JWA Patch 2.2: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Patch 2.2 is upon us! This Patch brings us new Raid Bosses, lots of Creature Changes, some new Creatures, but most importantly: lots of QoL improvements. GamePress has all the information you will need written down in articles specifically talking about these subjects. You can find them using these links:

This article will focus on the New Creatures! We’ve gotten 7 new creatures in total, including one new Apex creature. The non-hybrids include two highly requested creatures, while the new hybrids give some older creatures a well-deserved hybrid, as well as give newer creatures a hybrid. Well, we suspect they will, as we cannot see the hybrid component in the notes. However, their names and abilities give enough of a hint to identify the components, so we will give an educated guess on these. However, don’t take them as a guarantee, and we advise you to wait with levelling these creatures up prematurely to avoid disappointments! Trust me, I have personal experience with this and it never worked out well. It has a potential to waste lots of DNA and coins. But without further ado, let’s get straight into the article.

New Creature: Common

Glyptodon - Common Resilient


Glyptodon is a new Common that Ludia classified as a Resilient creature. With 40% Armor and 3900 Health it is about as bulky as the Euoplocephalus. As for damage, while its 1000 Attack is serviceable, this gets amped up by Superior Vulnerability and access to Resilient Rampage, allowing it to hit its Rampage with 3000 damage if the opponent is vulnerable. With 100% Deceleration and Vulnerability Resistances this creature will also not be slowed down anytime soon! However, it won’t be outspeeding much with its low 103 Speed. This Common will provide an alternative to Euoplocephalus in Common Tournaments or lower Arena Play, as they play about the same.

New Creature: Rare

Andrewsarchus - Rare Fierce


Andrewsarchus is a canine-like Rare Fierce creature. This creature specializes in taking down Resilient creatures, and will do so in the same fashion as Allosaurus G2: Fierce Impact and Rending Takedown. This rare one-two-punch makes it able to take out a lot of high Health Resilients. What gives it a leg up from Allosaurus G2 is its No Escape Passive, meaning the opponent will not be able to swap out! It also has a 40% Critical Chance, so it’s likely that this beast will also Crit you at least once! It can Cleanse debuffs with its basic attack Cleansing Strike, and it doesn’t fear Deceleration due to a 100% Deceleration Resistance! Its 125 Speed puts it well above most Resilient creatures, while putting it lower than almost all Cunning creatures that are supposed to defeat it. With 3300 Health it leaves a bit to be desired, but its 1400 Attack makes it very capable to dispatch of those pesky Armored creatures.

New Creatures: Epics

Troodon - Epic Cunning


The long-requested Troodon finally made it into the game, and it isn’t a pushover. Dual Rampages with both Pounce and Rampage available at Turn 1, Troodon can choose to Distract the opponent, or pick up a quick kill with its Rampage to be ready to Distract the opponent next turn with Pounce, something most Raptors cannot do. Its 130 Speed also sets it nicely above other speedsters such as Pyroraptor, Pyrritator and Erlikosaurus,  meaning that it belongs to the fastest creatures in the game. Its Health stat of 3000 seems fitting for a Raptor, while its 1200 Attack stat makes sure that it won’t hit too hard with its dual Rampages. It has a 100% Distraction Resistance so forget about Distracting it – it won’t work! We are excited to have Troodon in the game and we are excited to see how it plays in the Arena and Epic Tournaments.

Velosrhacos - Epic Cunning Hybrid


Velosrhacos is a very interesting creature. Most likely made out of the Velociraptor and Phorusrhacos, we now have another creature with access to Cautious Strike! Yep, we got another one, Indoraptor G2 doesn’t have the monopoly on it anymore! With dual Rampages at T1 and 1400 Attack, this creature will not hold back on inflicting major damage to all Fierce creatures, while able to survive longer due to Distraction and Dodge. It can Cleanse itself with Deliberate Prowl, and Speedup with Cautious Strike. 130 Speed puts it above most Epics, but it does suffer from a weaker Health stat, being at 2700 Health. It has 3 100% Resistances, that being Stun, Swap Prevention and Damage over Time. Velosrhacos will be a great addition to the Epic lineup for Cunnings, and we are excited to have it in the game.

New Creature: Legendary

Eremoceros - Legendary Cunning/Resilient Hybrid


If you were annoyed by one Camouflaging creature around, this one will annoy you even further. Eremoceros is made out of Eremotherium and either Eucladoceros or Megaloceros, although seeing as it is a Legendary rarity creature, we suspect that the second component is Eucladoceros. Eremoceros is a beast of a creature, being able to defend itself against almost all kinds of creatures. It does well against Fierce with its Camouflage and Cunning Rampage, while Cunning goes down to Shielded Decelerating Strike and Dig In. With 3900 Health, 1300 Attack, 126 Speed and 10% Armor it has a pretty decent lineup of stats as well, making it able to survive and outspeed the opponent. It has three 50% Resistances to Distraction, Vulnerability and Deceleration, so at least you can afflict some debuffs to it. Although, two of its moves Cleanse Eremoceros of debuffs, so be sure you got multiple ready!

New Creature: Unique

Skoonasaurus - Unique Cunning/Resilient Superhybrid


This is one where we discussed the most about what the components would be. We identified Skoolasaurus pretty quickly, but we struggled with the final one. We suspect Sonorasaurus, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense as almost none of its moves are in the abilities of this creature. Alas, we do know how it looks stat-wise, and ooh boy this is going to be a tough one. With a whopping 5700 Health, 30% Armor, Group Distraction and Instant Invincibility Taunt, this creature will require a lot of chomping to take down. And it can dish out damage too: 1200 Attack, 20% Crit Chance and Group Decelerating Rampage will allow it do dish out damage at a reasonable pace, and Resilient Strike will Cleanse any form of Distraction applied to it. It has quite a lot of Resistances as well, having a 100% Resistance to Stuns and Taunt, 75% to Deceleration, 67% Swap Prevention and 50% Distraction and Vulnerability Resistances. This really seems like a proper Raid creature, so we are interested to see how it will perform in them.

New Creature: Apex

Ceramagnus - Apex Resilient


It seems like each Patch will bring a new Apex creature. This creature seems to be a Ceratopsian, specializing in Swap-In Stunning Striking the opponent, as it is arguably the best Swap-In creature in the game now. 1500 Attack, 4500 Health, 30% Armor and 20% Critical Chance seems like a general upgrade to Woolly Rhino and Monolorhino, and its kit seems like it is designed to get the jump on all creatures – either faster or slower. Group Acceleration and Acute Stun are two great moves for surviving and getting a second hit off, Resilient Strike will also give it Speed control and Precise Rampage will foil any attempts at Dodging. With 100% Resistances to Stun and Deceleration and a 50% Vulnerability Resistance it will not be easy to take out too. Ceramagnus will be an interesting addition to the Apex lineup, although we would really like a Cunning Apex to complete the Apex Fierce/Cunning/Resilient Trinity. Maybe next update?


We’ve gotten 7 interesting creatures this patch! It’s unfortunate we don’t know the exact components, but we are pretty sure that we got the components right. Which one of these creatures is your favourite? Let us know in our Discord server! We will be discussing all features of the Patch, as well as discuss all kinds of Raid tactics for each new Raid! We hope to see you on there!

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