Rare Skills Tournament - Where Dinos rank based on Sim results

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A new tournament starts tomorrow and we've got your guide on where dinos rank. As a refresher, here are the details of the tournament:

Dates: Friday, August 23rd 10:100 am EST - Monday, August 26th 10:00 AM EST

Cost to Enter: 100 HC


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Regular and hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to tournament level (Lvl 26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled


rare tourney rewards

Ranking the Rare Dinos - Simulator Results

We pulled out our simulator tool again for this so we could give you the most accurate information we could to show how the dinos stack up against each other. If you aren't already familiar with some of the simulator results check out some of our articles on it below. What we did was see how all the rare dinos (what you can use in this tourney) did against each other. The simulator ran over 1.3 million battles and it took almost 48 hours to complete

Before we reveal the results though, a little disclaimer. This tool is a great way for us to see how creatures do in a 1v1 situation, but keep in mind we play with a 4 dino team. This simulator takes into account swap out move damage, but the dino doesn't actually swap out to another dino. And it only uses swap in moves about 50% of the time. So any creature with a swap in or swap out move may not show favorable and could still be a good option on your team. 

Because we love infographics, we created one to show the rankings of all of the rare dinos. At the top of each image you will see the win (green) | loss (red) percentages based on the simulator. Not all of them will add up to 100% because there were some situations where there was a draw. Draws occur when either the match exceeds a certain maximum number of moves or (more often) when a bleed causes both dinos to be dead at the end of a match. 

So without further ado, here are all of the rare dinos ranked in order according to the simulator we ran:

rare dinos ranked

Beta Tier and above

We also ran a second simulator that limited the dinos to just Beta Tier and above and interestingly the order changed a little bit. Specifically with the top 10 creatures. The idea behind this was most people would be running the higher tier dinos so we wanted to give another view based on different match-ups. Here are the top 10 creatures of that simulation

Rare v Rare Dinos - Beta Tier and Above
Dinosaur Win Percentage Loss Percentage
Einiasuchus 85% 12%
Suchotator 77% 16%
Purrolyth 80% 19%
Giraffatitan 67% 32%
Ankylocodon 66% 33%
Triceratops 65% 35%
Proceratosaurus 61% 35%
Postosuchus 62% 37%
Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 57% 43%
Ornithomimus 56% 43%

Building your perfect team

You might be thinking that taking the top 8 dinos from the sim result will be your best team, but that's not necessarily true. Remember that you need a team of creatures that runs harmoniously with each other. You also need a balanced team so we would suggest your ideal set up be 2 fast dinos, 2 tanky dinos, 3 utitlity players (multiple moves in their move set), and one swap in dino. Most of the top 8 fits that team set up, except for the speed. There is a lot of health and armor in the top 8, but you need that clean up dino (like a raptor) that can come in an sweep up your opponents if it needs to.

There are also several dinos (like Tuojiangosaurus) that have swap in abilities like swap in slow that can be very useful in certain situations. Dracorex placed last in the simulator, but it's swap in move and instant charge move can make it a useful team player. The simulator often underrates swap in and swap out moves in situational advantages so Dracorex is still a very viable option. Immunity with Ankylocodon or Ornithomimus could also prove useful as you are most likely going to see Suchotator in everyone's top 8.

Since this is a skills tournament, all the creature levels are set and friendly battles will be a great way to practice. Try a variety of different dinos and see what works best for you. Grab an alliance mate (to help with those missions!) and pratice with some friendly battles so you are comfortable with each dinos moveset. Also start working on where each move is located on your screen because you want to be ready to hit the correct move in the case of a speed tie. Also think about when dinos should be played. Some work well as starters, while others (like Einasuchus) are best used as revenge killers since they benefit more from a set up. 

In Conclusion

While the simulator results are not the end all be all when it comes to team building for this tournament, we hope it gives you a good starting point on what creatures you might want to use on your team. Use the time before the tournament to practice and make sure you are comfortable with your team before the tournament opens tomorrow. And make sure to join our discord for more discussion and information! 

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