JWA Patch Notes 1.13: New Abilities and Ability Updates

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Explorers! Patch 1.13 is here and we have all the information about the changes we will see coming soon! This is a pretty big update with some exciting changes to Alliances, Tournament, Moves, and Creatures! There is a lot of information so make sure you check out all of our articles on the Patch Notes:

In this article, we are going to talk about some new abilities and ability updates. There aren’t many new abilities or changes this patch, but one change is pretty big in terms of what the community has been asking for. Let’s break it down. 

Ability Updates

Cautious Strike 

No longer cleanses.

This is a huge change for a lot of people. We already knew CS had too many abilities associated with it and losing at least one was what many people asked for. Since it no longer cleanses, it will be easier to bleed and it will have to use Mutual Fury to remove any bleed or slowing effects. Mutual Fury is a very underutilized move, but with this change, you might have to learn how to better use it. We still think removing distract or evasive would have been a better change to the move, but we will have to see how this really plays out in the arena. 

Damage over Time 

33% Abilities that dealt 33% Damage over Time (such as Lethal Wound) now deal 33.4% in order to ensure that on the third turn the affected creature is taken out (instead of having a few hit points left). This also improves the Spinoconstrictor VS Indoraptor GEN2 match up. 

This seems like a minor change, but it’s a big one in certain matchups. Nothing is worse than using this ability and then having an opponent survive by 1 HP. This should help ensure opponents are actually taken out in 3 turns and with the changes to Cautious Strike, this could be a way for bleeders to make a minor comeback. 

Superior Vulnerability 

Works for the next turn only, not the current turn. Note that a Vulnerability duration counts down at the end of next turn (regardless of who has the initiative/priority).

This basically means that the superior vulnerability doesn't make the opponent vulnerable on its own move. Previously, the opponent was made vulnerable immediately, and then essentially hit with a superiority strike. So it was vulnerable for that turn and the one after that. Now it isn't vulnerable until the next turn so while it is still slowed down, creatures with this ability won't be able to stack damage as easily. 

New Active Abilities

Distracting Shield

Distracting Shield

Reduce your opponent's damage by 50% for 2 turns. Shields 50% for 2 turns. Attack 1x. Cooldown: 2.
Editor's note: this ability has been added to the list of abilities that distract and to the list of shields for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions. 

The fact that this move shields and distracts means the creatures with this move are going to be hard to counter. Even if you have a shield breaker, you are still only hitting at 50% damage. If you have a cleansing move to remove the distraction, you won't be able to break the shield. So basically, this move only allows for for 50% damage for 2 moves at maximum.

Creatures receiving this ability: 


Superiority Impact

Superiority Impact

Cleanse distraction. Reduce opponent's speed by 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x. Cooldown: 1.
Editor's note: this ability has been added to the list of superiority abilities for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions. 

This is essentially Superiority Strike with a 1.5x attack. It also has a cooldown so you can't continuously use it as you would the basic Superiority Strike, but it hits harder. 

Creatures receiving this ability: 


New Passive Abilities

Immune to Vulnerable

immune to vulnerable

This creature cannot be inflicted with a vulnerable status.

This means that using a vulnerability move against a creature with this status won't make them vulnerable in additional turns and it will be even more difficult to take them down unless you have a chomper (as all of the creatures with this ability have armor). 

Creatures receiving this ability:

Ankylosaurus GEN2 

Parting Words

It looks like partial immunities are the new thing with the new passive that is coming. There also seems to be a new trend of adding new moves that are basically an impact version of a current move. Don’t forget to check out the other articles on the Patch Notes, and be sure to join our Discord server to discuss the Update 1.13 with us! We hope to see you there!

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