JWA Patch Notes 2.9: QOL Improvements

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Article by Kelly


Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.9 are here and as always we have all the coverage on everything. With 2.9, there are are some Quality of Life (QOL) improvements that are meant to help with the overall enjoyment of the game. Often these are little changes, but the little things are still important to people. This is what we have to look forward to this update. 

QOL Improvements

Dart Inventory Limit / Free Incubator Increase

The dart inventory limit will increase from 140 to 350. This is a great and long needed adjustment and will hopefully encourage more hunting. Many players were upset when they removed the cheap darts from the daily sales, as they were used to getting a fairly easy 1,400 each day. This increased cap will allow players to acquire and use many more free darts. 

In conjunction with this, they will also increase the number of darts rewarded with the Free Incubator (the one we can open every 6 hours). They haven’t specified how much, but of course getting more of anything for free is always aces.

Vibration Setting

Over time, we’ve seen players complain about the vibration which occurs when a creature spawns on the map. You will finally be able to disable this if it is something that bothers you. I personally love that it gains my attention, so I don’t have to constantly be staring at my phone. But that’s just me. Now we can all feel happy no matter what our feelings are on the vibration.

Player Experience Improvements

New players will have a slightly longer tutorial to help them better understand what to do first. Of course knowledge is power, and the more they will share from the start, the better and less frustrated a new player might be. Of course you’ll always have our very own Gamepress JWA information to refer anyone to, and we hope that you do!

Returning players will receive notifications in their news feed about features that have maybe been overlooked. They will also receive advice on what to do next in the game. Getting more information trumps getting less. As this game grows in many different directions, it can be easy to forget about some aspects. It will be nice to have a gentle reminder of those things. Hopefully, it won’t be too often or annoying.

AR Improvements

AR options will now offer Smart Placement & Brightness. Smart Placement will allow the user (on an applicable device) to position and get close up to objects in the real world. Brightness will increase the brightness on the creature to help it stand out and look its best.

New Achievement

We will have one new achievement added to the list with this update. While these tend to be a result of new creatures, etc, this one (No Harm, No Fowl) will be to place Dodo in Sanctuary 13 times. Dodo seems to be a fairly popular creature with Dodcevia being a very strong legendary, so this one should be easy for most people to achieve. 

Parting Words

While many of these changes are small, some of them (like the vibration setting) can make a big difference to people and their overall enjoyment of the game. What do you think about the new improvements? Let us know!

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Kelly resides in Scottsdale, AZ, proud cat mama of her girls, Payton & Cat Tillman. A JWA player since about day one, she spends much time hunting in the park outside her home and thrives in leading the great folks of Kelliance.