JWA News Update: Lunar New Year Event announced, New alliance rewards, and 1.12 Teasers!!

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Hello again Explorers! After a slow week in terms of events, we got some exciting news this week and we can't wait to delve into it! We currently have a tournament going on so make sure to check out our guide below. We also have new alliance mission rewards, a Lunar New Year Event was announced, and most importantly we have teasers for 1.12!! So let's get to it. 

New Alliance Mission Rewards

After a month of the same alliance rewards, we are finally getting different creatures! These are the creatures we will be receiving for the next 2 weeks. 

JANUARY 2020| 13th to 26th

  • Exploration Missions

    • Common: Allosaurus
    • Common: Suchomimus
    • Rare: Dimetrodon
    • Rare: Gorgosaurus
    • Epic: Pyroraptor
  • Defense Missions

    • Common: Dilophosaurus GEN2
    • Common: Gallimimus
    • Rare: Dilophosaurus
    • Rare: Proceratosaurus
    • Epic: Monolophosaurus

The ranks we are currently working on will be the first time we get to collect the rewards above (on Monday at reset time). Then we will have another week of these rewards after that. We are liking the 5 creature format of the new rewards system and these rewards are pretty good with some exclusive DNA included. 

Lunar New Year Event

The forum announced today that we are getting another Lunar New Year event.

Happy Lunar New Year fellow DPG members,

Between January 20th to January 27th explore your map to find Special Event creatures, Shop Offers, Strike Events, and a Lunar New Year Treasure Chase.

Collect up to 8,888 coins per day at Lunar New Year Treasure boxes by visiting them up to 10 times per day. You can also find during this time Sanctuary items and New Year scents in Supply Drops!

Happy Playing!

This event was really good last year with some highly sought after creatures included in it. We'll see if the weekly event dinos stay the same, but we are also excited about the extra coins and sanctuary items as well! 

Patch 1.12 Teasers!

We were surprised this week when Ludia tweeted out a teaser for 1.12! So we are all aboard the hype train now! On Tuesday they posted the following picture: 

teaser 1

Then yesterday (Thursday) they followed up with another teaser:

teaser 2

So what does this all mean?! Our Discord immediately began speculating about the creature it could be and the general consensus is that Titanboa could be coming to the game! This creature has been suggested for a while both in our discord and on the forum so we are excited to see what it looks like! We don't have any hints on when notes will drop but we are keeping our eyes peeled for them because they can come at any time now! And when they do we will make sure to have all the information you need to prepare for 1.12. 

Wrap Up

What an exciting week in JWA! We can't wait to see what 1.12 brings and we hope patch notes will drop soon. In the meantime, make sure to join our discord for more discussion and the most up to date information in the world of JWA! 

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