JWA Weekly Events Sept 16 - 22: Spelling Bee

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Explorers! It's our first official featured week of 1.9 and we are so excited! The theme is Spelling Bee, which is a new theme that we found in the datamine. This is a really fun theme and it looks like it features all the dinos that are hard to spell (or pronounce). The fact that I had to double check spelling on every dino in this article means they definitely deserve to be in this week. I will also be using a lot of abbreviations for that same reason. The most exciting part is this week features some event exclusive dinos that you can't even get in incubators at the moment. So lets take a look at what you should go after! 

weekly events 09.16 - 09.22

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday - Tuesday: Commons (36 attempts)





What to Dart

Deino is an L1 dino and Euoplo is an L2 dino that can be found pretty regularly in those areas. Hatzeg is  a daily dino on Mondays and even though they reduced those spawn rates you can still find it everywhere. Phorusrhacos is the clear choice since it is an incubator exclusive and now has a very strong legendary hybrid. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (24 attempts)





What to Dart

Queztal has been released from the park and can now be found in L2. It should also be the hybrid pursuit this week if the in game infographic is correct about the Quetzorion pursuit starting next week. Scaphognathus can be found at night in L2 and Tuojiango is a resident of L1. Dsungaripterus can't be found in the wild or incubators so this is the one you want to go for in the middle of the week. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)



What to Dart

Monolopho can be found in L3, but Pachycephalosaurus is the clear choice here. Just like the other suggestions for the week, it is an incubator exclusive so you can't currently hunt it in the wild. 

Strike Events

The strike theme is also Spelling Bee, so all of the dinos you have a chance to dart will be featured in the incubators as well. 

There are also 2 epic strikes this week. The themed strike on Friday looks to be an Purutaurus Epic Strike and the Sunday strike is the Spelling Bee theme. We'll try and get strike guides out for those as soon as we know who the opposition will be. 

Treasure Chase, Themed Scent & Boost Strike

The red treasure chests are back all week. We aren't sure if they are going to operate the same as they did before, but we will keep you updated as soon as we know more. There is a themed scent strike on Tuesday that we believe is a Nimble Therapod scent, and it looks like there is an Health Boost Strike.  We are also expecting another themed scent in the store and we will update you as soon as that is live. All in all, it looks like a lot to look forward to this week.

In Conclusion

We are really excited to see a new theme this week. The last couple of weeks of 1.8 were getting a bit redundant and Spelling Bee has a lot to offer. Seeing several event and incubator exclusive dinos is very promising and we hope the good themes continue. We will make sure to keep you updated on any other events or changes that we see and make sure to join our discussion on our discord! 

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