New Jurassic World Alive Seasons Underway

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New Jurassic World Alive Seasons

Explorers! A new season is officially underway. Ludia announced the start of the season for June 27, 2019 and it will run until August 5, 2019. Unlike previous seasons, it looks like rewards will only be creature DNA and does not include any cash or coin prizes. This season the reward will be Pyroraptor. 

Seasons Rewards

How to Participate

As soon as you enter a PVP battle you will automatically be “entered” into the season so there isn’t a way to opt out unless you don’t battle at all. Anyone who had trophies over 5000 were reset in preparation for the season and they will be reset at the beginning of each season from now on. The rewards this time around are based on trophy count instead of rank and it is based off of your highest achieved trophy count, not where you are when it ends. When you click on the Leaderboard from the battle menu, you will see your position, your highest achieved trophy count and your current trophy count.

You might see some new creatures so check out our guides on the new hybrids from this patch as well as where to find their components. 

New Trophy system

With the new seasons, they have also added a 50 trophy“grace period” between arenas. Meaning you won’t get knocked down an arena by simply falling 1 point below the cut off. You won’t move down until you are at least 50 points below the minimum requirement. For instance, if you rank up into Gyrosphere and then lose a match (bringing you down to 5475 trophies) you will remain in Gyrosphere. If you lose another match and get bumped down to 5440 trophies, then you will be demoted to Lockwood Library since you’ll be below the “grace” amount.

In Conclusion

 We still haven’t heard anything official regarding matchmaking, but reports from the forum and our discord have make it seem like it has improved from 1.7. We are very excited about the changes to the trophy count and I for one am looking forward to breaking some personal records. Make sure to join our discord for more discussion!

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