doable. If you manage to get into the top 10.000, which is not very hard to do, you will get your entry fee back along with a small bonus of 10 HC and 1300 coins! Any higher ranking is more Hard Cash and Coins, so get in there and battle like crazy! You might walk home with tons of Hard Cash and Coins!

Phorusaura Pursuit

Phorusaura attempt

That's right! We are getting a Phorusaura Hybrid Pursuit! We are incredibly excited about this, as this freshly-crowned Tyrant is an absolute powerhouse! It seems like we will get Phorusrhacos first and then Maiasaura, but this could change any second. We will have to see next Monday to see which creature will populate the map temporarily!

Parting Words

And that's about it for this week's News Recap! Not that much has happened, but some incredibly big things have happened! Be sure to be on the lookout for the Community Tier List Survey that will appear soon, and we will update you once we have more News to cover. Be sure to join our Discord to participate in the discussion. We hope to see you on there!

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