JWA Weekly Events Sept 02 - Sept 08: High HP & Lockdown

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Explorers! The weekly events have been announced and once again we've got your coverage. This week's theme is High HP as the featured creatures, and Lockdown as the strike theme. We already saw lockdown as the featured creatures last week and High HP has been featured in the strike events in the past month. So while these are good themes, they do feel like we have been seeing the same dinos every week.  We'll break down what to dart and what to expect from the strike events. So let's get to it!


weekly events

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday - Tuesday: Commons (36 attempts)





What to Dart

Allosaurus can be found in Local 3, Apatosaurus is a global spawn (get out of my scents!) and Parasaurolophus is in Local 4. All 3 of these dinos have Hybrids and are usually easily found in their respective locations throughout the day.  Brontotherium is event locked, meaning you can only dart it during special events and you won't be able to get it from incubators. Since it is exclusive, this will be the best one to focus on in the beginning of the week. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (18 attempts)




What to Dart

Amargasaurus is a global spawn and Giraffatitan recently moved to Local 1. Both of these dinos are hybrid components so if you are running Tragodistis or Nodopatotitan these could be good options for you. Argentinosaurus is Local 3 and a component of the very strong unique hyrbid, Ardentismaxima. Since this is a newer hybrid, chances are most people don't have it at a high level (or even created) so Argentino is a great choice for the rares since you will have a chance to dart another component of Maxima, Brachiosaurus, later in the week. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)




What to Dart

The epic dinos are especially tough to choose this week. Brachiosaurus, a resident of Local 1, makes up the very strong hybrid Ardentismaxima. Ouranosaurus, that was recently moved to Local 4, is a component of the Tyrant dino, Diloracheirus. Both of these are very good options for people working towards those unique hybrids. But you also have to think about the end game. And because of that Dilpodocus is going to be what we recommend, just like last week.  Diplodocus is an exclusive dino that can only be found in the weekly featured events so this is the best one to go for. It is a component of the newly Tyrant Unique - Geminititan and while it might seem like you will never create it or level it, you are going to want that DNA in the future. Trust us. 

Strike Events

The strike event theme is the same as last week's featured creatures: Lockdown. While there are some decent dinos in this pool, we just got the chance to dart them, so something different would have been refreshing. 

Common: Dimorphodon, Lythronax, Purusaurus Gen2, Sarcosuchus

Rare: Megalosaurus, Purussaurus, Scaphognathus

Epic: Darwinopterus, Diplodocus, Gryposuchus

There are only 2 epic strikes this week. They surprised us with a tower next week so maybe we'll have a 3rd pop up unexpectedly. There is an Edmontoguanadon themed one on Friday, and a 1 step Lockdown themed strike over the weekend. We will keep you up to date with strike guides as those come out and we know the adversaries you will be facing! 

Treasure Chase, Themed Scent & Boost Strike

Even though they originally said the extra treasure chase would only be through August, it looks like they are continuing this week as well. They will spawn every 15 min so collect as many as you can while they are out! There is a themed scent strike on Tuesday that we believe is a Crocodilian scent, and it looks like there is a Speed Boost Strike that you are not going to want to miss.  We are also expecting another themed scent in the store and we will update you as soon as that is live. All in all, it looks like a lot to look forward to this week.

In Conclusion

While we always appreciate the chance to dart some exclusive DNA , the themed weeks are starting to feel the same. We would love to see something like a bird week to really mix things up. We are also thinking that 1.9 is right around the corner and are expecting more teasers next week (maybe with hybrids?!) We will make sure to keep you updated on any other events or changes that we see and make sure to join our discussion on our discord! 

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