JWA Weekly Events Jan 06 - Jan 12: Cleanse & Counter-Attack

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Explorers! The weekly schedule is out and it looks like we can look forward to Cleanse and Counter-Attack. These events don't have the most exciting dinosaurs in them (especially the epics) but we can't expect a week like last week every time. As usual, we'll break everything down and let you know what DNA is best to target. So let's get to it!

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons (18 attempts)



What to Dart

Both of these are exclusive creatures you can't find in the wild and both have very strong hybrids. The Phorusrhacos hybrid was recently promoted to Tyrant tier and we are also getting a hybrid pursuit the next couple of weeks. Miragaia also has a very strong hybrid and the other component will be featured in the strike theme this week as well. Either dino is a good choice, so go for what you need the most. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (30 attempts)






What to Dart

Carnotaurus, Postosuchus, and Kaprosuchus are all good dinos, but Echo and Elasmotherium will be the better options this week. Whether you go all attempts on one or you split between the two. After all of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 we got this past week, you'll need Echo to go with it for Indominus Rex Gen 2 which is needed for the Tyrant Indoraptor Gen 2. Elasmotherium is a daily dino, and it's also an ingredient of the new Tyrant hybrid Mammotherium. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)




What to Dart

This is a really odd week for the epic creatures as they are all hybrids and they all have Legendary super-hybrids as well. Postimetrodon and Purutaurus have the strongest hybrids of the 3 in Tryostronix and Carnotarkus (very strong in this current meta). Purutaurus requires exclusive Purussaurus DNA so it could save you a lot of that. If you are working on Magnapyritor at all, then Posti would be a better choice so you can save yourself the Dimetrodon DNA. And Edmontoguanodon isn't a bad choice either as it has a new hybrid and is a very solid dino on its own as well. Go for the one that you need the most DNA for. 

Featured Creatures - Unique (Maybe)

Sunday: Unique (1 attempt)


What to Dart

There is a unique on the image, but we are highly doubtful this will actually happen. While we would love another Maxima attempt, it doesn't go with the theme at all so we are going to assume it is an error. If it isn't, we are excited about the opportunity but we wouldn't be surprised if this changes. We will keep you updated if it does. 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Counter-Attack themed. These are the creatures we can possibly get from the strikes:

Commons: Miragaia, Lythronax, Majungasaurus

Rares: Carnotaurus, Megalosaurus, Dsungaripterus, Tupandactylus

Epics: Concavenator, Rajasaurus, Pteranodon

It looks like we are back to the normal schedule with 2 Epic Strike Events this week. There is a Blue themed Strike on Friday and Counter Attack themed Strike on Sunday. 

Themed Scent & Boost Strike

There is a Themed Scent Atrike on Thursday that is a Apex Theropod Scent, and it looks like there is a Speed Boost Strike on Wednesday.  We also have the Treasure Chase on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

In Conclusion

We can't have an amazing theme every week so we are actually looking forward to a slower week and a little break! What do you think about this week? Be sure to pop into our discord to let us know!

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