JWA Patch Notes 2.0: New Creatures

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Explorers! Welcome to the Patch 2.0 coverage articles! With Ludia releasing Update 2.0! there’s a lot to cover. In this article we will be covering New Creatures, but you can find all other coverage articles down below:

Creatures! We’ve got some pretty good ones this patch, including some fan-favourite creatures as well as some amazing hybrids! Let’s go over them, starting with the non-hybrids!

Regular Creatures

Deinonychus – Common



One of the most requested dinosaurs on our Discord finally made it in! This little critter is classified as a Cunning creature and specializes in Dodging and Distracting with its attacks Evasive Strike and High Pounce! With low Health and average Attack it won’t be the bulkiest or most hard-hitting creature, but it will be one of the fastest, listed with extreme Speed! Could it rival the speed of the Velociraptor? We love the addition of Deinonychus, and we will see how it will fare in the lower parts of the Arena!

Haast Eagle G2 – Rare

Haast Eagle Gen 2

Gen 2’s are making another comeback with the Haast Eagles! We will cover the G1 version later, but now we got the G2 version of the Haast Eagle! This Rare is very much like a Raptor, with lower/2400 Health and high/131 speed. It’s Attack unfortunately is a bit lacking, but its moveset is quite decent for Distracting and Dodging, because it has access to Evasive Strike, Fearless Flap and Instant Distraction! This Eagle will be the bane of many chompers for sure!

Haast Eagle – Epic

Haast Eagle

The Epic G1 Haast Eagle has stats very similar to its G2 counterpart, but just slightly increased. It has very low Health, average damage Attack and ‘extreme’ Speed, possibly making this the fastest creature in the game! With a moveset also quite similar to its G2 counterpart, only switching out Instant Distraction for the regular Distraction attack, this too will be a pain to deal with!

Edaphosaurus – Epic


With Permian creatures being added last patch, this time we get another Permian creature! Edaphosaurus is a creature much like Secodontosaurus, with it specialising in Armor Piercing and Defense Shattering with its Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage moves! To boost its average Attack it also has Persistent Ferocious Strike, making it bale to dish out quite a bit of damage! With above-average Health it will also survive some big hits before it can attack, and with average Speed this creature will be a great Epic!(It also has amazing resistances that benefit its job as a powerful creature, so it’ll be quite the powerhouse!


Only two new hybrids are introduced, but we think they are quite the spectacle! Let’s go over them!

Edaphocevia – Legendary


Combining the Common Inostrancevia with the brand new Epic Edaphosaurus we get the Legendary Edaphocevia! This creature further improves on its Epic counterpart by getting two Rampages from it as well as keeping Persistent Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage! It inherits a Revenge move from Inostrancevia in Revenge Distracting Impact! It also adds to the Resistances that Edaphosaurus already has, making most of them better. This mix of a Cunning and Fierce creature will be quite a pain to get through!

Dracoceratosaurus - Unique


As you might have already guessed, Dracoceratops finally got an Unique hybrid! Pairing it with Proceratosaurus, this Unique Cunning superhybrid is improving on its predecessor Dracoceratops’ Attack and Speed, while taking away some of the bulk it has. In order to compensate for that bulk, it gets two moves that will help it survive longer: Cunning Strike and Cunning Impact. It also has Acute Stun, Cleansing Impact and a 100% Resistance to Swap Prevention. Now we have three creatures running around with Swap-in Savagery! We are very curious on how this creature will fare compared to its Legendary component Dracoceratops!


We’ve officially gotten a NEW RARITY! The new Rarity will be called Apex and we believe that this is a tier exclusive to the Exclusive Raid Bosses! We currently have one new Apex tier creature, and it’s looking to be a doozy!

Mortem Rex – Apex

Mortem Rex

Loosely translated to ‘Death King’, this Tyrannosaurid looking creature is going to be a real powerhouse. It has access to Roar, Fierce Impact, Fierce Rampage and Cleansing Impact, allowing it to dish out massive damage while keeping itself Cleansed at all times! And it will pack a wallop, seeing as the notes mention that it has HIGHER ATTACK THAN TYRANNOSAURUS! That’s right, Rexy isn’t the king of raw damage anymore! The notes also mention it having High Health, an extreme Critical Hit Chance and low Speed, much like other chompers. Mortem Rex also has great resistances in 100% Deceleration, 75% Swap Prevention and Stun and 50% DoT and Vulnerability Resistances! We’re really hyped about this new Tier and Mortem Rex and we’re really looking forward to battling it in the Raids where it is found!

Parting Words

The new Rarity Apex has definitely caught us off-guard and we’re so hyped for Mortem Rex and Apex Tier to be a thing in the game! While there aren’t a ton of other new creatures added this Patch, they aren’t the main focus this time around. We are glad to see some highly requested creatures like Deinonychus and the Haast Eagle make it in the game and we can’t wait to play with them! What’s your favourite new creature? Let us know in either the comments or in our Discord server!

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