Jurassic World Alive Update 1.12: Creature Updates!

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Explorers! Update 1.12 is here, and we are as excited as you are! In this article, we will be going over the Creature Rebalancing, but we also have other articles for everything new and changed! You can check them out right here!

Almost every update has some form of creature rebalancing, either by tweaking movesets, changing stats or giving creatures completely new kits! In December they asked us about 4 major reworks the community had been calling for, and they have implemented the results of that poll in this update! We also got some other reworks, so let's get into them!

The December Poll Results

In December we had a poll, asking us feedback on rebalancing Ardentismaxima, Cautious Strike, Dracoceratops and Procerathomimus. Well, the results are in!


Ardentismaxima did get a change. The developers mentioned that due to the many options provided, it was difficult to make changes to Ardentismaxima that would please everyone. However, the results are in, and the votes determined that Ardentismaxima should stay as an Anti-Tank creature with Instant Invincibility. However, they did change its Basic Attack from Decelerating Strike to Definite Strike, giving it a method to combat those annoying Evasive creatures, while still allowing its big Defense Shattering Rampage to be dodged. However, with Ardentismaxima receiving this move, it once again is a great counter to those pesky Indoraptors and other dodgers running around!

Cautious Strike, Dracoceratops and Procerathomimus

According to the poll, most people were fine with these as they are now. Honestly we are having a hard time believing this, especially on Cautious Strike, seeing how many people were calling for it to be nerfed, even just a little bit. However, it did not get changed, and we have to accept it! Dracoceratops and Procerathomimus also remain untouched, which was more expected if you ask us. Dracoceratops' Attack stat and Regeneration was pulled into question and for Procerathomimus its moveset was asked for feedback, but us voters deemed it to be good enough as they are now. We will see how they continue to be in the oncoming meta. If you ask our overall thoughts on the poll, be sure to give our writer OrigamiRobot's article about the poll a quick read!

Crocodilian creatures

We have always called for Crocodilian creatures to be better creatures, as we always felt like they did not have a clear purpose. They were often a mishmash of different types of dinosaurs, either with Wound, Ferocity, Lockdown or sometimes even Stunning. But no more! Ludia has decided to give crocodiles a clear role in the meta, making them the ultimate swap-meta counters! Each crocodile now has the new ability No Escape, which will make sure that the opponent is trapped in with them! For more info on No Escape, be sure to check out our New Moves section of the Patch Note articles! The crocodilian creatures who got No Escape are:

Gryposuchus, Grypolyth, Purrolyth, Purussaurus, Purussaurus GEN 2, Purutaurus, Sarcosuchus and Sarcorixis. 

Other Creature Tweaks

We basically covered most of the tweaking already, but there are three more creatures that have been tweaked, and in our opinion all of them are buffs. Let's get to them!


Geminititan traded in its Long Protection to get the new move Definite Shield Advantage! This new move comes from its Diplodocus ancestor, and is an improved version of it! It will do 1.5x Definite damage, as well as put up a Shield for Geminititan! This gives it another good damage move, as well as more Shielding potential! We're excited about this one!


Smilomenys got the biggest change out of everything here. It has gained Immune to Deceleration, Impact and Run becomes Rampage and Run, and its basic attack Long Defense Strike becomes Shielded Decelerating Strike! This makes Smilonemys better at countering the fast but non-piercing and non-shattering creatures! It trades in some Shield duration for more damage and better Speed control, which we will take for it!


Stygidaryx got another buff. This time it has gained the passive ability No Escape! So once Stygidaryx enters the battlefield, you cannot get out! This will make sure that the thing you want to Bleed will bleed for at least one turn! Nothing can escape Stygidaryx now!

Parting Words

And that's it for the creature rebalancing! A lot of buffs this patch, but all of them make sense! We are surprised about the poll results though, and we will see how the creatures that were in there will do in the Arena now! What was your favourite rebalance? Let us know in the comments or our Discord server! Be sure to check out our other articles on the 1.12 Patch Notes as well!

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