JWA 1.9 Patch Notes: Campaign Mode

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With update 1.9 right around the corner, and patch notes now live on the Ludia Forums, we’re here to do what we do best – Help you digest what in the world all this means for this game we love. As usual, we’re breaking down our patch notes content into six articles that we’ll be releasing today (and perhaps the next few days).

Patch 1.9 brings with it a bunch of awesome changes, and the biggest meta balancing shift we’ve seen since Thor entered the arena in 1.6. Bold statement? Maybe. But the highlights speak for themselves. We’ve got new terrifying hybrids like Carboceratops and Smilonemys (both sporting an INSANE 50% armor), a brand new meta-breaking move in Mutual Fury which makes BOTH you and your opponent stronger, insane new hybrids Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Indoraptor Gen 2 which use the beloved Raptor Pack DNA (Rip all that used up Blue/Echo DNA), balancing changes to Ceratopsians could be a nerf disguised as a buff, and a brand new Campaign Mode with some serious end-game level grit that’ll make an all 30’s boosted team shake in their boots – there’s just a lot to talk about.

And we can’t wait to dive in. Let’s do this.

Campaign Mode Overview

There’s not a ton of information on what campaign mode is in the patch notes, but much like the addition of Sanctuaries from last patch, we can pretty confidently say that this below teaser must be related:

A few things however seem certain. For new players, Campaign mode is going to be an absolute blast. Each level might be challenging as you work your way through the tutorial missions, and slowly beat harder and harder stages with your team of dinosaurs.

What else did we learn from the patch notes? Let’s hit the highlights:

  • This will be a new player versus environment (PvE) mode located in the Battle tab.
  • Players must have obtained at least 4 creatures to participate.
  • The first two missions take the place of the tutorial missions we used to do when the game first started (tutorials that had become very outdated with lower stun chances and movesets that no longer existed for certain dinos).
  • If a player has already completed the tutorial (both stages) – you will enter Campaign Mode at mission number 3.
  • If a player has only completed the first, they will need to complete mission number 2 to unlock battle.
  • There is a distinction between “missions” and “chapters” that makes it sound like Campaign mode might be pretty expansive.
  • The purpose of campaign mode is to teach players about the basic archetypes (Fierce, Cunning, Resilient) and then teaching you how to beat harder and harder teams that balance those archetypes.
  • Campaign Mode features nine chapters showing us various landscapes – each consisting of some varying number of linear missions (you’ll have to complete mission 1 to move to mission 2 etc). Beat each mission to move on to the next mission.

Finally, and this is important, the final chapter has END GAME CONTENT that will be challenging even for those teams at the top of the arena. EXCITING stuff!

So that’s what we know from the patch notes, but there could be more.

More Campaign Information

In an additional post created by Ludia, we also learn the following about Campaign Mode.

You will be a member of the DPG Defense League. You will begin your training as a Rookie. As you improve, so will your title. The training program uses Missions over the course of various Chapters. Most Missions have a special lesson about creature abilities and the interactions with their proper counters. By learning about all creature abilities DPG Defense League members will improve their battle skills

Campaign Missions

  • Use the top navigation tabs to alternate between the adversarial PVP modes and the new single-player Campaign mode.
  • The Campaign features 9 Chapters mapped out in various environments.
  • Chapters consist of a linear series of Missions.
  • Complete Missions to receive Rewards and move on to the next Mission.
    • Missions can be replayed, but the Rewards are only obtained once.
  • Play each Chapter’s Missions and you can move on to the next Chapter.
    • The Campaign starts by teaching you the basic archetype interactions between Fierce, Resilient and Cunning creatures.
    • You then apply those lessons against balanced opponent team compositions.
    • Keep learning about (and applying your knowledge of) more and more mechanics over the various Chapters.
    • The final Chapter has material to challenge players who have reached the End-Game.
  • Missions can be replayed.
    • You can replay a Mission to test new battle strategies but you will not get its rewards an extra time.
    • This means that Campaign Mode provides a finite number of “little boosts” to your Mission progression. Daily/Alliance Missions do not take into account potential Campaign Mode grinding.

Parting Words

This new campaign mode looks exciting and a great option for players that don't enjoy the arena. Just keep in mind that the any missions you do in campaign mode will NOT count towards your daily battles or alliance missions. We'll have more information as the patch goes live and we are able to get in there an play some missions. We'll also have strike guides out for some of those end game missions they mention! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information,and join our discussion on discord as we talk about the patch notes and what it means for our teams and the arena! 

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