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Tier List Preface


We've finally got it finished and we're extremely happy with the results. Patch 1.10 was a small one that was squeezed in between larger patches but there were some significant changes to dodge mechanics that we felt needed to be addressed. Before we share anything, we need to thank all those involved in the tier list.

So before we get into the list itself, let me first thank by name all of the wonderful people who took part in this list (and this isn't even all of them because I miss people every time). 

From GamePress: Jimbohi, ChrispyChris27, Bart, The AquaDemon, CopperKiwi1987, Steph, Ethan, Castal, CincyD99, Dr. Reebecca, MNBrian, and Piere87

From our GP Discord: Dadjokes and MyPnn

From Apex Predators: idgt902 and Practicekat

And our celebrity squad of PokefodderYT and Matt from the JWA Field Guide App.

We truly wouldn't be able to do the tier list for the community without all of the people involved. We don't always 100% agree on everything (like #Daryxfortyrant), but we try to bring in a diverse group of people that will give the best analysis of the dinos and where they should fall. So let's get to it! 

Method to the Madness

Many people want to know how the tier list gets started so here is a look at our process:

First we assemble a team (kind of like the Avengers) and send out a survey to see where people think a particular dino should fall. This survey is done prior to any sim results being released so the results are based on experience with the creatures in the arena and any friendly battles we decide to do. Then we compile the results and if there is any dino that had less than 65% of the group agreeing on the tier it goes on the "contested list". That's when the real fun begins. Imagine 20 people in a closed channel on discord trying to discuss whether or not Indoraptor should be Tyrant. Both sides of the argument make their case and we do one more vote to determine the ultimate placement. 

Some of the dinos on the list are only in that specific tier because they lost or won by 1 vote so just because it isn't where you might think it should have been, doesn't mean there aren't other people that agree with you! We tried to make it as democratic as a process as possible. 

Our tier list is based on strictly even levels disregarding boosts. This is an important piece of information because eventually you will hit lesser and lesser returns on your creatures with boosts, and a tier list can help you figure out what to keep working on and what you should have abandoned long ago because it hits a ceiling that makes it a liability. Our tier list is meant to help you -- all things being equal -- find the very best creatures and hopefully the best investments for your boosts.

This also means rarity is not taken into consideration when discussing the tier list. Spawns change. Arena exclusives become not so exclusive. And now sanctuaries even opens up a new world of possibilities for people to attain DNA that was previously impossible to get outside of featured dinosaurs or incubators.

Our tier list is based on discussion and matchups. We run hundreds of friendly battles on our own, determining what is working and what isn't. We have a comprehensive combat simulator created by the JWA Field Guide that helps us see how every single creature stacks up against every single other creature and we run every 1v1 matchup 4000 times. 

But this is not a simulation tier list. If it were, we'd have it ready for you on patch day. This is a tier list that 20+ wonderfully talented and intelligent individuals have discussed ad nauseum to get to the bottom of each creature, using ALL information at our disposal (friendly battles, simulation results, our own arena experiences, etc).

The Votes

Since this was a smaller patch and we didn't have any new creatures we didn't vote on every dino like usual. Instead, we voted on those that got stat changes or were directly affected by the changes to the dodge mechanics. We still had the opportunity to discuss other dinos, but we focused on the survey dinos first. For the first time ever we would like to share what those votes were for each creature. The table below shows the creature and what the majority voted for. For example, 93.3% of those surveyed agreed that Quetzorion should be moved up to Tyrant. These are the initial votes so placements did change as the discussions took place. 

Dinosaur Majority Vote Percentage Majority Vote
Ardentismaxima 100% Stay in Tyrant
Erlidominus 100% Stay in Tyrant
Indoraptor G2 100% Stay in Tyrant
Procerathomimus 73.3% Stay in Tyrant
Smilonemys 100% Stay in Tyrant
Quetzorion 93.3% Rise to Tyrant
Indoraptor 73.30% Stay in High Apex
Phorusaura 86.70% Stay in High Apex
Thylacotator 100.00% Stay in High Apex
Tuoramoloch 60.00% Rise to High Apex
Indominus Rex G2 60.00% Rise to High Apex
Carbotoceratops 60.00% Stay in Mid Apex
Diplovenator 86.70% Stay in Mid Apex
Dsungaia 80.00% Stay in Mid Apex
Indominus Rex 66.70% Stay in Mid Apex
Smilocephalosaurus 66.70% Stay in Mid Apex
Allosaurus G2 93.30% Stay in Low Apex
Paramoloch 73.30% Stay in Low Apex
Stygidaryx 60.00% Stay in Low Apex
Monomimus 73.30% Stay in High Alpha
Ornithomimus 80.00% Stay in High Alpha
Smilodon 80.00% Stay in High Alpha
Kelenken 60.00% Stay in Low Alpha
Marsupial Lion 73.30% Stay in Low Alpha
Nasutoceratops 53.30% Stay in Beta

Most Discussed Award

There were a few creatures that came up early, often, and repeatedly. A few of the most hotly contested creatures were Indoraptor, Indominus Rex, and Indominus Rex 2.

Indoraptor stayed in High Apex despite some argument about it being moved up to Tyrant. While Evasive stance did get a very big buff (and it is still really annoying to face in the arena) it still has its counters. Even if it's just a cloak and pray from a faster Erlidom. We ultimately went to the sim results for this one and it was 34th last patch overall in 1v1 matchups. This patch it only moved up to 30th. It just can't compete with Indoraptor Gen 2 and we didn't feel they belonged in the same tier. It is still High Apex but we would say it is at the very top of High Apex if we had to rank that tier individually.

Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen2 made a surprising appearance at High Apex this time around as well. This was in part because of the cloak buff, but also because of their immunity. Despite being slower than many creatures, the fact they can't be slowed or distracted means they are going to get a big hit off in 2 turns no matter what. And since the dodge chance is now 75% there is even more likely of a chance that they dodge attacks twice before hitting something with an armor-piercing cloaked rampage.

Indominus Rex Gen 2 has more of an advantage as well because it can speed itself up with Mutual Fury. There were even discussions that this creature could be Tyrant material if it wasn't a component of what could be considered one of the best dinos in the game (Indoraptor Gen 2). 

Overall the consensus was that creatures with a dodge ability got an overall buff (even if they received nerfed stats). In most cases, that evened out where they stayed in the tier they were previously but there were some that had movements like the Indominus twins above. 

Where We Go From Here

You can view the tier list by hitting the button below. Please note, explanations will be added as we go to make certain choices clearer. We will also be spending a good amount of time creating articles for how to counter the Tyrant tier dinosaurs by creating updated guides which incorporate the battle sim results (some of which are fascinating). And of course we love hearing from the community (via discord or social media) and will set up another community tier list as well to let you all vote and see where you place these very same dinos.

We're also working on boosting guides to help you make determinations on what to boost. We'll have more on that soon.

All in all, this was quite a feat and we're excited to share it with you! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the placements? Join our discord to chat more!

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Tier List Images

Back by popular demand, we've added the Tier List infographics as well thanks to Piere87! 


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