JWA Weekly Events Dec 16 - Dec 22: Cute Dinos

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Explorers! The weekly events have been announced and once again we've got your coverage. We are extremely excited about Cute Dino week! There was a poll about this theme a while back and it looks like the community came through! There are several exclusive dinos plus another attempt at a legendary and unique! So let's get to it!

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons ( attempts)



Stegosaurus (picture is incorrect in the image)

What to Dart

Scolosaurus and Gallimimus are both exclusive creatures, but Scolosaurus is the only one that is event only so that is going to be your best choice for the commons. It has a hybrid, Skoolosaurus, that is pretty strong and has the ability to make a very strong unique super-hybrid some day. Gallimimus is also exclusive, but it has several other themes you can dart it. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (18 attempts)




What to Dart

This could be a tough one for a lot of people. Dracorex can be found in Local 2 and is a component if Utarinex. This unique creature lost a little step these last couple of patches, however, and isn't as prevalent in the arenas as it once was. Echo is a night time local 1 spawn, and recently had a hybrid pursuit week. It makes up Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Indoraptor Gen 2 (which is extremely strong right now). Nasutoceratops is very exclusive and cannot be found outside of events so if you really want to be smart, it is best to go with exclusive DNA. Its hybrid, Carbotocertatops, also has the chance to make a very strong super-hybrid.

Featured Creature - Legendary

Thursday: Legendary


What to Dart

Not many choices on this one as there is only one :-). But what an attempt it is. Ardontosaurus is needed for the Tyrant Hybrid, Ardentismaxima (which you can dart later in the week). 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics ( attempts)



What to Dart

Blue and Carbonemys are both good options for the epics. Blue is exclusive and probably the smarter of the 2 choices, but we are finishing up the hybrid pursuit for it so it is actually wild right now. Carbonemys is locked in parks and while those scents are actually working right now, it is difficult to find and accumulate the DNA. Choose whichever you really need based on which creature you are working towards. 

Sunday: Unique


What to Dart

What a great early Christmas gift! Just like the Legendary attempt, there is only one to choose from so it should be an easy choice. But you are definitely going to want to get out there and dart it. Artdentismaxima is still extremely strong despite the changes to its kit so if you are close to unlocking it or putting another level on it, this is your chance to save on that DNA. 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Cute Dino themed as well so all of the creatures listed above have a chance to be in the strike events. 

There are 3 epic strike events this week! There is a Brachiosaurus themed strike on Friday and Cute Dino Themed Strikes on Saturday and Sunday. We will keep you up to date with strike guides as those come out and we know the adversaries you will be facing! 

Themed Scent & Boost Strike and Treasure Chase

There is a themed scent strike on Thursday that is a Cute Dinos Scent, and it looks like there is a Health Boost Strike on Wednesday. The Holiday Chase is back this week as well with some chances for some awesome gifts so make sure you go open those gifts every day! Check out the article below to see what you might get in each color present. 

In Conclusion

We are very excited about this week! What a great continuation to the Holiday Season and we can't wait to see what next week brings as well! What do you think about this week? Be sure to pop into our discord to let us know!

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