Jurassic World Alive Patch 2.3: Quick Overview

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Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.3 have dropped! Because it is Thanksgiving we unfortunately don’t have our detailed coverage as we always do for you guys. Thankfully, your friendly neighbourhood European is around not celebrating Thanksgiving so I will be giving you some general thoughts about each part of the Patch Notes so we still give you guys some information on the Patch Notes as well as some opinions on the matter. So let’s not waste time and dive right into the Patch Notes!Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.3 have dropped! Because it is Thanksgiving we unfortunately don’t have our detailed coverage as we always do for you guys. Thankfully, your friendly neighbourhood European is around not celebrating Thanksgiving so I will be giving you some general thoughts about each part of the Patch Notes so we still give you guys some information on the Patch Notes as well as some opinions on the matter. So let’s not waste time and dive right into the Patch Notes!

New Raid Bosses

Erlikogamma, Indominus Rex, Stygidaryx and Gorgotrebax are our new Raid Bosses. They will be introduced on these dates:

  • Wednesday December 9th – Erlikogamma
  • Tuesday December 15th – Stygidaryx
  • Monday December 21st – Gorgotrebax
  • Monday January 11th – Indominus Rex

Now all Raid Days have FOUR Raids, meaning alliances will have a hard time completing all Raids without properly burning out. I do feel like Ludia will start rotating bosses now, especially the Raids that aren’t Apex Raids. As for the Raids themselves, they’re fine. Gorgotrebax will be the highlight here, and Indominus Rex is useful to farm it and its hybrids. Erlikogamma doesn’t have a hybrid yet so that one is useful too. Stygidaryx unfortunately isn’t the greatest creature around anymore, so that Raid will most likely be like Indoraptor – Beat it once or twice for fun, and then ignore it.

Top Arena Matchmaking

All Nublar Shores players can now be matched to each other regardless of Trophy Count. So as an example you could sit at 9000 Trophies you could still be matched to players who just entered Shores. In our Discord server this post made people believe that the Shores players could now match with people that are in much lower Arenas like Aviary and Badlands if there were no Shores players around, however we believe that this will not happen. If it does however Ludia has just made a mistake that will cost them players.

Geolocation Tweaks

Ludia has adjusted the view distance in order to make Rares and Epics stand out more than Common creatures. Neat.

They also introduced a new Spawning System. Proximity spawns within the smaller blue circle on the map are now called Short-Range Spawns and they will spawn different creatures. Some of the creatures that get introduced this patch will only spawn in Short-Range. This means that you will have to go out and proc those Short-Range Spawns. This might not be the wisest of decisions with COVID still around. The one added benefit to this Short-Range Spawns is that they have a higher likelihood to spawn Epic creatures, meaning that hunting for Epics just became a bit easier. The new creature Parasaurolophus Lux is also a Short-Range spawn and also the very first Legendary creature to be out on the map!

Scents just got reworked to NOT attract Short-Range spawns and only attract Long-Range Spawns, so Spawns that happen outside of the blue circle! This is a nerf to Giga Scents and other Scents, meaning you can’t just sit in house anymore to collect all creatures! Not sure if we like all this to be honest, especially with COVID still around.

New Abilities

So next up are the new Abilities. I will try to give a very short explanation on them to keep this overview brief.

Cautious Impact – Cautious Strike, but as an Impact. With a 1 turn cooldown this move is good as long as you do not face a creature with Resilient Strike, as it cancels out all effects. Other than that, it is a great move.

Emergency Group Heal – Emergency Heal but reworked to heal ALL team members. This will be a great move in Raids. The one downside is the delay of 1, but usually you don’t need to Heal on T1 anyway, so it should be great for Raids!

Evasive Rampage – This seems like an interesting move, because it has no delay! A Rampage with added effects usually has a delay of 1, but it seems like this one will not. Two turns of Dodge does look good, but the prevalence of Resilient attacks will hurt it.

Group Accelerate Cunning Strike –It’s Cunning Strike but with a speedup effect like Minimal Speedup Strike for everyone on your team and it hits all opponents. Definitely will be good for Raids!

Group Instant Distraction – An Instant Distraction that hits all opponents with 100% Distraction for 1 turn? Count me in! This will be a great move for Raids!

Revenge Instant Ferocity – A non-damaging priority Ferocity boosting move for two or when Revenge 3 turns. If this move did some damage it would be better. Now the creature needs to have a proper damaging counterattack in order for this move to make sense.

Revenge Nullifying Rampage – Give this to Quetzorion ASAP. It’s basically Nullifying Rampage but when it is used as a Revenge move it will have no Delay like Revenge Shattering Rampage. Pretty good!

Side Flap – A Sidestep that also taunts? It depends on what creature has it, but if the creature itself has low Health then this will be a very risky move.

Creature Updates

This is the part that has outraged most people. A lot of random speed changes for creatures like Carbonemys, Carbotoceratops, Darwinopterus and Dimorphodon (why exactly? I don’t know) and pretty much only five cases were buffs. One of those buffs is a giant mistake though. I’ll get to it soon.  First I want to discuss two nerfs that do not make sense at all: Quetzorion and Smilonemys. Quetzorion lost 50 Attack, making it lose a LOT more matchups now that it can’t twoshot the 4500 Health creatures anymore without a Critical Hit, and Smilonemys lost 300 Health, which is very strange. Both these creatures were fine as they were, yet here they are, getting nerfs.

Another creature getting a small nerf is Monolorhino, going from 1300 to 1250 Attack. While Boosts will remedy this Monolorhino will now do a bit less damage.

Now to the two creatures that people have been hating on: Thoradolosaur and Phorusaura. Thoradolosaur got a 50% DoT Resistance, pretty much erasing Spinoconstrictor as a counter. People are also complaining that Thylacotator will now not counter it anymore, but that is wrong, as at the end of the turn Thylacotator will still take out Thor with Rending Takedown and Maiming Wound paired together.

Phorusaura got Rampage and Run back. The main thing that made people so tired of Phorusaura was its ability to just come in, Instant Rampage to kill a creature, and run away while still doing massive damage to the creature that just came in. Delayed Rampage and Run remedied a lot of the problems it had while still keeping it strong, but Ludia decided that they needed to make a lot of creatures irrelevant again. Armor will be a must again now that Phorusaura can just instantly erase creatures from the game with that Instant Rampage. I sincerely hope that Ludia will rethink this decision as this will make the game a LOT less enjoyable.

New Creatures

Like the New Abilities I will quickly give a summary of thoughts on each creature to keep it somewhat brief.

Amphicyon – Common: As a Common creature with No Escape, 100% Decel Resistance and Fierce/Cleansing moves this creature seems like an Andrewsarchus-lite. 122 Speed is quite good, and 3150 Speed makes it out of range of the 1500 Rampages. 1300 Attack isn’t bad, but not the greatest either.

Gorgonops – Rare: Another 132 Speed creature – Gorgonops has 100% Distraction and Crit Reduction Resistances and great damage output with Revenge Rampage and Cunning Impact. 1100 Attack does hurt it a bit though. 3150 Health once again puts it outside of the 1500 Rampages which is a good thing.

Antarctopelta – Epic: This creature’s icon looks amazing. Antarctopelta is a new Vulnerability based creature with the ability to Ferocity Boost itself. Add Decelerating Counter to it and it will be quite the pain to take out! Shields and 30% Armor will help it survive hits, and 111 Speed gives it a decent speed tier.

Megistotherium – Epic: We finally have a Diplodocus and Woolly Rhino counter. Megistotherium will shred them with Armor Piercing Impact and Rending Takedown combined with its 1350 Attack and 40% Critical Chance! 120 Speed puts it above most Resilients and 100% Deceleration Resistance will help it out a lot! Swap-in Ferocity will help it boost its damage some more but is quite risky with its 3600 Health.

Parasaurolophus Lux – Legendary: The very first Legendary that will be out in the wild! This creature is a Healing machine that also has some damage output with Resilient Rampage. Group Cleansing Strike will help it support its team mates even more in Raids. The stats are OK as well, 3900 Health, 1200 Attack and 106 Speed.

Aquilamimus – Epic Hybrid: Gallimimus and Haast Eagle G2 combine to make this Epic Cunning hybrid. This is a Dodge and Distraction based creature with the new Evasive Rampage. Little amount of Resistances, only getting 100% Swap Prevention Resistance. Lower Health and Attack might hurt it but it has to be seen how it will fare in the Arena.

Antarctovenator – Unique Hybrid: Diplovenator and Antarctopelta combine to make this Unique. A non-damaging Ferocity boost move without a damaging counter isn’t great, but the rest of its kit and the plethora of Resistances do make up for it. 110 Speed, 4200 Health and 1300 Attack do look amazing though!

Poukandactylus – Unique Hybrid: We’re not going to sugar-coat this one: it’s pretty bad. 2850 Health with 1000 Attack is bad even if it has an Armor Piercing Counter. If you cannot Distract the opponent, you will pretty much die here unless you can dodge their moves. 130 Speed is OK I guess, but otherwise this is not a good creature, as it might be worse than the Legendary it is fused from.

Gorgotrebax – Apex: Gorgotrebax looks extremely interesting. An amazing array of stats, Distraction and Nullifying moves and Resistances will make it a force to be reckoned with for sure. The only thing keeping it down is its lower Speed of 113, but that shouldn’t be too worrysome.


Overall this update is a mixed bag. The new non-hybrids are pretty great, but the Hybrids (especially the Uniques) are not good. Some creature changes are not good for the game (Cough Phorusaura) and there are some strange decisions made in the Creature Updates. Overall the feel in our Discord is that this might be one of the worse Updates Ludia has put out in a while, but it remains to be seen. What do you think about the Update? Let us know in our Discord Server! We hope to see you on there!

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