JWA Patch Notes 3.0: Creature Feature!

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So new notes, and that means new creatures! We also have a new rarity with some interesting, yet exciting new additions! We also got 2 new buffs this patch as well. So, let's hop right in!

Styracos Lux – Unique

Styracos Lux is a nonhybrid unique


  • Shielded Heavy Strike
  • Dig In
  • Instant Fierce Rampage
  • Goring Charge
  • Swap in Resilient Strike
  • Tier 5 enhancement: When locked down, stun for 100%

While not technically part of this patch, I still want to mention Styracos Lux as it is basically leading the way into this new patch. This thing is crazy. Not only do you have good damage, but instant fierce rampage is an upgrade to killer instinct, which is already an outstanding ability. Goring charge is another good ability to have and gives you a great turn 1 option. And for defense, you have shielded heavy strike to block some attacks as well as dig in. And with swap in resilient strike, you can swap in, and even then get a free stun off with that tier 5 enhancement. This thing is definitely going to make a splash in the arena. 

Diabloceratops – Omega

Diabloceratops is a nonhybrid omega


  • Resilient Strike
  • Greater Stunning Impact
  • Leading Charge (unlocked at level 11)
  • Instant Crush (unlocked at level 21)
  • Survival Instinct (unlocked at level 16)
  • Swap in Stunning Strike (unlocked at level 6)

Diabloceratops is the first of 3 omega creatures released this update, and it is a scary one that's for sure. It may not be that strong to start out with, but once you get it to level 21, leading charge into instant crush does a ton of damage. You also survival instinct to beef yourself up and swap in stunning strike for synergy. It probably won't be the best in a rare or legendary format, but it can definitely show up in epic and unique formats with that moveset.

Stegouros - Omega

Stegouros is a nonhybrid Omega


  • Protective Advance
  • Dispersed Fierce Impact
  • Embolden (unlocked at level 16)
  • Stunning Vulnerability Impact (unlocked at level 21)
  • Distracting Counter (unlocked at level 6)
  • Swap in Nullification (unlocked at level 11)

Stegouros is an offensive tank thanks to moves like embolden and dispersed fierce impact. It can deal with flocks and can also thanks to dispersed fierce impact. And with protective advance, speedsters have no chance as this move has priority, allowing you to not really invest in speed all that much, especially with embolden to boost your speed. And with stunning vulnerability impact, you can deal some big damage. I can see this thing being a very popular pick in a common tournament with creatures like Coelurosauravus and Glyptodon being popular picks. However, it will probably not see much use until a unique format thanks to the other impact.

Toro - Omega

Toro is a nonhybrid Omega


  • Decelerating Cleanse
  • Angry Endurance
  • Horned Devour (unlocked at level 6)
  • Swap in Endurance (unlocked at level 11)
  • Thrashing Impact and Run (unlocked at level 16)
  • Minor Healing Counter (unlocked at level 21)

Our last new creature, Toro is possibly the best omega. While Toro is not that great at a common level, his unlocked abilities make him a terror in higher rarities. He can take on creatures like Albertosaurus and Dreadnoughtus. Horned devour gives him great bulk when paired with angry endurance. Again, he probably won't fare that well in say a legendary format, but with the right stats, Toro has the ability to potentially take on creatures like Tyrannometrodon, Aenocyonyx, and other powerful uniques. It's counter is almost a better counter power heal, and with devour, Toro is healing quite a bit. You then also have the swap in, which gives you synergy and allows you to quickly fire off a horned devour. And for more synergy, thrashing impact and run allows you to cleanse yourself of any pinning effects and distraction and bypass armor while potentially running into a Styracos Lux for a devastating combo. However, the best part of this move is that it has NO DELAY. You can swap in and run! He may have been done dirty in Camp Cretaceous, but in here, Toro is going to steal the show.

Buff - Indominus Rex gen 2

Indominus Rex gen 2 has had the following changes:

  • Swap-In Cloak added
  • Armor Piercing Rampage becomes Fierce Rampage
  • Definite Strike becomes Group Definite Strike

We got 2 buffs this patch, and boy are they big. Let's start with Indominus Rex gen 2. This epic was really outshined by Giganotosaurus thanks to flocks, but with swap in cloak and group definite strike, this epic is gonna make quite the comeback, especially in advantage. And now with fierce rampage, shields are no match either. You can easily use mutual fury on epics like Majundaboa and Ankylodicurus without any fear of their shields. Definitely an epic to watch out for now.

Buff - Dracovenator

Dracovenator has had the following changes:

  • Distraction Immunity Added

20 bucks said this creature got buffed for all the hate it got. I didn't think it was that bad. I used it and made the top 25 in the unique skill format without any enhancements, so it can definitely put in the work, but it was really more of a niche pick. But now, creatures like Diloracheirus beware, especially after a setup. Distraction immunity could spell doom for cunnings like Pyrorixis and even Atrocodistis. We'll see if this buff turns Dracovenator from a niche pick, to an amazing pick

Parting Words

Those are all the new creature changes and additions. I like the idea of the Omegas. You can use them in some formats, but not others, and it might bring a breath of fresh air the game desperately needs. Styracos Lux looks a bit insane and the buffs look pretty cool and I can't wait to test them out. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out the other articles on the patch!

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