JWA Patch Notes 2.0: Raids – How to Find Them and What They Are (Part 1 of 2)

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Explorers! Welcome to the Patch 2.0 coverage articles! With Ludia releasing Update 2.0! there’s a lot to cover. In this article we will be covering New Creatures, but you can find all other coverage articles down below

The patch notes for 2.0 are understandably overwhelming with the number of existing changes happening to creatures. But the Raids are an entire seven-course meal in and of themselves. We’re going to break this one into two articles to keep you in the know.

Let’s dive in.

Raids Overview – What Are They Even??

Raids are a new feature coming to Jurassic World Alive where players can interact with raid bosses that appear on the map. The teaser shows a Sinoceratops as a massive creature roaming around above a map and we’re assuming that’s what it’ll look like in 2.0 as well.

Raid bosses provide us with a brand new challenging global event where players will need to team up in groups to defeat these fearsome foes.

One of the most insane parts about raid bosses is that they aren’t just Epic, Legendary, and Unique versions of creatures we already see today (like Lord Lythronax was), but on top of that – there’s a new RARITY being introduced ABOVE Unique – called APEX.

This is a great way to collect DNA for particularly tough creatures and unlock things you haven’t unlocked before – and looks to be the only way to obtain APEX creatures at the moment. It appears this new tier isn’t something that you fuse to create, but something you can create by defeating raids with Apex creatures.

The only prerequisite for attempting a raid is completing at least up to Chapter 5 in the campaign mode. This should make raids accessible to most players, though new players will have to wait a while.

Locating Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses

Raid bosses roam the map for 24 hours and do not disappear once defeated, and there may be some limit to the number of raids you can do, similar to number of attempts on strikes or number of attempts on featured creatures, though the notes don’t specifically say so. Instead, all we see is rewards are greater the first time you defeat a raid boss.

Raid bosses will roam the map, and once you find one you can start a Lobby. A lobby will allow you to add players from your alliance or friends list who are NOT in the vicinity, or for other local players in your location to join the raid.

Raid Lobby

There will be a visual indicator that a raid lobby is up by that raid boss or location being highlighted with a green beacon, so you should be able to see if a raid lobby is up in a local area if you’re out hunting.

Raid lobbies can be made private if you would prefer to defeat a raid boss with just friends and alliance mates that you invited.

There’s also a raid schedule – with a focus on raids Monday through Thursday (it appears the first week or weeks will be Sinoceratops Prime on Monday, Mammotherium Prime on Tuesday, Mortem Rex on Wednesday, Smilonemys Prime on Thursday) so that players can focus on tournaments and PVP on Friday-Sunday.

This adds a really exciting quality to the week when tournaments aren’t going on.

Boost and Level Caps

Raid bosses also will enforce different level and boost caps as a way to ensure the boss is difficult for ALL players regardless of how far they’ve progressed. The notes mention how this is also meant to encourage people to evenly boost creatures because someone with say a Tyrannosaurus Rex at 20/10/0 that enters a raid that caps boosts at 10/12/10 will end up with a T-Rex at 10/12/0 and miss out on 10 possible speed boosts.

This unique quality will also make deciding how to boost creatures difficult.

To beat a raid boss and get the incubator reward, one must beat more than one round of battle against that raid boss, but we only need to beat the boss itself (apparently it comes with minions).

But the big note here is that if you cap a level creature at 20 and give it 10/10/10 boosts, you end up with a creature with stats of level 26 which may be really important for beating raid bosses. It almost appears that people will have to choose specific creatures for raids and boost them more evenly than creatures that they want to use in PVP which may have more uneven boost levels.

In Conclusion

Raid bosses sound insane. We are so excited to see them come in update 2.0 and can’t wait to see how tough they are. We know it’ll be a challenge for even the best players to defeat them!

Time will tell if solo-ing a raid boss is even possible, but with the creature limitations on boosts and level, I have to imagine they’ll be built to be impossible for a single player. Especially being that anyone in a local vicinity can send requests for friends/alliance to join one such raid.

We will see!

Keep reading for Part 2 where we dig into how the Raid Boss battles work!

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