JWA Patch Notes 2.11: New Features

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Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.11 are here and as always we have all the coverage on everything. This update is dubbed the Daily Gifts Update, and we have the info on that as well as other new features summed up for you here. This is what we have to look forward to this update. 

Daily Gifts

We'll now be rewarded for logging in daily with the new Daily Gifts feature. We will be able to collect 28 gifts over each 30 day period, and the rewards grow as we continue collecting. The gifts are not tied to a calendar, so your 30 days will start the day you collect your first gift. You then have 30 days to collect 28 gifts. Again, these grow larger with each collection with a "great big" gift after 28 days. Once you hit 30 days,  your time will reset, and you'll lose all progress toward the Day 28 gift. This makes it important to not miss more than a couple days in the time frame. Below is a sample of the collection schedule:

There will also be one-time gifts available below the schedule. These are not on deadline but some can take a long time to achieve. This provides even more reason to make sure to log in daily.

New Achievements

As has become the norm with updates, we will receive some new Achievements to pursue. These are as follows:

  • Mega Donation - Donate 1,000 Megalotops DNA to your alliance
  • Bioluminescent Predator - Evolve Parasauthops to Level 22
  • Pest Control - Defeat Flocks 3 times using Enteloceros
  • 150 Million Direct Hits Ago - Get 150 Direct Hits on Archaeopteryx

Revamped Level Unlocks

These changes are pretty huge and will come with mixed feelings for lower level players. Please note that players who have previously unlocked these features will be grandfathered in and keep them unlocked. The only exception will be raids, as some players may see that higher level raids are no longer accessible. They want players to be able to effectively complete these raids and stand a fighting chance against the more powerful bosses. 

One thing players will appreciate is the new lower level to start multi-fusion. The community has been asking for this for a long time, and it's nice to see it addressed. It still feels it could be lower, but this is a certain step in the right direction. 

As new features are unlocked, a special guide will be provided to you detailing how to succeed with that new part of the game. You can also always come visit our Discord for player perspectives on these things. 



Parting Words

This update sure looks to bring some nice new features. Daily players will be grateful to receive even more compensation for their play, and the unlock level changes should add some new balance to the game. What do you think about the new features? join our Discord server and let us know!

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