JWA Patch 2.7: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Update 2.7 is here, and it brings numerous new features to the game. Think of New Creatures, New Raids, New Achievements and a whole new Battle Mechanic in Flocks! We also have existing creatures being changed in order to either nerf or buff them! GamePress has all the information you will need with regards to this Update, and you can read all of our articles by following these links:

In this article, we’ll be going over the New Creatures! These are my personal favourite things to get, as they always bring something new to the table. We get a total of 7 new creatures this patch, 5 of them being part of the new “Flock” mechanic. We will cover this new Battle Mechanic in a later article once we know more about it, so stay tuned! Some fan-favourite creatures and JP classics have also made their way into JWA, so we’re excited! Let’s go over the new creatures and cover everything we know!

New Non-Hybrids

Compsognathus G2 - Rare

The Compys have finally made it into Jurassic World Alive! These small little dinosaurs that ruined Dieter Stark’s day in Jurassic Park 2 are finally in the game and they are the main representative of the new “Flock” mechanic! They are a Cunning group of creatures, with the Rare apparently being slower than the Epic variant, but its many Alert abilities and strength in numbers allow it to still be a nuisance! Alert Swarm is a passive that traps the opponent if the Flock is secure, so they cannot run from it. Impact And Run allows Compy G2 to get out of the battle if needed, while Courageous Alert gives it damage output as well. Alert the Flock is a Swap-In Ability that allows the Compy G2 to Rally Heal itself and also Dodge if threatened, and Hop and Mock is a combination of Dodge, Taunt, Cleanse and Nullify all in one move. Overall, a very finnicky bunch of creatures, but bound to cause trouble if you aren’t prepared to deal with them! You can find more information on the new moves in our New Move article, where we go over them in more detail.

Bumpy – Epic

With Parasaurolophus Lux already in the game, it was only a matter of time until Bumpy showed up. This Ankylosaur is listed as a Swap-in Tank Resilient creature, with a Swap-In Stun move at its display in Stunning Alert, which gives Bumpy a 100% Chance to Stun while it’s secure, but a 33.4% Chance to Stun while it’s threatened. The rest of its kit is a bit more straightforward. Superior Vulnerability, Instant Invincibility Taunt and the new Group Taunting Shields Impact give Bumpy some Raid viability, as well as giving it some extra bulk to survive more hits. We’re excited to get this Camp Cretaceous staple in the game! (Ludia, when is the Baryonyx pack coming, please thank you!)

Dodo – Epic

The Dodo is back from extinction, and now it flocks its way into JWA! The second of the five Flock creatures, the Dodo is a Cunning Reinforcer with a unique twist: Sacrifice. With Alert Decoy, it dishes out a guaranteed Critical Hit Rampage and Run at the cost of a Third of its Health! Flightless Strike will be its Basic attack, allowing it to bypass Armor and remove Critical Hit and Damage Increases,  while Protective Alert allows it to Reduce damage and render the target Vulnerable when Secure, and Distract and Heal when it’s Threatened! This new creature sure seems to pack a punch!

Compsognathus – Epic

The G1 version of the Compsognathus is the third Flock creature introduced in JWA. As the faster Compy flock, Compsognathus is still as Cunning as its G2 version! It dishes out high damage with Alert Scurry, traps opponents with Alert Swarm, Swaps in to Heal/Dodge and Hops around with Hop and Mock to Nullify the opponents! It also has Distraction at the ready with Cunning Strike, so this new Epic will surely be a pain to deal with! We still have to see how the entire Flock and Absorb mechanic works and how the Compys’ Stats are, but if they’re good, Compsognathus will surely be a contender in Epic Tournaments!

Refrenantem – Apex

Refrenantem is the fifth Apex creature to be introduced. This Dilophosaur is a Cunning Distraction expert according to Ludia, and we can understand why. Every single move it has can Distract the opponent, which gives Refrenantem all the tools it needs to get rid of big Chompers! Cunning Rampage gives it big firepower, Cunning Strike and Alert Nullification give it Distraction abilities on the fly and priority Distraction/Nullification, while Super Distraction gives it a small bit of damage, 25% Chance to Stun the highest Damage creature, it removes their Dodge, and it gives an AOE Distraction to all opponents facing it! Swap-In Distraction allows Refrenantem to get on the field safely, giving it an immediate presence in front of you. We’re going to have to see its Stats and Resistances in order to see if it too is just a victim to Resilient attacks like Gorgotrebax, but we’re very excited to see what this creature does!

New Hybrids

Dodocevia – Legendary

Dodo + Inostrancevia

The first Legendary Flock in the game is Dodocevia. It’s a Cunning Hit and Run expert, with everything the Dodo has. However, its Inostrancevia counterpart gave it a Revenge move as well: Revenge Distracting Impact. This allows the Dodocevia to dish out big damage back to back, with Alert Decoy coming right after the Revenge Distracting Impact. Flightless Strike and Protective Alert only help to support Dodocevia in its role, meaning that this deadly flock will surely be a pain to take care of!

Compsocaulus – Unique

Compsognathus + Diplocaulus G2

This marks the first case where Ludia made a Unique creature out of two regular creatures and the first time that a Unique isn’t a superhybrid. Nevertheless, Compsocaulus shouldn’t be underestimated. With its Flock mechanic, amazing Cunning abilities and great Swapping synergy, Compsocaulus should be ready to go the moment it hits the field. Swap it in safely with Swap-In Distraction, then use Cunning Strike, Restricted Group Distraction and Alert Scurry to Distract some more! Hop and Mock if you want to Dodge and Nullify the opponent, and you’ve got yourself a very clever set of creatures that will make life hell for those big Chompers like Mortem Rex! We’re very excited to play around with this new Unique!


A lot of the new creatures have the new Flock mechanic. We’re going to have to see how good this mechanic will be, which determines how good the new Flocks are. However, we’re excited to see Ludia experimenting with these creatures. We hope that they continue to do so in order to keep the Arena experience fresh and give creatures their own identity, which has been neglected after the change to the three Archetype system the game currently has. What do you think of these new creatures? Are you going to use any of these creatures on your team? Do let us know either in the comments below or in our Discord server! We hope to see you on there discussing these Patch Notes with us!

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