JWA: 1.9 Winner and Losers based on Sim results

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Written By: Kelociraptor

With every patch come changes that affect creatures. Though in the interest of balance, there are always some clear cut winners and losers.. We decided to bring back our Battle simulator tool to help with us with this analysis. We plugged in the stats for 1.9 as per the patch notes and re-ran some of the matchups. While the simulator is really only good for 1v1 matchsups, it can help us understand where dinos may fall in the new meta and what will rise to the top. Keep in mind for the purpose of this discussion, we are using Level 26 stats with no boosts applied.



Arguably the biggest winner in 1.9 will be Proceratamimus, who receives a 24% health increase. Anyone who’s faced one of these buggers knows they’re already challenging to take down. And with 750 more health, it will only get harder. Will “Yoshi” be the first ever Epic breed to reach Tyrant status?!


Another huge winner is Ardentismaxima, who jumped a whopping 24 spots in the sims! As if the immunity and decelerating move weren’t already formidable, Maxima now receives a significant attack increase from 1,030 to 1,300 and a slight HP bump of 60 total. On top of those two things, the addition of 15% armor and Critical chance bump to 30% will make this one extra tough opponent. We won’t be surprised to see a promotion to Tyrant tier. 


It seems the “nerf Monomimus” joke has run its course, and this pretty bird gets an overhaul of the winning variety (at this point, anything that isn’t a nerf is a basic win). In past updates, both Health & Attack have been butchered, but we see them both raised here with Health being a somewhat significant 17%. Now built as a “Distracting Dodger” with dual distracting moves, Monomimus also becomes another creature who can reduce an opponent’s attack to 0!


There’s a good chance the Return of the Indoraptor is on the horizon, as a once super fierce creature gains a small dose of immunity (to distraction and stuns but not slowing). Many players sent poor Indo to the bench with 1.8 and the adjustment to dodging. Also, the transition from Indominus Rex to Indoraptor should be easier, as the abilities take a step toward more commonality. 


Just when you thought a heated up Tryostrinix might be the most frightening creature you could face, it only gets scarier with a 100 point attack and 300 point health increase. These buffs are enough to push Tryos in to the top 10 based on the 1v1 sims!

Immune Dinos

Other Unique winners include Erlidominous, Pterovexus, and Magnapyritor who all receive a health bump with Erlidom and Vexus also gaining some attack. Geminititan gains immunity and speed but loses some health and attack. Erlikospyx becomes immune only to deceleration, and Tenontorex gains some attack.



RIP Monostegotops (for now), your dominance in 1.8 will be remembered forever. Reductions in Attack (26%!) and HP along with a movekit overhaul have people digging poor Monostego’s grave. Once one of the best Indoraptor counters, Monostegops loses the nullifying impact in favor of the new move, Dig In. In the 1vs1 sim, MonoS had the largest decline from 1.8, dropping 19 places! Though it’s impossible to know the true impact until the kit is used in battle (and sometimes the actual changes don’t perfectly align with the patch notes), the first impression doesn’t look to be a bright near future. 


Ceratopsians actually look to be at a global loss. Einasuchus and Stegoceratops also receive significant reductions in HP and Attack as well as adjustments to their movesets to accommodate Dig In. Both retain decelerators and stunning moves, but neither are helpful when facing what’s looking to be an Immunity Meta.

Stunning Creatures

Although there are no direct changes ahead for Edmontoguandon or Paramoloch, they tied for the second largest dive in the sims. As creatures who rely heavily on stunning moves, this can likely be attributed to the addition of immunity to so many heavily used creatures. 

Other Dinos

As with Edmonoto & Paramol, there were no direct adjustments made to Diloracheirus, Diorajasaur, Grypolyth, Tuoramoloch, or Stygidaryx. However, all lose significant power in 1.9. With strengths stemming from stuns,decelerators, distractions, and/or bleeding, all values plummet with the prevalence of immunity.

Parting Words

While the battle sim results and patch notes are a good indicator of which dinos might rise surpreme in 1.9, we also understand that boosts and team composition can make a big difference. Some of the dinos on the losers list could surprise us and actually do well. Get out there and run some friendlies or play around with your team to really find what works best for you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information ,and join our discussion on discord as we talk about the patch and what it means for our teams and the arena! And a huge thanks again to Kelociraptor for writing this article! 

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