JWA News Update: CR Tournament, Epic Strike Tower, Bird Scent, and new Boost Calculator Tool!

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Welcome back, Explorers! We've had an exciting week so far! There was a ban wave yesterday that unintentionally affected more players than it should have. It seems like they have it fixed now, but we also hope the players that were supposed to get banned still got that treatment.

In other news, we have a tournament that started today, an Epic Strike event, a Themed Scent in the store, and a brand new boost calculator tool!  Make sure to check out our article below on the event dinos so you know what to dart this weekend, including a chance at the turtle! 

Common and Rare Tournament and Epic Strike Event

This is the 3rd week in a row for a skills tournament. This time it is Common and Rare. The participation prize is 15 HC more than it costs to enter so you might as well get in there and play a couple of matches for a little profit. We brought out our trusty Battle Simulator tool to see which dinos come out on top so make sure to check out that article below. 

We also have an Epic Strike tower today and will have another one over the weekend. Today's tower is the Thylacotator Strike and we have your guide on the best dinos to beat it! Check it out below. 

Themed Scent - Pterosauria Scent

We have another themed scent in the store today and it is the Pterosauria. Here is what you can expect to get from it. 

bird scent chances

Since birds can't be farmed for DNA in a sanctuary this scent has some appealing prospects in it. Dsungaripterus is an event exclusive bird and Arambourgiana is incubator only. While it is possible you won't see these 2 at all, it might be worth purchasing a couple if you have the HC to spare. But be prepared to see plenty of Dimorphodon and Hatz while you are waiting to see if you will get that coveted rare DNA. 

Boost Calculator Tool

We are so excited to introduce a new boost calculator tool! This tool can be used in multiple ways. First, you can calculate how many boosts you need to get a dino to a certain tier. The other way (honestly what it was built for) is to see how many boosts you have spent on creatures. This will be especially helpful once we have our boost reset to prepare for Boost 2.0. 

Here's how it works:

  •  Pull up the Dino Boost Calculator Page. There is a link below, or you can find it in the menu on the left.
  • Click on "Add another Dinosaur" and enter a name and how many boosts you have in it
    boost dino calculator
  • Keep adding all of the Dinos you have in your Dinodex that have boosts applied to them
  • At the very top, you will see all of the boosts totaled up based on all of the dinos you have input
  • Add the boosts you have in your inventory and you will get a calculation of everything you should get back at reset.
    total boost reset example

You can then save the URL to come back to it or just take a screenshot so you can keep up with boosts that have been spent. Hopefully this helps out a bit and we will keep you updated as we know more about Boost 2.0! 

Wrap Up

We've had another exciting week and will make sure to update you on Sunday as soon as next week's event dinos are announced. Make sure to get out and dart that Turtle this weekend as well!  As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information, and join our discussion on discord. 

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