JWA Update 1.13: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Patch 1.13 is here and we have all the information about the changes we will see coming soon! This is a pretty big update with some exciting changes to Alliances, Tournaments, Moves, and Creatures! There is a lot of information so make sure you check out all of our articles on the Patch Notes:

New creatures are always a good part of the update. Let’s go over them into more detail and see where they are going to shine!


Common; Fierce, Self-Increasing, Definite, Anti-Tank

We got a new piggy! The Archaeotherium is the newest Common creature to the roster, and with its Mutual Fury and Definite Strike it is sure to hit hard. And it’ll hit you regardless of Stunning abilities, as it is Immune to Stuns. Patch notes mention Erlidominus levels of attack, meaning that this creature is most likely going to have a whopping 1600 Attack! Add Mutual Fury to that, and you’ll have yourself a very deadly creature!

We think Archaeotherium will shine busting through any tank that opposes it. It might even do well against speedsters due to Mutual Fury! It reaches Velociraptor levels of Speed when it has used Mutual Fury, so it will be extremely good against those! Hopefully it will get enough Health to survive some hits, otherwise this ‘ancient beast’ won’t stay on the field long.


This beautiful looking Epic deer is a master of Speed control just like its rare species Megaloceros. With Shielded Decelerating Strike and the new move Superiority Impact combined with Dig In Eucladoceros is definitely going to win the speed war. If that wasn’t enough, Immune to Deceleration means you cannot slow it down at all. Oh, and if it is low on Health, it can just swap in and regain some Health due to Swap in Heal. While the patch notes do not mention any stats, we assume that they will be similar to Megaloceros, so about 127 Speed, 1200 Attack and 4500 Health. Probably some variations, but we aren’t sure.

We think Eucladoceros will be a master of disarming Speedsters. With all of its moves designed to outspeed opponents, this Epic will be a master of Speed control, only rivalled by Dsungaia. However, against any form of Defense Shattering creature it will drop quickly we feel. So be wary against those!


Rare; Resilient, Armored, Tank, Vulnerability, Self-Healing

We got another turtle! This rare creature has similar moves to its Epic counterpart, but it trades in Dig In for Regeneration, allowing it to heal even more Health! Patch notes mention it has average Health. In the past, when this was mentioned it has been around the 3000 mark, so we expect it to be at about that point. 50% Armor will help with surviving hits though. And you cannot inflict DoT or Vulnerability on it, so you gotta bite right through that shell with chompers!

Meiolania will perform similar to Carbonemys: Doing well against anything that can’t pierce Armor. When faced against chompers, better hope Devastation is off-cooldown, otherwise it will drop without dealing lots of damage beforehand. However, if you make sure that it can survive long enough, it will 100% reward you with big damage combining Superior Vulnerability and Devastation.


A hybrid of the Woolly Rhino and the new Archaeotherium, Keratoporcus is a master at disabling tanks. Its access to Mutual Fury, Lethal Wound and Definite Rampage will ensure any tanks death as long as Keratoporcus can survive. With its Immunities to Damage over Time and Distractions, this creature will ensure it hits hard. The bulk of the Rhino slows it down a bit so it cannot outspeed the usual speedsters with Mutual Fury. So we expect it to be at around 114 Speed, as that will make its Speed stat around 125/126 after a Mutual Fury, giving this creature a counter with speedsters.

As mentioned before, Keratoporcus will be excellent at disabling tanks. It will do well against counterattackers as well, with the Lethal Wound ticking up Damage over Time. Be wary of creatures with Deceleration, High Speed, Stuns and Nullification abilities, as these are the best way to shut Keratoporcus down. This is a hybrid with a clear role and clear counters, and we like it!


Unique Superhybrid; Resilient, Self-Increasing, Anti-Tank, Tank

The day we were all fearing has come: Mammotherium just got a Superhybrid. With the new turtle Meiolania no less. With Mammotheriums moves and the added bulk of the Meiolania, we feel like this creature is going to be a real pain in the arena. It has Immunities to both Damage over Time AND Distraction, so this creature will hit hard unless you use Nullification on it. Sadly this one is locked behind the Sanctuary Exclusivity of Woolly Mammoth, making this creature a real pain to get. We would have to see where Meiolania spawns, but getting that to L20 might also take a while too.

Mammolania will do well against pretty much everything and will probably rival Geminititan for being the strongest creature in the game. We have seen some outrage when Geminititan did not get touched at all last patches (or even got buffed!), simply because it was so powerful. Now we have another very powerful creature with no clear counters to it, and we have to wonder how we are going to take this thing down properly!



Unique Superhybrid; Resilient, Fast, Tank, Superiority, Vulnerability, Distraction, Shields

Another Sanctuary Hybrid got a Superhybrid this patch, this time it being Carbotoceratops! Combined with the Eucladoceros, this hybrid is a mix of everything both hybrids offer! Its moveset calls from both Carbotoceratops (Distracting Shield, Superior Vulnerability and Devastation) and Eucladoceros (Superiority Impact/Distracting Shield). With a really nice Speed stat at 127 and an Armor stat of 40%, it has a mix of everything! With average damage of 1000, it has to be seen how this creature will fare against high-Health creatures.

Testacornibus is a powerful opponent, but a good way to counter it will be by using Immune Defense Shatterers like Magnapyritor and Tryostronix. These are not Distracted by the Distracting Shield or slowed down by its Superiority abilities. It will do well against anything without Defense Shattering or Armor Piercing though, giving us another proper Erlidominus check!

New Hybrid Recipes

So what exactly do you need to create these new hybrids? Check out our handy graphic below. 

Parting Words

We are excited to see these new creatures! While they are not the DINOSAURS everyone has been wanting, we feel that these new creatures will be very fun to use! What is your opinion on them? Don’t forget to check out the other articles on the Patch Notes as well, and be sure to join our Discord server to discuss the Update 1.13 with us! We hope to see you on there!

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