Patch Notes JWA Update 2.13: QoL Improvements and more!

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Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.13 are here and as always, we have all the coverage on everything. This update does not have a special name, but that doesn't mean there's nothing special about it. We have the info on that as well as other new features summed up for you here. This is what we have to look forward to this update.

Tournament Restrictions

We’re just experiencing our first Tournament Restrictions in a tournament that does not allow any creatures with the Stun Ability. Coming with the update will be a variety of other tournament rules and restrictions, though there aren’t yet any details on what those will be. They also mention a “win condition” but also no further elaboration. We assume this means a player won’t be rewarded a win unless a certain condition is met in the battle. This feels like a new way to suppress tournament cups, and Gamepress will keep our eyes on the numbers to see if there’s a significant decline across individual & alliance scores as a result.


Alliance Improvements

There will now be multiple join settings for alliances – “open to all” or “request to join”. By setting to “open”, players can join an alliance with space without anyone accepting a request. The alternative is to set “request to join” where players will have to be accepted by the Leader or a Co-Leader. New alliances will default to “open” so it is important for leadership to change that setting if they want control over who joins.

The suggested alliances list is also getting a small makeover with a “join” button on the list screen as well as sorting where more alliances with space will appear at the top.

Lastly, there will be a new information screen that defines alliance roles (Leader, Co-Leader, Officer, Veteran, Member).

We like to see things about alliances addressed and hope these smaller things are precursors to some of the larger asks the community has had over time.


Early game Arena progression

Arenas 1-4 will have new exclusive and reward creatures added to battle incubators. There are no details yet as to what creatures, so we will have to wait until the update is live to find out. While this is intended to have a positive effect on new players, we anticipate more players dropping arena to farm the DNA.  It’s nice that Ludia is trying something to improve new player experience, but there is a possible ramification around dropping when someone with a team of 30/30s stomps these new players while farming DNA and incubators. It might have been nice to see arena restrictions and caps implemented before making the lowest arenas even more lucrative.

New Raid Boss

There will be one new raid boss introduced on February 23rd – Albertospinos! Check the New Creatures article for more information on this new Unique hybrid!

Parting Words

This Update sure looks to bring some nice new features. We especially look forward to the additional Tournament formats and restrictions and are most curious to know what they mean by "win condition". What do you think about the new features? Join our Discord server and let us know!

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