1.11 Patch Notes: Geo-Location, Sanctuaries, & Scents

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Explorers! We got a surprise last Friday when they released the patch notes for Update 1.11! This update seemed to focus on new creatures and hybrids (10 new ones to be exact) as well as quality of life (QOL) updates that we have been asking for. As always, we're here to break down everything. We'll have multiple articles that will break down the notes and try to examine what it means for the future of the game. So let’s get to it! 

Geo-Location Changes

Effectively peeling this word for word from the notes:

In 1.11, thanks to player feedback, there will be further modifications to the map system and distribution of objects which should generate more objects in zones that had seen a decrease in points since the previous update. On top of that, one key change you’ll notice is that objects on the map will sometimes change places every 1-4 weeks to provide variety. This will ensure the game is playable outside, not just in big cities, for a fairer experience.

We like the sound of more opportunity and look forward to seeing these changes as they roll out. And make sure to continue to submit feedback so they can continue to improve it. 


Explorers, we will finally be able to place Pterosaurs in Sanctuaries! I find this especially exciting for the super exclusive Dsungaripterus. The interface is also changing where it will display the name and DNA bar under each icon when choosing which creature to place in a Sanctuary, making that selection process easier. We will also have the opportunity to enable push notifications when our creatures return. It’s important to note this feature will need to be activated and your device must allow notifications. And finally, there will be more variety to creature animations as we Feed, Interact, and Play!


I fondly remember a time I’d burn through many scents walking the park outside my home and grinding for Tenonto & Quetz DNA. When 1.9 went live, a plan to fix a small glitch that would happen when the map was reloaded ended up eliminating park spawns from creatures the scents could draw. At this same time, they introduced the Carbonemys as park exclusive and effectively impossible to find! Ludia has heard our cries, and Small, Large, Rare, and Epic scents will once again have the small chances of drawing park exclusive creatures! The chances are no greater than encountering a wild spawn, and there is no guarantee you will even draw any. But the opportunity is there, and that’s really all we can ask for.

Parting Words

It’s refreshing to know Ludia really does listen, and they are continuing to make this game more enjoyable with improvements to geo-location, sanctuaries, and scents. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information,and join our discussion on discord as we talk about the patch notes and what it means for our teams and the arena! 

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