JWA Patch Notes 2.16: QOL Updates

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Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.16 are here and as always we have all the coverage on everything. This update doesn't have a particular name, but we still have the info summed up for you here. These are the things designed to improve Quality of Life within the game!

Raid Lobby Chat

To go hand in hand with Raid Matchmaking, we will now have a Raid Lobby Chat to assist with better coordination. We won't be able to type whatever we want, the lobby will have preloaded to use to indicate what might be missing from the raid selections. For example, "We need a fierce creature" or "We need a Tank". You can also @ a player to grab specific attention and use your emote deck to amplify how you feel. 

Below is an example of what some of these preloaded options look like:

Lobby Chat 1

Lobby Chat 2

This feature should enhance the raid experience for those who like the adventure of Autofill (though perhaps will take some of that adventure out of it).

Mission Revamp

Our personal missions system is getting an overhaul, one that will address all the lengths of goals. They'll be adding more mission types and goals to assist our growth as players. There will be streak bonuses for not missing a day of missions, and a long overdue "Collect All" option to reduce the collection time. Make sure to log in within 7 days of the update, and they will grandfather you in to the max stream and related rewards! 

Make sure to log in within this time frame, as Streak progress towards the Daily Mission bonus will be reset at the update launch to accommodate the new Missions system and Pass after this 7 day window. This reset will be exceptional to the release of the first Pass.

Missions will be linked to the Pass and will assist in earning huge Pass rewards. Whenever a Pass is active, the Missions icon will transform in to the Pass icon with both found in two tabs on the same screen. Want to know more about the Pass and also Skins? Check out Piere's article here!

Lastly, with this change, they will be moving the daily login button to the upper left corner below the mail icon.

New Creature Rotations

In efforts to stabilize the quantity of Event Exclusive creatures, Antarctopelta and Dsungaripterus will be freed to the wild for our hunting pleasure. The new Lystrosuchus and Dreadnoughtus will also be found on the map. Keep your eyes on our Spawn Guide once the update is live to find out where! 

This does leave us with two new Event Exclusives in Gigantosaurus and Therizinosaurus. Hopefully we will see some Events featuring these two sooner than later!

Bug Fixes & Known Issues

The below information is straight from the notes. There isn't much for specifics, but over 300 is a lot of bugs that they say have been fixed!

About 321 of those pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.16! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Lightning like effect on creatures when in the lab has been fixed.

We’re currently working on solutions for the following known issues:

  • Friendly challenges may have issues starting (since May 18th)
  • The tooltip stats information is not updated as soon as the associated buff/debuff has ended during a Raid.
  • Apple device players may receive offline / push notifications while online.
  • Raid invite push notifications are only in English.
  • Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators on a 1 gig Apple device.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat.

Parting Words

This update sure looks to bring some nice new features, and it's refreshing to see a small rotation with regards to Event Exclusive creatures. What do you think about the new features? join our Discord server and let us know!

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