JWA Weekly Events Dec 23 - 29: Winter Holiday

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Explorers! The weekly events have been announced and once again we've got your coverage. We are extremely excited about Winter Holiday week! There were some changes to our original datamine article and it looks like we aren't going to get any attempted on a Legendary or Unique. But it's still a very good theme with a lot of exclusive dinos being featured. So let's discuss what to go for this week! 

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Tuesday: Commons (18 attempts)



What to Dart

Brontotherium and Phorusrhacos are both exclusive creatures so go with what you need. Both have very strong hybrids that have the potential to get extremely powerful super-hybrids as well. Phorusrhacos is in more incubators and events than Brontotherium so Bronto is probably the smarter option if you have to choose between the 2. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (18 attempts)




Marsupial Lion


What to Dart

There are a lot of dinos to choose from in the rare pool, but there really is only one real correct answer. Because it is smart to always go for the exclusive creature, Megaloceros is really the best option here. It doesn't spawn at all in the wild and we know how much Ludia likes to give hybrids to exclusive creatures. All of the other dinos are available in the wild (most of them as daily dinos) and we might not see the deer in an event again, so don't have regrets later when you actually need the DNA. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics ( attempts)

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Rhino


What to Dart

If we are talking about exclusivity, then Woolly Rhino is the best answer. It is currently only available in incubators and sanctuaries. A case can also be made for Woolly Mammoth, however, as it will not always be out in the wild. From what we can tell it will be available for the rest of the year and then might not be available after that (since the code tells us it doesn't spawn in the wild). Smilodon is a daily creature so it is available to hunt if you need it. 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Winter Holiday themed as well so all of the creatures listed above have a chance to be in the strike events. 

There are 3 epic strike events this week! There is a Mammoth themed strike on Friday and Winter Holiday Themed Strikes on Saturday and Sunday. We will keep you up to date with strike guides as those come out and we know the adversaries you will be facing! 

Themed Scent & Boost Strike and Treasure Chase

There is a themed scent strike on Thursday that is a Holiday Themed Scent, and it looks like there is an Attack Boost Strike on Wednesday.  We are hoping to see extra sanc items and scents in the supply drops like we did for Thanksgiving, but that hasn't been confirmed. The Holiday Chase is back this week as well with some chances for some awesome gifts so make sure you go open those gifts every day! 

In Conclusion

We are very excited about this week! What a great continuation to the Holiday Season and we can't wait to see what next week brings as well! We hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays with friends and family! What do you think about this week? Be sure to pop into our discord to let us know!

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