1.11 Patch Notes: Campaign Rebalance, Alliance Tools, Emotes in Battle

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Explorers! We got a surprise last Friday when they released the patch notes for Update 1.11! This update seemed to focus on new creatures and hybrids (10 new ones to be exact) as well as quality of life (QOL) updates that we have been asking for. As always, we're here to break down everything. We'll have multiple articles that will break down the notes and try to examine what it means for the future of the game. So let’s get to it! 

Campaign Re-balance

With the boost overhaul, Mission #72 became an absolute nightmare with Lord Lythronax boosted to 8-8-8. Though I cleared that mission weeks ago, I decided to give it a try after the boost reset and have yet to clear it again. With 1.11, the stat boost tiers will drop from 8 to 5 which is more in alignment with the difficulty of the missions that were previously there.


Alliance Tools

As an alliance leader, I have been dreaming of alliance tools for a very long time. We can only get so creative outside the game when it comes to managing our groups, especially when we’re striving for that 5/5 status. Ludia has listened, and the first tool will be a “last online” feature which will report the last time a player logged in (this applies to both Alliance mates & Friends). While this isn’t a perfect science, anyone can log in to just show they recently logged in, it will certainly help leaders pinpoint members who go completely inactive. In the notes, Ludia also made mention that In the future, they hope to bring other improvements to Alliances. If you have ideas of other ways to improve Alliances, speak up in the forums, we know they are listening.

Emotes in Battle

Coming with update 1.11, we will be able to communicate with our opponents via emotes & pre-selected short sentences! The feature will automatically translate language and can be disabled if you’re not into that sort of thing. Most of us have opponents we seem to face often, and it will be fun to be able to communicate with them in this way. Perhaps this will even pave the way for in-game instant messaging someday. If that isn’t enough for you, hop on over to our Discord server! You’d be surprised what familiar names may show up there.

Parting Words

Alliance tools and in game communication improvements have been desired for quite some time now. Both are in the beginnings of being addressed with update 1.11. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information,and join our discussion on discord as we talk about the patch notes and what it means for our teams and the arena!

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