Jurassic World Alive Update 1.12: New Moves

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Explorers! Update 1.12 is here, and we are as excited as you are! In this article, we will be going over the New Moves, but we also have other articles for everything new and changed! You can check them out right here!

We didn't see many new moves in 1.11 and those that were introduces weren't necessarily game-changing. That's not the case with 1.12, however, as a whole new mechanic is being introduced that will impact the whole arena and especially the hit and run and swap meta. It is called On Escape and it is triggered when your opponent tries to leave the battle. So let's get into this new mechanic and the new moves associated with it. 

On Escape

An On Escape Ability is an ability that triggers when the opponent creature attempts to leave the battlefield. This means that a creature is no longer safe when it swaps out, should its opponent have an offensive On Escape Ability!


  • Anything that should happen before the swap out happens as usual (such as the “hit” in Hit and Run).
  • Creature declares that it leaves (such as with an "And Run" ability, or using the Manual Swap option)
  • If the opponent creature with On Escape is not Stunned or Taken Out, its On Escape is triggered: the associated ability is used.
  • If the opponent creature survives the On Escape ability, it leaves and the new one comes in. 

Some other cases may happen:

  • When a creature uses a hit and run ability, it can only run if it is not dead.
  • A Stun does not prevent a creature from leaving.
  • A creature that was attempting to leave using a Manual Swap will still make the manual swap happen, regardless of death status.
  • A counter attacker that leaves can still counter-attack (if the opponent deals damage with their On Escape ability)

Last but not least, please be aware that the turn will play until the end no matter what happens.

On Escape Moves

The On Escape Ability is a passive move. So that means it is triggered similarly to a counter-attack. That means it automatically performs the action it is supposed to as soon as your opponent tries to leave the arena by manually swapping or by using a hit and run move. These are all of the On Escape abilities

On Escape Evasive Strike

on escape evasive strike

When the opponent leaves, gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn. Attack 1x.

This move could be especially helpful against anything with a swap in attack move. Even if the opponent is faster, this move will be triggered before the next creature enters the arena to perform its swap in move and you will also get a hit in on the creature leaving. 

Creatures with this ability: Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor

On Escape Heal

On Escape Heal

When the opponent leaves, Cleanse self and Heal 50% of Max HP

This is an interesting new mechanic because 50% HP is a LOT to gain back! It doesn't hurt the creature leaving and doesn't prevent any incoming damage, but it can set you up to be prepared to take some more hits if you were low on health before. 

Creatures with this ability: Entelomoth

On Escape Rampage

On Escape Rampage

When the opponent leaves, Attack 2x.

You'll need to be extra careful about leaving the arena against a creature with this ability. Because you have to make sure you'll be able to take a 2x attack when you do! It isn't armor piercing so that might help you, but it can still do a lot of damage before you are able to leave. 

Creatures with this ability: Titanoboa

On Escape Dust Cloud

On escape dust cloud

When the opponent leaves, gain +50% damage 2 turns and become Invincible 1 turn.

This move is also a great counter to anything with swap in damage (unless it's a shield break). It also sets you up to have a buffed attack on the next creature. 

Creatures with this ability: Titanoboa Gen 2

No Escape

No Escape

When the opponent leaves, it is Swap Prevented 1 turn.

This is particularly interesting against a manual swap since a manual swap forces the opponent to lose their turn by performing an action that fails!

As far as we can tell, this move works on any creature that isn't immune or doesn't have swap prevention immunity. Which makes immunity even more useful. Basically, this move will force the opponent to stay in the arena no matter what and if they were trying to manually swap they will lose a turn! This works extremely well on creatures with DOT abilities as it forces the effect to stay on for one more turn. 

Creatures with this ability: Gryposuchus, Grypolyth, Purrolyth, Purussaurus, Purussaurus Gen 2, Purutaurus, Sarcosuchus, Sarcorixis, Stygidaryx

Other new abilities

In addition to the On Escape mechanics we are also getting one new active ability as well as 2 new counter-attacks.

Definite Shield Advantage

Definite Shield Advantage

Remove Cloak, Dodge and Shields. Gain Shields 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x, bypassing armor. Cooldown: 1

This move is especially helpul against anything with cloak or evasive. It will take away the big cloaked hit as well as half that damage with a shield. It isn't a priority move, however, so you need to predict the cloak or evasive move to use it most effectively. 

Creatures with this ability: Geminititan

Venomous Counter

Venomous Counter

When surviving direct damage, the target is Swap Prevented and has damage reduced -50% 1 turn.

This is different than other counter moves as it doesn't do any direct damage. But it does reduce opponents damage and doesn't allow them to escape so it can set you up to perform a big move for the take down.

Creatures with this ability: Dilophoboa

Wounding Counter

Wounding Counter

When surviving direct damage, target receives 33% Damage Over Time for 1 turn.

We finally have a bleed counter! This move can be especially lethal when paired with a swap in bleed move or even a swap in stun move for that extra tick of damage. Creatures with immunity or cleasing moves are going to be your best option to counter it. But even with a cleansing move, it will still hit back with more DOT, so you'll want to try and get rid of that creature as soon as possible! 

Creatures with this ability: Spinoconstrictor

Parting Words

We are really excited about this new On Escape mechanic and can't wait to see how it plays out in the arena! This is going to really change the arena as it won't be as easy to swap to a new creature or use a hit and run move to get out of there. What do you think about the new moves? Come join the discussion and let us know in our discord! 

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