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Happy New Years Explorers! We hope you all had a great time with your family and/or friends during the shift to the new year! We are going to start this year with a bit of a different article. This isn’t directly JWA related, however it is something that the writers/staff here at JWA GamePress wanted to do. This is a thank you letter to two of the best people we know in the community: Dr. Reebecca and MNBrian. These are two of the three admins on the JWA Discord, and mainly responsible for the great atmosphere both on the Discord and on GamePress. In this letter, we wanted to thank them for the amazing effort both have put in for the community for such a long time. So, each member of staff has submitted a piece of their own to be put in this letter to express their own feelings and gratitude towards them! Brian and Rebecca, we hope you enjoy them! It's a long read, so buckle up!



I joined the Discord during the MetaHub times, about a year and a half or so, in May 2018. I had a great time on the server at that time, and I still remember the day when I joined as a member of staff, as a Hatchling last March I believe. Reeb pulled me in the Moderation job, and then Brian got me into the writing job, together with former writer Antithesis. I worked my way up to the place I am now, getting closer to the two even more. Brian and I love picking on Piere and Reeb, but it’s all in good fun.

Reeb, you’re often referred to as the ‘mom’ of the group, keeping the unruly moderators in line, while also being a great person yourself. You often say you think you don’t deserve the Tyrant Tier role in our Discord because you don’t feel like you do enough. However, we all know you deserve it, even if you think you don’t do enough. You’re the person who’s responsible for the great atmosphere in the Discord by being so open and welcoming to everyone, and you are one of the main reasons the Discord is such a great place to be.

Brian, you are the person behind the scenes of the server, making sure everything runs smoothly, and my partner in crime with teasing Reeb and Piere. Lately you’re more behind the scenes than ever, however you are working hard for all sorts of different projects, for JWA, for GamePress and your own projects. Making sure we have a good server and a good home at GamePress was/is his responsibility, and he’s doing an amazing job at it.

Because of these two I am in a great community of awesome people, having a great time. Because of these two, this community is what it is now, and I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the amazing opportunities and times they have given me. Brian and Reeb: Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of the team and let’s continue to make the JWA Community even better!


Thank you to Brian and Reeb for creating a fun, informative, positive home for JWA players and for trusting the moderators to help maintain it. Through all of the game's ups and downs, the GamePress site and associated Discord have remained a haven of useful information, entertaining conversation, constructive criticism, and lively debate without ever spiraling into negativity. Your direct involvement both publicly and behind the scenes, and your skill in spotting and recruiting new team members, have resulted in an informed, positive community that's growing every day. We all appreciate you!


I’m not even sure how I ended up in this Discord in the first place, but it was probably from finding a link on Metahub while looking at all the cool dinos I hadn’t even come close to unlocking yet. At this point, those probably included arena powerhouses like… Kentrosaurus and Baryonyx. I joined and pretty much did nothing but lurk for awhile and occasionally post in team building until alliances came out. In a strange turn of events, I happened to be online during the “guess Boon’s favorite dinosaurs contest” and ended up in the Metahub alliance. I started to be a lot more talkative after that happened, at least in our alliance channel, which slowly led to me chatting about the game a lot, and eventually got me promoted up the chain as a moderator. I’m super thankful for being part of this community that Reeb and Brian have helped build, as I’m not sure I’d even still be playing this game, let alone enjoying it as much as I do, without the strategies, advice, and overall comradery of the community. It’s really great to have a platform not only get help and advice, but also to be able to give out advice, as well as just generally having a place to discuss strategy for tournaments, vent about that Indo that dodged 6 times in a row, or just have a genuine conversation with other people. You two have built a strong, helpful, friendly community and should be super proud of what you’ve accomplished!


I was a really uninformed player when JWA came out.  Playing alone with no resources. I did a ton of dumb things, like level up dinos every time the evolve lit up (so many wasted DNA/coins).  I finally stumbled across a Spawn Guide on metahub, which led me to discord. Reeb was so inviting and engaging. She has a true heart for the players of this game and wants all to feel welcome.  Made me stick around and glad I did. Brian is more quiet and behind the scenes at times, but you can tell his guiding hand. Making a place where helpful resources are published and debates can be had without the toxicity that can run rampant on the forums.  Both of them put in a lot of work to make this place what it is, so thanks very much!


Being that I’m super old, I didn’t quite understand what a discord was...I had heard people talk about it but didn’t know what exactly it was. Well when my alliance started doing things on “discord” I decided to check it out and while browsing around I had come across the old metahub channel so joined that. Never posted, just joined and left. Well one day Dr. Reeb put out an APB for me. JimboHi (who was in my alliance prior to abandoning us) notified me via our channel of this. So I decided to check it out a little more. I popped in said Hi and felt immediately welcomed. I hadn’t even downloaded discord onto my phone at this point but Dr. Reeb made me enjoy my time there so much I became a regular. I downloaded the app & would check in my free time, just to see how the community was doing. Its amazing to see what Brian and her have done here. Without that welcoming vibe & the community I probably wouldn’t have ever stuck around and developed into the greatest bottom tier mod this site had ever seen. Thank you Brian & Reeb for this! You guys have really helped me maintain interest in the game.


Brian, we all appreciate your hard work into GamePress and the articles, and I honestly don’t know how you manage. Although you may not talk a lot nowadays, we all still know you’re there and appreciate you!! And to Reeb, (my discord mum) I wouldn’t be a Mod on the server if it wasn’t for you, and I wouldn’t have gotten to know the “Mod Squad” properly, and for that I thank you so much. You’re one of the kindest and most patient people I know, you proved that for entertaining my asking to be a mod for long enough. Thank you for looking out for me, and to both of you, thanks for making the server such an enjoyable place for me to go on an off topic rant.


A big thank you.

I remember when I joined here a couple months after the global release of the game, I instantly loved the community and how nice they were. The moderators were extremely nice as well. Fast forward a year or so, I was presented with the honor of being a moderator for the server, to which I said yes. I was flattered to have a job moderating the server which I loved ever since I joined, thank you Dr. Reebecca and Brian for making this server such a wonderful place!

I first became privy to this wonderful world of dinosaur geeks by joining a completely separate server and striking up a friendship with Brian. 

After a few months he told me they were looking for writers for their metahub website and I jumped at the chance to try and represent the female perspective of the game since at the time there were so few loud female voices involved and I’m all about the girl power. 

As soon as I came into contact with Reeb I knew I would love her as much as I already did Brian.  After trying my hand at writing articles I decided it wasn’t really for me. But of course I didn’t want to lose my gamepress family and they were more than happy to let me mod instead. 

I can never thank both of you enough for allowing me to be part of your world, I have been part of the GamePress family for over a year now and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. The people are amazing and I have met some of my best friends who have pulled me from some dark places and none of that would have been possible without both of you. 

To Reeb thank you for always looking after us, for being honest and fair and a whole lot of fun. 

To Brian thank you for being the most wonderful human I never met. You are amazing and I am in awe of your hard work and dedication.

Thank you.


Brian & Reeb, you have both created an amazing server to be a part of and to mod, so thank you for that. But a bigger thank you for keeping me on track so many times, letting me off my rants and outbursts and making sure im always ok & taking the time to listen to me. Sometimes too much time, and all the times to come of which I'm sure there will be many many more you guys are awesome!


I can remember the day I was asked to join the Mod team as if it were yesterday. Well, that’s mostly because it is forever preserved in my DM history with MNBrian. In reading back through my lengthy DMs with both Reeb and Brian for inspiration on what to say here, I am reminded of what special people both are. Woven in with the silly exchanges are messages ladened with love, encouragement, and light. As a society, we don’t outwardly express appreciation for others enough, and I am grateful for this opportunity to express mine. Thank you, Reeb and Brian, for everything you do. This community is better and brighter because of you!


Brian, thank you so much for giving the JWA Field Guide such a cozy home on the GamePress server! I still remember reaching out to you the first time about it and you were so welcoming and friendly. As time went on, you gave me great feedback on how to make some of the new features even more user-friendly, which helped out the entire JWA community. I also really appreciate you (and the GamePress team) in enabling me to make such efficient creature meta changes to the app.

And then, with the Battle Simulator, you were there to help me validate all of the results while I was building it out. You definitely helped me make it much more accurate and useful for all of us! You entertained all of my crazy ideas along the way and that helped pave the way for even more useful JWA tools like the Battle Mind Maps, which are getting used more and more for deep creature match-up analysis.

When you officially made me GamePress Staff, it really made me feel included on your team, so thank you for that!!

Reeb, everything I hear about you is so positive, you’re clearly a wonderful person. I know we haven’t had the opportunity to work together yet, but I truly look forward to getting to know you better in the coming months!!


Mom: Even though you hound me about battles I appreciate what you do for the server and for the other players (I still won't battle though.) You help people non stop and we always enjoy making fun of your Einia (still not sure what you like about it so much.) 

Dad: I'm not sure why you hate us so much and avoid our typical talks everyday. Even though you lurk. I think you are just taking screenshots as blackmail for later on. You do a great deal to make sure things are good for everyone though. I think we can all say you do a great job as well.

You guys are both the best!

Orange Rex

I was brought aboard by Boon, good ol’ Boonie, when I think both Rebecca and Brian were there already. I haven’t talked to Rebecca a lot, but I see what she does and she deserves tons of credits for that. So a big thank you for all you do.

Now Brian is a different story, we’ve been talking so much back and forth (usually a lot more around game updates), we could print a book bigger than the Bible. Even in the time where I had surgery, he’s been so cool and helped me out to hang in there.

Both Rebecca and Brian deserve a grand thank you from all of us, for being who you are. You’ve both been trying to take it to the next level by dropping Metahub and moving to GP, which I feel is working out (?). I think the whole JWA community would have decreased a lot if it weren’t for you and the will to get all the information out there! So I’ll say it again, THANK YOU!


I joined this Discord just to find people to complete the Friendly Battle daily quest. One day Reeb, out of the blue, asked me if I knew how to datamine. I didn’t at the time, but that got me interested in trying.  I wrote a couple scripts and offered them to Brian. Even though he already had most of the info I was finding, he encouraged me to keep at it and eventually I was able to make some valuable contributions. Now Reeb says I’m “the numbers person” and “people look up to me”. I don’t know about all that, but the constant encouragement from them is amazing.  I definitely wouldn't be anywhere near as involved in the community without them.


I have never considered myself a gamer and hadn’t even heard of discord prior to a forum post that brought me to a group of people that included Brian. We became fast friends sharing a passion for Michael Crichton books and football. I was always a lurker on the Metahub discord. I asked for team advice a couple of times, but very rarely talked. When some mod positions were opening up, Brian approached me about filling one of those positions. I happily accepted and the rest is history. As I moved up the ranks I begin to see how much passion Brian has for the game and for the server as well as how much work he puts in to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. He is the sole reason we have our amazing home at GamePress and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 

Reeb and I hit it off from the first time we talked to each other. She is like my soul sister and I can’t wait for the day we might actually meet in person (which sounds like a bunch of trouble). We love picking on Bart and Brian but we do it out of love. She is the heart and soul of the GamePress alliance and is our cheerleader when we are so close to finishing those alliance missions! 

Thank you both for all you do and for this incredible opportunity you have given me with writing on the website and moderating on the discord. I don’t know what I would do without this amazing community and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow under your amazing leadership and guidance!


Originally I joined the Metahub discord server solely in order to gather some intel on how to defeat a particularly troublesome epic strike event. I believe it was the two level 30 Stygimolochs we got on Christmas last year. I didn’t expect to stick around long or even talk very much. However, what made me stick around, continue chatting, and eventually get a moderator position in the server was the friendly and welcoming nature of the admins. Reeb instantly came across as an energetic, fun, and likable individual who truly valued the community she grew to be a part of. I didn’t see much of Brian outside of his articles, but I could tell by his charismatic nature and tone within his many articles on Metahub, which extends to his more recent pieces on Gamepress, that he was someone to be trusted and appreciated as a valued member of the community. I really didn’t think that a dinky little mobile game about shooting dinos would introduce me to this amazing group of people that is Gamepress, but I’m glad to be a part of it. I’m positive that the Gamepress, Discord, and even the JWA community at large wouldn’t be the way it is today without these two people. Reeb and Brian, thanks for making my experience, and likely the experiences of many others a more enjoyable one. And to Reeb specifically: long live Einiasuchus.

I am new to the gaming community. In fact, JWA was my first and is the only game I play but I think anyone who knows me will agree that I am thoroughly hooked which is a direct result of the JWA Discord community built by Dr Reeb and MNBrian. A year and a half ago when I discovered this dinosaur game, I never would have thought there would be such an amazing and supportive player base behind it. Through the discord community built by Reeb and MNBrain, I have become a better player; been part of engaging conversations about strategy and tactics; utilised my design and social media skills to expand this amazing community; and along the way have been lucky enough to develop a number of wonderful friendships. None of this would have been possible without Reeb and MNBrian’s groundwork so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your hard work and dedication; you have built a truly amazing and supportive online community.

The AquaDemon:

I joined the discord server while finding your videos. That same day I joined the GamePress alliance and had never looked back. You both have organized a community where not just us but everyone can have fun. I want to say thanks for bringing in your family of mods. I have had such a great experience. So thank you for all that you both do, and thank you for accepting who I am.


I came to the discord server and mostly just lurked. I still remember, and will always be scarred, the day Brian first called me out in gen chat. I never spoke but here and there and thought I did something wrong again, only to be asked to join the alliance. I saw it as a nod of “you’re alright”. 

Reeb, you are the one we look forward to messing up with your coincidental “auto-corrects” but you never fail to make people feel like they belong. It’s that doctor syndrome of making the patient feel comfortable, me thinks. I still to this day don’t know why, when, who, or how I became a mod, but despite me fumbling and mostly going to the other mods going “dat ok? Is dis okay?”, you both have kept me around and actually made me come out of lurking (unless I’m playing another game). 

Thanks for everything you two do, for dealing with my horrible sarcasm, and putting faith in this old night owl! Here is to another year with you two and the rest of the community!

The Final Words

These are just our members of staff expressing their gratitude towards these two amazing people, if you want to express some thoughts as well, please put them in the comments or go to the Discord to express them personally to them! The link will be in the button below! Once again, Brian, Reeb: Thank you for your work, and let's go for another great year with this AWESOME community!

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