JWA Patch 2.11: New Creatures!

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Explorers! We’ve got the Patch Notes for Update 2.11, and they are bringing us 5 new creatures to the game! One non-hybrid, and then 4 Hybrids! Let’s not waste any time and discuss them right away!

Sinosauropteryx - Common

Sinosauropteryx: Common Cunning damage reducing Flock

  • Distraction
  • High Pounce
  • Absorb

Sinosauropteryx is our second Common flock in the game. These small critters look very interesting for a Common, as they are a Flock without any form of Rally Heal. They focus on reducing Damage as much as possible with Distraction and are almost an improved version of Velociraptor based on the kit alone. Stats and Resistances are unknown, but usually Flocks have just above average attack, high speed, and a relatively average Health stat. Let’s see if this trend continues with Sinosauropteryx, and whether or not it will be good in the lower Arenas or not!

Sinokotaraptor - Legendary Hybrid

Sinokotaraptor: Legendary Cunning damage reducing Flock

Components: Sinosauropteryx + Dakotaraptor

  • Distraction
  • Sidestep
  • Cunning Impact
  • Precise Pounce
  • Cautious Escape (On Escape Ability)
  • Alert the Flock (Swap-in Ability)

The new Common Sinosauropteryx immediately gets a Hybrid in 2.11, and an interesting one at that! Sinokotaraptor combines all Distraction aspects from Sinosauropteryx and Dakotaraptor and throws in a little bit of Dodge and Rally Heal. It has good damage multipliers in Cunning Impact and Precise Pounce and has solid Swap-in and On Escape abilities. It probably will not be on the same level as Coelhaast and Argenteryx on how good it is based on the kit, but the stats could change that. Although, we’d rather not have yet another extremely powerful flock in the game. However, we’re excited to see what use Sinokotaraptor is going to have in the Arena and in Tournaments!

Enteloceros - Legendary Superhybrid

Enteloceros: Fierce and Resilient Anti-tank Tank

Components: Entelochops + Megaloceros

  • Superiority Strike
  • Mutual Fury
  • Dig In
  • Revenge Shattering Rampage
  • Swap-in Slow (Swap-in Ability)

Enteloceros seems like a bulkier version of Entelochops, losing out on its Revenge Decelerating Impact in favour of Dig In. With Mutual Fury in its arsenal, this could lead to interesting Healing situations, or big damage output with Revenge Shattering Rampage. Superiority Strike gives it a mean to Cleanse Distraction and bypass Dodge while also Decelerating, and Swap-in Slow gives it swapping utility. We hope that the stats and Resistances on Enteloceros will be different than Entelochops though, otherwise this seems like just a similar-yet-slightly-different Entelochops.

Ovilophomoloch - Legendary Superhybrid

Ovilophomoloch: Cunning and Resilient Critical Gambler

Components: Ovilophosaurus + Stygimoloch G2

  • Devious Strike
  • Alert Distracting Impact
  • Group Cunning Impact
  • Sly Rampage and Run
  • Critical On Escape (On Escape ability)

Ovilophomoloch retains its Cunning roots from the Ovilophosaurus yet mixes it up with a touch of Resilience from the Stygimoloch G2. This creature excels at taking out creatures with high Critical Chances and Critical Increases yet knows how it can dish out some Critical Hits as well. Devious Strike is a wonderful basic attack, and Group Cunning Impact and Alert Distracting Impact give it good damage multipliers and excellent Distraction as well. Sly Rampage and Run seems like a weird move at first, but it protects Ovilophomoloch from all kinds of On Escape abilities that might head its way or protect it when it gets locked down! Overall, a very good ability to have, and we can’t wait to see the Stats and Resistances on Ovilophomoloch and how it will perform in Tournaments and the Arena!

Parasauthops - Unique Superhybrid

Parasauthops: Cunning and Resilient Healer

Components: Acrocanthops + Parasaurolophus Lux

  • Tough Group Cunning Strike
  • Alert Instant Heal
  • Greater Group Heal
  • Resilient Rampage Revenge
  • Counter Power Heal (Passive)
  • Fierce Swap-in Strike (Swap-in Ability)

The first Unique made of two Legendary creatures is a Healing machine. Parasauthops excels at Group Healing all its teammates, yet has the ability to support them outside Healing as well with Tough Group Cunning Strike and Resilient Rampage Revenge, giving it some useful attributes to battle Raid Bosses with. Overall, we will have to see how it compares to the current Raid King Tuoramoloch, but if the stats and Resistances are anything like its two components, Parasauthops might be a very good contender for a Healer, or maybe even be a force in the Arena!


And those are the new creatures of Patch 2.11! What did you think of them? Let us know in our Discord server, where we discuss all things 2.11 and JWA! We hope to see you on there!

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