JWA News Update: January Daily Rewards, Ardentismaxima attempt, and Important News about Woolly Mammoth

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Explorers! We are still getting back into the swing of things after the holidays but we do have some news updated for you. Make sure to check your in-game mailbox as there is a free Winter Scent to make up for the fact that we did not get a New Years' Eve scent as originally reported by Ludia. You have until January 28th to claim your scent. There is also a Legendary Skills Tournament this weekend that should be fun. In other news, the Daily Reward was announced for January, Ardentismaxima will be available to dart this weekend, and there is important news regarding Woolly Mammoth in the wild. 

January Daily Reward

The January Daily Mission rewards have finally been announced after Blue was extended for another week. It looks like Woolly Rhino will be the next daily mission creature! 

Starts : January 13, 2020
Ends : February 03, 2020

woolly rhino

This is pretty exciting for most people since this is an incubator exclusive creature and cannot currently be hunted in the wild. While its hybrid is a bit underwhelming, there are people like me that strive to complete the Dinodex before the next patch and these daily rewards should help achieve that. It is a shortened time period since Blue went longer, but we should be getting 22 days worth of rewards as long as you collect after the reset on January 13th and before reset on February 3rd. If you want an extra day of Blue you will want to make sure and complete your missions before the reset on January 13th. 

Ardentismaxima Attempt on Sunday

When we got the Weekly Event image there was an attempt at Ardentismaxima scheduled for Sunday. We actually questioned the reliability of this because it didn't fit with the weekly theme at all. We have received confirmation, however, that Ardentismaxima will be available to dart on Sunday. We are always excited for a chance to dart a unique dino and this is an especially exciting one since it is so strong! We had another attempt on it in December so hopefully, this additional one will help you either unlock or level up this Tyrant hybrid. So make sure you get out there on Sunday to go dart it! 

Woolly Mammoth no longer in the wild

When the Woolly Mammoth was introduced in patch 1.11, we discovered it did not naturally spawn in the wild. We were disappointed that this new creature with an amazing hybrid would not be easily farmable. Then they put it out in the wild for a "limited time" as part of a special event. The problem was we didn't know how long the event was supposed to last. We recently reached out to Ludia about the event and official source responded saying: 

The Mammoth was for a limited time. The dates were between 2 DEC - 6 JAN

So this means, as of January 6, 2020 the Mammoth is no longer spawning in the wild. It still has the chance to appear in events and a slim possibility in the Winter Scent, but otherwise you will not be able to find it spawning like we have for the past month. 

Wrap Up

We've had another exciting week and will make sure to update you on Sunday as soon as next week's event dinos are announced. We are slowing getting back from the break and have some exciting articles planned so stay tuned. Make sure to join our discord as well for more discussion and the most up to date information in the world of JWA! 

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