JWA Weekly Events Feb 10 - Feb 16: Valentine

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Explorers! The weekly schedule is out and it looks like we can look forward to Valentine. The dinos in this theme are a result of the legendary dino survey that went out a while ago! The featured dinos will be the components of those creatures as well as some attempts at the legendary dinos as well! As usual, we'll break everything down and let you know what DNA is best to target. So let's get to it!

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons (18 attempts)



What to Dart

Both of these are global dinos, but Velociraptor is only at night. If you are still trying to fuse for or level up Indominus Rex or any of its hybrids, this is the dino to go for because you are going to need a lot of it! Allosaurus can really be found anywhere during the day so it is much easier to hunt. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (24 attempts)



Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2


What to Dart

Echo and Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 are both components of the still incredibly strong Indominus Rex 2 and Indoraptor 2. Since Rex2 is only available on Fridays it is often harder to find the DNA. Delta and Utahraptor aren't bad choices if you need the DNA, but those hybrids just aren't as strong at the moment. 

Featured Creatures - Legendary

Friday: Legendary (3 attempts)



Indominus Rex

Indoraptor Gen 2


What to Dart

We had a lot of legendary dinos to choose from in the survey and we are honestly surprised these were the ones that made the cut (other than Indo2). As you can see we have 5 creatures to choose from but we only have 3 attempts so you are going to have to choose. We think it's better to go all-in on one dino, but you can split them up if that works for you.

Alloraptor and Indoraptor Gen 2 are both great options since they have exclusive components in them (Allosaurus Gen 2 and Blue) so any DNA you can save helps a ton. The other 3 creatures aren't bad options, but as we always say, the exclusive DNA is always the better choice. Especially since things like Alloraptor have the opportunity to get a super-hybrid some day,

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (12 attempts)

Allosaurus Gen 2



Tyrannosaurus Rex

What to Dart

As with the legendary dinos, exclusive is always best so Allosaurus Gen 2 and Blue are both great options for the epics. Allosaurus is very rarely featured in events so if you have to choose, that is probably the best option. But Blue is always good (especially if you don't have Indoraptor 2 at level 30 yet). The other 2 epic creatures are global now and easier to find so go for the exclusive now so you don't have regrets later. 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Valentine themed as well so all the creatures we have a chance to dart will be available in the strike events. 

We have 2 Epic Strike Events this week. There is an Sinoceratops themed Strike on Friday and a Valentine Strike over the weekend. 

Themed Scent, Boost Strike, and Treasure Chase

There is a Valentine Scent Strike on Thursday, and it looks like there is a Health Boost Strike on Wednesday.  We also have a Valentine treasure chase. According to the forum:

Snuggle up to the upcoming Valentine Event!

Between February 10th and February 17th, go out and collect Valentine theme Treasure Chase rewards and scents. Don’t forget to explore the Map and the Market for resources needed to create Community’s best loved Legendaries before this event ends.

On February 14th, take on those charming serpents and win an Epic reward!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are excited to see the special event on Friday and hope there is some charming serpents as prizes! There is also a scent strike on Sunday that might be a guaranteed rare scent, but we can't tell for sure. 

In Conclusion

We are very excited about this week! I wish some more legendary creatures got love (Mammotherium for example), but we are always happy with free DNA and getting to dart anything with exclusive components is nice. What do you think about this week? Be sure to pop into our discord to let us know!

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