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It’s Update time! Today Ludia surprised us with new Patch Notes for Update 2.5. This Update focuses on more personalisation and updating the Achievement system. While it isn’t the big update everyone was hoping 2.5 would be, it still is something that we get in the game. So let’s go over everything and see what this Update brings us!

Achievements 2.0

For this Update the Achievement section got a rework, and a much needed one if you ask me. The new Achievement system is completely overhauled, while still keeping the original Achievements in the list. Ludia has split the Achievements into five different categories, those being General, Battle, Map, Collection and Social. It also seems as if the rewards have changed, as the Patch Notes show a Diloranosaurus Emote as a reward. Will we see more Emotes as rewards, and what else will there be? I’m personally excited for this change, as more opportunities to earn Emotes aside from buying them or relying on RNG in Events is always welcome. Below you will see a screenshot of the image of the Diloranosaurus Emote being the reward.

Dilorano emote reward

Tutorial 2.0

The Tutorial we had at the start of the Campaign definitely was a bit outdated, which is why this change is a good one. Even though it only shows up at the very start of the game and older players will not experience this, it will be a good thing for new players that this Tutorial is updated. No sign of how it has changed except for the fact that it has a ‘smoother flow and revamped order.’ Let’s see how Ludia has improved this Tutorial!

Creature Balancing

There is no creature balancing, which, if you ask us, is a shame. The Forum is full of people that think some creatures are too powerful and on our Discord we see people asking for creature balancing all the time. However, Ludia did note that it is on the way, but they did not do it this update in preparation for planned rebalancing that will take place in future updates. We’re going to see when this creature rebalancing takes place, but I’m really hoping that it will be the next update, as some creatures desperately need to be rebalanced.


The main focus of this Update is Personalisation. Ludia has included three ways to personalize your player profile: a new design for the profile tab, Badges and Profile Pictures, and Player Titles. Let’s cover them all shall we?

Improved Profiles


The Profile tab has received a makeover and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t look good. While it’s not something that we will look at all the time, it at least looks extremely good. It has all the information you’d want to know from a players’ profile, and it adds to it with new options for customisation and progress-tracking. At the bottom it will show you what Badges you have collected, and it seems like you can also select your Title right beneath your player name. Overall, it’s a great rework. I do have to question the fact if this account they’re showing is legitimate though, seeing the L2 Monolophosaurus 😉.

Badges and Profile Pictures

The next collectibles in the game aside from Creature DNA are Badges. These will be rewarded after completing certain Events and Achievements. You can also see how to obtain Badges on other people’s profiles by tapping them to see how they obtained them. These Badges can be used as your Profile Picture as well, so we have more options for the Profile Pictures now. This means the OG 16 Profile Pictures can now be replaced by these new Badges. But don’t worry! The original Profile Pictures will still be around to be used as Profile Pictures!


The final option for personalisation is the ability to give yourself a Title. Fancy yourself being a Raiding person? Select a Title that shows this characteristic. The Titles will be rewarded after completing certain Events and Achievements, the same way as Badges are given. Once you collect a Title, you can select it in your Profile and assign yourself that Title.

Known Issues

There are eight issues that Ludia is still trying to fix, including some of the most aggravating bugs, like Expired DNA requests remaining in the Alliance Chat, several Apple- or Android-related issues and Raid Bosses disappearing if a player darts a creature within its radius. Let’s hope Ludia gets these bugs squashed soon!

Parting Words

This Update isn’t the most exciting Update that we’ve ever had and on our Discord I have already seen this Update being called ‘disappointing’. It is the second small Update in a row, so I can’t say that I don’t blame them for being disappointed. However, the personalisation seems like a fun thing to do and the new Achievements should be something to keep us busy for a while. Let’s hope 2.6 is the big Update we’ve all been waiting for. What’s your favourite part of this Update? Let us know in the comments or our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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