JWA Patch Notes 2.20: Creature Updates

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While there are many new creatures being added, let's not forget the creatures that got some love this time around. So, let's dive into these chosen 6 to see how much better they got.

Spawn Changes and New Raids

We will see some new creature rotations in 2.20 and they also told us where we can find the new creatures. 

  • The Epic Haast Eagle has been added to the Map!
  • Red has become an arena exclusive creature

Creature Updates


Majundasuchus got some major love. While the attack and hp buffs are always nice, that priority shield is huge. Now it can easily wall most flocks and slowly kill them. The armor piercing counter is being replaced with Disarming Counter Strike (which you can read about more in our New Abilities article) Just when you thought Pyrorixis was the last time you'll be using Nundasuchus DNA. Now you also have this rare to contend with. 


  • Damage: 1000 to 1100
  • HP: 3450 to 3750


Dimodactylus is an interesting one as while I feel it did get a buff, it isn't a complete one. The swap in is insane. The fact you can just casually swap in on something like Diplodocus using rampage is really strong. On top of that, the stat buffs are always a nice touch. The issue comes with the counter and basic attack. If they reduce armor before the attack, then it's probably fine, but losing the ability to immediately bypass armor isn't great for scorpions. The same holds true for the counter. The impact and run is much better though for whatever comes in next. But we're going to need to wait and see how much this improves Dimodactylus. But if one thing is true, they really did Dimodactylus dirty with that hybrid comment.


  • Swap In Wound becomes Swap In Armored Wound
  • Armor Piercing Counter becomes Disarming Counter Strike
  • Fierce Strike becomes Disarming Strike
  • Impact and Run becomes Disarming Impact and Run


  • Damage: 1100 to 1150
  • HP: 3450 to 3750


Alloraptor is a legendary I never really liked, but now it's a considerable threat. Yes it's still frail, but now it has the speed and tools to give it a fighting chance ferocity is a big buff and an on escape helps vs creatures that want to swap out into something like Spinoceratops. However, it did lose some good turn 1 options now only being able to use its basic attack turn 1. But once it sets up, watch out. To be sure, we'll need to wait for a legendary format or even see at the end of this month.


  • Health: 3000 to 3300
  • Speed: 126 to 130
  • Critical Chance: 30% to 40%


  • Swap In Disarming Strike added
  • On Escape Evasive Strike added
  • Cunning Strike becomes Ferocious Cunning Strike
  • Rampage becomes Cleansing Rampage


We got 2 unique buffs. The first goes to the worst unique in the game: Dracoceratosaurus. Dracoceratosaurus is now beginning to trace its roots back to old Dracoceratops back when it had the swap in rampage. With swap in cunning impact and it's attack stat, it isn't that far off. The other additions to its kits are, for the most part, straight upgrades, and 3 different stat increases never hurt either. Expect to see Cruella Deville more often as it's a bomb that your opponent is waiting to drop


  • Health: 3900 to 4500
  • Speed: 119 to 120
  •  Armor: 0% o 20%


  • Reduced Damage: 0% to 75%
  • Critical Reduction: 0% to 100%
  • Damage over Time: 0% to 25%


  • Swap In Savagy becomes Swap In Cunning Impact
  • Cunning Strike becomes Debilitating Strike
  • Acute Stun becomes Bristling Stun


Unfortunately for Mammolania, it didn't get as much love as Dracoceratosaurus. It did however, get some love. While the addition of PFS is kind of sad, superior vulnerabilities isn't bad at all. It also still keeps its ferocity abilities with its on escape and counter while getting more speed control with bellowing impact. Personally I feel PFS should've stayed as the impact is a fine method of speed control. But even with all this, don't expect it to compete with the likes of Alankyloceratops or even Entelolania, but it may just make it into the tournament at the end of the month.


  • Counter Ferocity added
  • Ferocity On Escape added
  • Persistent Ferocious Strike becomes Superior Vulnerability
  • Taunting Bellow becomes Bellowing Impact


Finally, Arctovasilas got a buff. It got some more armor, a change to alert arctic blast, and some bleed resistance. It is a nice buff, but it's not going to do much vs Pyrorixis or Tyrannometrodon, so don't expect to see it make a comeback.


  • Alert Arctic Blast gains 30% Armor reduction in its Threatened State.


  • Damage: 1350 to 1400
  • Health: 4500 to 4800
  • Armor: 25% to 35%


  • Damage Over Time: 0% to 25%

Parting Words

Overall some very nice buffs. Some matter a lot and others don't to much. Finally nice to see something like Majundasuchus get some love. However for others like Arctovasilis and Mammolania, the meta has just advanced far beyond what they got. But we'll need to see how the meta plays out, but in my opinion, Majundasuchus and Dracoceratosaurus are now looking like some big meta threats. Thank you for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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