Jurassic World Alive Update 1.12: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Update 1.12 is upon us, and we are as excited as you are! In this article, we will be going over the new creatures, but we also have other articles you can check out to see what all the other new and changed things are! You can check them right here!

New creatures are always my favourite part about every update, as they give us new toys to play with. This time, we’ve got some new creatures slithering in, as this update focuses mostly on adding SNAKES! As a snake-lover myself, this update is quite amazing for me! The patch notes luckily gave us some stats to work with, so let’s go over the new creatures and what we know about them!

Non Hybrids

We only get 2 regular creatures, but they’re both snakes! I’m excited, so let’s dive right in!

Name: Titanoboa
Rarity: Epic
Health: 4500
Attack: 1200
Speed: 112
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Precise Rampage, Decelerating Impact
Passive Abilities: Immune to Distraction, On Escape Rampage

This is the main flagship creature of the update: Titanoboa! This snake has been requested by many people including myself and I’m glad it is in. With a solid Health stat, above average Attack and decent Speed, I think this creature is going to be one of the better non-hybrids in the game. Its moveset is also quite good, allowing it to gain Speed control and deal with those pesky Dodgers as well! It’s biggest boon is On Escape Rampage though, giving it a Rampage to dish out when the opponent swaps out! We don’t know if this happens before the creature swaps out or if it activates after a swap, but if it is before a swap happens, this creature is going to be extremely lethal! I’m excited for this one!

Titanoboa GEN 2
Name: Titanoboa GEN 2
Rarity: Rare
Health: 4200
Attack: 1100
Speed: 110
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%
Moves: Shielded Decelerating Strike, Precise Rampage, Precise Impact
Passive Abilities: Immune to Distraction, On Escape Dust Cloud

GEN 2 creatures make a return with Titanoboa GEN 2. This snake focuses on Dodge bypassing, and it looks to be a great Speed control creature as well with Shielded Decelerating Strike. On Escape Dust Cloud is also going to be interesting, giving Titanoboa GEN 2 a 100% Shield and 2 turns of Ferocious every swap out! Another powerful Rare non-hybrid to be added to the roster, we are excited!


We’ve got 4 new hybrids this patch, making it a total of 6 new creatures added. Let’s get to them!

Name: Megalogaia
Rarity: Epic
Health: 3980
Attack: 1200
Speed: 122
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 5%
Moves: Shielded Decelerating Strike, Bellow, Decelerating Impact, Dig In
Passive Abilities: Armor Piercing Counter, Immune to Deceleration

Miragaia has a second hybrid, this time with Megaloceros. Megalogaia is all about that Speed control, with every move in its kit having some sort of Speed control in it! Three moves also have Shielding effects, so you better bring some Defense Shatterers to deal with this one! Armor Piercing Counter has stayed, making Megalogaia a formidable foe to go up against!

Name: Entelomoth
Rarity: Legendary
Health: 4500
Attack: 1500
Speed: 120
Armor: 20%
Critical Chance: 5%
Moves: Persistent Ferocious Strike, Mutual Fury, Bellow, Defense Shattering Rampage
Passive Abilities: On Escape Heal, Immunity to Stuns

As if one busted Woolly Mammoth hybrid wasn’t enough, we got Entelomoth. This Legendary creature has everything it needs to dish out major damage to the opponent, as well as winning the speed war. It can become one of the fastest creatures in the game with Mutual Fury, as well as Slow speedsters down with Bellow. Persistent Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage allow it to hit like a truck, while its bulk allows it to survive long. And if the opponent swaps out, you’ll get a 50% Heal and a Cleanse. Sounds pretty busted to me, but I like it! We will see how it does in the Arena!

Name: Dilophoboa
Rarity: Legendary
Health: 3510
Attack: 1100
Speed: 117
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 10%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Precise Rampage, Nullifying Impact, Sidestep
Passive Abilities: On Escape Evasive Strike, Immune to Distraction, Venomous Counter

Dilophoboa is a hybrid of Dilophosaurus GEN 2 and Titanoboa, giving us yet another Dilophosaurus GEN 2 hybrid. This one loses quite a bit of bulk compared to its Titanoboa parent, as well as losing some Critical Chance and Attack. However, it makes up for it with Nullifying, Dodging, Speeding up, On Escape Evasive Strike and a Venomous Counter, which applies a 50% Distraction and a Lockdown effect to the opponent for 1 turn! This is an amazing counter effect, and it isn’t as busted due to the fact it has no damage added to it! I’m excited for it!

Name: Spinoconstrictor
Rarity: Unique
Health: 3600
Attack: 1200
Speed: 122
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 10%
Moves: Pinning Strike, Sidestep, Precise Rampage, Exploit Wound
Passive Abilities: On Escape Evasive Strike, Immune to Distraction, Wounding Counter

Spinoconstrictor is the only Unique we get this patch, and it is made of the Dilophoboa and the Rare Spinosaurus. This creature drops the venom aspect from the Dilophoboa but gains the DoT aspect of the Spinosaurus, giving it a Wounding Counter and Exploit Wound! Wounding Counter applies a 33% DoT effect on the turn you get hit, so it’s quite amazing to finish something off! However, the low Health and no Armor does make it very weak to some heavy hitters out there, so we will have to see how it does in the Arena. However, I am definitely happy with its addition!

Hybrid Ingredients & Levels

If you want to know what level each of the hybrid ingredients needs to be to fuse for the new creatures, check out our graphic below. 

Parting Words

And that’s it for the new creatures! As 4 out of 6 have something to do with the new Titanoboa, but honestly I don’t mind it! Snakes have always been very much requested in JWA, and I’m glad they are added. What do you think about their addition? Let me know in the comments or in our Discord server! Let’s enjoy the new update together!

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