JWA Patch Notes 2.0: Quality of Life Changes – Daily Mission Adjustment and Dynamic Text in Battle

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With all the BIG changes 2.0 is bringing it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller parts of the update like the Quality of Life changes. Let me assure you these are still very important and as the saying goes: “it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference”. This patch didn’t have a large number of QOL updates, but there are some that will hopefully make the game experience better for everyone. So let’s see what we can expect

Daily Mission Adjustment

Reduced by 50% the maximum amount of battles required to complete the Daily Defense daily


Maximum is now 6 battles instead of 12.

This might seem like a minor change, but it is huge for players that simply do not like battling (especially in the arena). When they increased the number of strike towers on the map, this mission was often easy to complete without having to do a single PvP battle if you chose not to. The weekly events schedule is back to it’s previous distribution and we appreciate them updating the mission to reflect the lower amount of battle options per week. Sure you can still complete this mission with friendly battles and going into the arena, but hopefully, it won’t feel like a chore to those that simply do not like to battle.

Dynamic Text

This part of the update is actually pretty exciting. Especially for those of us that can’t exactly math quickly in our heads during a battle. Well, worry no more as the game will do the work for you! When you click on yours or your opponent’s creatures you will see the stats as they have always been, but they will change depending on any effects that are applied. They are calling this Dynamic Text. 

Dynamic Text 1Dynamic Text 2

As you can see in the pictures above, instead of the description saying “attack 1x”  on the move, it actually tells you exactly how much damage you will do. That stat will change based on any buffs or debuffs performed on the creature as well. For example, a creature with 1000 Attack under a two-turn -50% Distraction effect will show this effect in its creature tooltip. The tooltip will also indicate that the creature's attack value has dropped to 500.

This should help tremendously in battle especially with all of the changes to moves. More moves have even more abilities now (especially the basic ones) and it might get overwhelming trying to remember what each thing will do. It will also be very clear what effect your creature has on it. So hopefully you won't lose by 4 HP when you can't calculate wether or not your distracted Rampage is enough to go through shield and armor. Just click the move and the tooltip or your creature to see exactly how much damage you will do. This should also help beginnner players understand battling and battle basics even better so they can learn as they move up in arenas. 

Parting Words

Well our heads are still spinning from this all, but overall I am so excited about these changes! I am one that can't exactly do math in my head while in battle, so the tooltip will help so much when figuring out what move I want to make. I can't wait to get in there and test it out when it goes live! 

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