Jurassic World Alive Patch Notes 1.10 – Creature Balancing Updates

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Patch 1.10

Patch 1.10 is coming soon, and it appears to be a patch between patches, one that focuses on some great quality of life features that were needed in the game, and some fun new stuff as well. We’ve got changes to realism (bring on the bloody reality of dinosaurs slashing each other), some changes that were previously mentioned to stat boosts (be sure to check out our stat boost tool to calculate yours), some changes to Dodge and minor balancing for creatures based on those changes, and some cool changes to how long sanctuaries get shared with alliances.

We’ve got you covered on all of it! Let’s dive into what we’re seeing and what we think it’ll mean for Jurassic World Alive!

Dodge, And Then Some?

This patch didn’t include the same suite of creature changes that we normally see in a patch, but the ones it did include seem significant. Namely, things that have evasive or dodge got minor nerfs to health pools or attack – presumably to account for the increased dodge chance.

Whether those changes are balanced or not is yet to be seen, but it is at least good to see a minor nerf to the epic Procerathomimus (good ol’ Yoshi as we call it), which desperately needed a drop in pay grade as one of the most powerful Epic dinos out there (save for Indominus Gen 2).

Still, it wasn’t JUST the dodge creatures that got some minor rebalancing. Let’s look at the notables on the list.

The Touraelephant in the Room

Touramoloch, the oft discussed hit and runner that has held various tiers, got quite a boost in this patch. It’ll be interesting to see how much it helps. Its kit has been changed back and forth for a number of patches. When first released, Touramoloch was a tyrant (though we didn’t have the tyrant class). But its time in the arena was overshadowed by the fact that – well, that was the beginning of the game for most of us (global release) so we didn’t unlock the thing.

But many were tormented by the dual rampage action and minor counter-attack. It was Dilorach before there was one. And now it returns to former glory. It loses about 10 attack, and gains immune to stuns, and now has dual rampages again (a stunning rampage and a rampage and run).

That ought to be interesting.

Stygidaryx on the other hand, is still pretty useless but now also immune to bleeds. I’m not sure that that helps much. Give Stygidaryx cautious strike and see what happens.

Additional Changes

Paramoloch gets immune to stuns, making it once again a bit more annoying. The stunner that lives forever.

Diplovenator gets another HP boost which helps for sure. Though this hybrid may have outlived her usefulness with the boost 2.0 gating.

Carbotoceratops gains immune to damage over time, which is actually a little crazy. That’s usually how you deal with a tank (lethal wound or armor piercing) and sometimes you don’t get both on your team of four. This may be the sneakiest buff we’ve seen. I’ll be interested to see how many matchups the turtle wins now when we rerun the simulations.

Ardentismaxima gains some health? Holy cow. Welcome to the thunder dome.

Allosaurus Gen 2 gains 30% crit chance, making it one of the strongest Epic chompers in the game. Get used to seeing this thing in every epic tournament.

Of the dodge creatures, the really notable ones are Kelenken which got a severe damage nerf and a big health point nerf, and Quetzorion who somehow came out of this with a little less HP but immunity to distraction.

Concluding Thoughts

For a minor patch, this may mix things up a bit too in the arena. These are some relatively big changes and do deserve consideration before applying that fresh set of new boosts. But we’re excited overall to see how the dodge changes impact things and whether it brings dodging creatures back to some form of relevance.

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