JWA Weekly Events Sept 23 - 29: Hybrid Legacy and Swap In

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Explorers! It's time for another week of featured dinos and it looks like we are finally getting a repeat of an old favorite: Hybrid Legacy. We will also see a new theme in the strike events: Swap-In. It looks like a great week what you need to dart really depends on what hybrids you are currently working on. We have your guide on what would probably be your best choice, but if you need something else, feel free to go for it! 

weekly events

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday - Wednesday: Commons (36 attempts)





What to Dart

Since the them is hybrid legacy, all of these dinos are components of hybrids. Apatosaurus is anytime global and can usually be found anywhere it is a key component of Nodopatosaurus (which has 3 hybrids of its own). Parasaurolophus is a local 4 dino that makes up Amargocephalus, which is what you need for Tragodistis. Stegosaurus is a daily dino on Saturdays and needed for 2 different hybrids (Stegoceratops and Stegodeus). Finally there is Velociraptor. As a night time global it is often harder to farm for and is a key component of 3 extremely strong hybrids of Idominus Rex, Erlidominus, and Indoraptor. And you need a LOT of it if you plan on running those dinos so this is probably the best one to go for. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (18 attempts)




What to Dart

All 3 of the rare dinos are anytime global spawns so honestly you can't go wrong with any of them. Amargasaurus is needed for Tragodistis, Nodosaurus is the other half of Nodopatotitan, and Utahraptor is needed for Utasinoraptor (which is then needed for Utarinex). If we had to choose one, we would say Utahraptor is the smarter choice since the hybrids are very strong. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)



Tyrannosaurus Rex

What to Dart

All of these epic dinos are worth a dart depending on what hybrids you are currently working on. Ankylosaurus and is a daily dino on Sundays and can't be scented or really "hunted" for so this is your best option if you really aren't sure which one to go for. Especially since it has 2 very strong hybrids in Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. Sinoceratops can be found in L1 and is needed for Allosinosaurus (which turns into Thoradolosaur) and Utasinoraptor. And finally we have Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rex currently has 3 different end game hybrids it supports in Trykosaurus, Erlidominus, and Indoraptor. If you are running this terrible trio then you are always in need of Rex so it's not a bad choice either. 

Strike Events

The strike theme is Swap-In. It's a new theme and these are the dinos you can get from the strike towers:

Commons: Brontotherium, Dracorex Gen 2, Irritator Gen 2, Phorusrhacos

Rares: Arambourgiana, Giraffatitan, Scaphognathus

Epics: Diplodocus, Maiasaura, Pachycephalosaurus

There are also 2 epic strikes this week. The themed strike on Friday looks to be a Blue Epic Strike and the Sunday strike is the Swap In Theme. 

Treasure Chase, Themed Scent & Boost Strike

There is a treasure chase on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so make sure to go out there and get those coins! The themed scent strike on Tuesday is a Sauropod Scent Strike, and it looks like there is a Speed Boost Strike this week as well. 

In Conclusion

We are excited to see another themed week in the Strike Events, and Hyrbid Legacy is always a good theme to have! We are also hard at work on the tier list right now so keep an eye out for that as well! We will make sure to keep you updated on any other events or changes that we see and make sure to join our discussion on our discord! 

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