JWA Weekly Events Dec 2 - 8: Nullify & Self Increase

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Explorers! The weekly events have been announced and once again we've got your coverage. This week's theme is Nullify & Self Increase. Nullify isn't the most exciting theme for most people, but the strike events will have a chance to get irritator! Plus we should be getting patch 1.11 this week! Let's break down what to dart and what you can expect in the strike events. So let's get to it!

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons (36 attempts)

Dilophosaurus Gen 2


Monolophosaurus Gen 2


What to Dart

Diplocaulus and Monolophosaurus Gen 2 have new hybrids this upcoming patch. They are also pretty common in their respective zones (L3 for Diplocaul and Zone 4 for Mono2) so they shouldn't be that hard to farm. Dilophosaurus Gen 2 is a daily dino and can usually be found everywhere on its respective day as well. Tanycolagreus is still the best choice for commons simply because of the strength of its hybrid, Quetzorion. And we are expecting it to be even stronger in patch 1.11. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (18 attempts)


Diplocaulus Gen 2


What to Dart

Dilophosaurus is a resident of L3 and while it is needed to Diloracheirus, unfortunately, it isn't the Tyrant Dino it once was. Diplocaulus Gen 2 also has a very strong hybrid that we are hoping gets a super-hybrid someday. Proceratosaurus not only makes up the Tyrant dino, Procerathomimus, it is also arena exclusive and is, therefore, the best option for the rares. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)




What to Dart

All 3 epic options are a good choice depending on what hybrid you are currently working on. Koolasuchus is a component of Skoolasaurus. Monolophosaurus is needed for both Monostegotops and Pteravexus. Pteranodon is used in Quetzorion. So whatever you feel you have the least of, that will be the best option for you, 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Self Increase and includes Irritatorand Baryonyx Gen 2! The creatures found in this pool are:

Common: Irritator Gen 2, Nundasuchus, Majungasaurus

Rare: Baryonyx Gen 2, Irritator, Kaprosuchus, Postosuchus

Epic: Baryonyx, Gorgosuchus, Postimetrodon

There are 2 epic strike events this week. There is an Erlikosaurus themed strike on Friday and Sunday and 10 step Self Increase strike over the weekend. We will keep you up to date with strike guides as those come out and we know the adversaries you will be facing! 

Themed Scent & Boost Strike and Treasure Chase

There is a themed scent strike on Thursday that is a Crocodilian Scents, and it looks like there is a Speed Boost Strike on Wednesday. All in all, it looks like a lot to look forward to this week!

In Conclusion

We are so excited about the new patch this week. The event dinos aren't the worst, and we hope everyone that needs irritator gets it in all of their strike event incubators! We don't know exactly when the patch will hit yet but we are hoping it will be early in the week  (maybe Tuesday?) We'll make sure to keep you updated as we know more as well. What do you think about this week? Be sure to pop into our discord to let us know!

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