Jurassic World Alive: 1.12 Tier List!

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The Tier List Preface


We are extremely excited to be done with Tier List 1.12! It is Valentine's Day and although there was not much love between US during our heated debates, we stuck it out and pulled through due to our love for YOU, our community. This had to be the absolute most difficult list we have ever discussed and we will get into more detail later, but before we share anything, we need to thank all those involved in the tier list!

So before we get into the list itself, let me first thank by name all of the wonderful people who took part in this list. 

From GamePress: Bart, Castal, ChrispyChris27, CincyD99, CopperKiwi87, Dadjokes, Dr.Reebecca, Ethan, Ghastpixel16, Heather, jimbohi, Kelociraptor, MNBrian, OrigamiRobot, P2nd2b32r, Piere87, Praisebigboy, Rt, Steph, The AquaDemon, thedqk, Tridemption

From our GP Discord: DrSteveC, Hersh, and Sylvanas 

From Apex Predators: Idgt902, Practicekat, and TeaWrecks

And our celebrity squad of PokefodderYT and Matt from the JWA Field Guide App.

We truly wouldn't be able to do the tier list for the community without all of the people involved. We don't always 100% agree on everything (cough Thoradolosaur cough), but we try to bring in a diverse group of people that will give the best analysis of the dinos and where they should fall. So let's get to it! 

Method to the Madness

Many people want to know how the tier list gets started so here is a look at our process:

First, we assemble a team (kind of like the Avengers) and send out a survey to see where people think a particular dino should fall. This survey is done prior to any sim results being released so the results are based on experience with the creatures in the arena and any friendly battles we do (and trust us, we do a lot!). Then we compile the results and if there is any dino that had less than 65% of the group agreeing on the tier it goes on the "contested list". That's when the real fun begins. Imagine almost 30 people in a closed channel on discord trying to discuss where Thoradolodaur should be placed. Both sides of the argument make their case and we do one more vote to determine the ultimate placement. Everyone also has a veto where they can bring up a dino or appeal the placement of one already discussed. 

Some of the dinos on the list are only in that specific tier because they lost or won by 1 vote so just because it isn't where you might think it should have been, doesn't mean there aren't other people that agree with you! We tried to make it as democratic as a process as possible. 

Our tier list is based on strictly even levels disregarding boosts. This is an important piece of information because eventually you will hit lesser and lesser returns on your creatures with boosts, and a tier list can help you figure out what to keep working on and what you should have abandoned long ago because it hits a ceiling that makes it a liability. Our tier list is meant to help you -- all things being equal -- find the very best creatures and hopefully the best investments for your boosts.

This also means rarity is not taken into consideration when discussing the tier list. Spawns change. Arena exclusives become not so exclusive. And now sanctuaries even opens up a new world of possibilities for people to attain DNA that was previously impossible to get outside of featured dinosaurs or incubators.

Our tier list is based on discussion and matchups. We run hundreds of friendly battles on our own, determining what is working and what isn't. We have a comprehensive combat simulator created by the JWA Field Guide that helps us see how every single creature stacks up against every single other creature and we run every 1v1 matchup 4000 times. 

But this is not a simulation tier list. If it were, we'd have it ready for you on patch day. This is a tier list that 25+ wonderfully talented and intelligent individuals have discussed ad-nauseum to get to the bottom of each creature, using ALL information at our disposal (friendly battles, simulation results, our own arena experiences, etc).

Tyrant Tier

Before we even put the survey out this time, there was quite a discussion on how this list should be organized. We realized the need for a high tier or splitting the Tyrant Tier into low and high. Ultimately it was determined to split Tyrant. This decision came to show the power creep that has even affected the topmost tier. Tyrant is meant to show the ultimate end game dinos, but even in that group, there were about 4-5 creatures that clearly stood out from the rest in terms of power. 

The Votes

This is the first patch in a while that we voted on every single creature (Yes all 190 of them!). As mentioned above, once we tallied all the votes, the creatures that had less than 65% majority were put on the contested list. We had quite a few on the contested list, but below you'll find the creatures that were contested and were up for initial discussions. Many more dinos ended up being discussed other than these (more on Mid Apex later), but this is where we started. As you can see, many ranks change dramatically after the initial votes. 

1.12 Contested Creatures (Initial Votes)
Creature Intial Voted Tier Majority Vote Next Highest Voted Tier
Indoraptor G2 High Tyrant 66.70% Low Tyrant (29.6%)
Mammotherium High Tyrant 48.10% Low Tyrant (44.4%)
Entelomoth Low Tyrant 33.30% High Apex (33.3%)
Erlidominus Low Tyrant 63.00% High Tyrant (33.3%)
Grypolyth Low Tyrant 61.50% High Tyrant (30.8%)
Magnapyritor Low Tyrant 59.30% High Tyrant (37%)
Phorusaura Low Tyrant 70.40% High Tyrant (14.8%)
Smilonemys Low Tyrant 63.00% High Tyrant (29.6%)
Spinoconstrictor Low Tyrant 46.20% High Apex (42.3%)
Trykosaurus Low Tyrant 55.60% High Tyrant (40.7%)
Procerathomimus High Apex 55.60% Low Tyrant (33.3%)
Pterovexus High Apex 56.00% Mid Apex (36%)
Tuoramoloch High Apex 52.00% Mid Apex (36%)
Utasinoraptor High Apex 60.00% Mid Apex (36%)
Utarinex High Apex 64.00% Mid Apex (32%)
Dilophoboa Mid Apex 42.30% High Apex (34.6%
Diloracheirus Mid Apex 52.00% High Apex (48%)
Megalogaia Mid Apex 42.30% Low Apex (26.9%)
Sarcorixis Mid Apex 50.00% Low Apex (41.7%)
Stygidaryx Mid Apex 50.00% Low Apex (25%)
Thoradolosaur Mid Apex 64.00% High Apex (32%)
Titanoboa High Alpha 38.50% Low Apex (26.9%)
Titanoboa G2 High Alpha 41.70% Low Alpha (33.3%)
Purrolyth Low Alpha 54.50% High Alpha (40.9%)
Purussaurus Beta 59.10% Low Alpha (36.4%)
Purussaurus G2 Scavenger 50.00% Survivor (45.5%)
Sarcosuchus Scavenger 40.90% Hatchling (40.9%)

Mid Apex

We had to send out a SECOND survey just for this tier because it was a mess and too big and we needed to clean it up. And there were even MORE contested dinos once we were done with that survey. We spent an entire day analyzing this tier and really going over each creature and where we thought they should fall. There weren't any major movements, but this specific tier was key for the placement of other creatures according to many people in the discussions. We really had to break down the tier and decide what creatures did not belong in it anymore. 

Most Discussed Creatures

There were a few creatures that came up early, often, and repeatedly. A few of the most hotly contested creatures were Diloracheirus, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch, Utasinoraptor, and Thoradolosaur. 


We feel like Diloracheirus actually got looked over last tier list and should have been dropped. It is still a good dino, but the low turn 1 damage and the rise in immune creatures (especially immunity to stuns) doesn't allow it to utilize its kit to the best of its ability. Even a setup Dilorach isn’t as threatening as it once was with more counters that you can bring out against it. It can be easily slowed and there are just too many counters available right now that we feel like it wasn't High Apex material anymore. 

Tuoramoloch, Utarinex, and Utasinoraptor

These 3 creatures were ultimately grouped together as we believed they all fall under the same tier. The debate was which tier that was. In High Apex last patch, we believed these 3 still incredibly strong hybrids just lost a step with the increase in immunities and high HP creatures. They don't have the versatility to deal with dodge and immunity dinos due to their reliance on distraction, stunning, and slowing moves. They also don't have a way to break shields or get through armor and a lot of the High Apex creatures have some way of dealing with that. Ultimately it was decided that they should be in Mid Apex, but this was not a unanimous decision, and we still have people that very strongly believe some (or all) of them still have a place in High Apex.


Thor. Oh Thor. This was dropped down to Mid Apex last patch, and we got some heat for it (even though some people did agree with that placement). In this discussion, Thor was discussed a LOT! It was voted on in the original survey and was contested so it was discussed and voted on again. Then voted on again in the Mid Apex survey and discussed and then it was vetoed and discussed and voted on again.

The votes actually tied a couple of times and we talked in circles over it! We were literally split down the middle until the 11th hour when we eventually had to cut off voting and take it for what it was and the results were CLOSE!

     13 for High Apex

     12 for Mid Apex

What it came down to was the argument from the High Apex folks that while it has lost some relevancy, it can still do some big damage to most creatures. Those that voted Mid Apex thought it didn’t have a versatile enough kit or be able to deal with enough of the High Apex+ creatures to warrant being in the same tier as them.

As you can see, the High Apex folks won out, but believe me this was not an easy decision nor was it a decision that we all agreed on. I’m sure we’ll see the name come up again in future tier lists unless it gets a major change. And we still can't read the name without having flashbacks about discussions!

No Escape Creatures

No Escape is a new move this patch that was given to all of the crocs and Stygidaryx. Most of those creatures were moved up a tier simply because of the versatility of this new move. Sarcosuchus actually moved up 2 whole tiers because it has a bleed move and the No Escape ability that allows it to bleed opponents out and they can't leave. When Stygidaryx got the move, we weren't sure if it was helpful as both of its bleed moves were swoops. After a very convincing article written by DadJokes, however, most of the group agrees the new move helped Daryx enough that it deserved a bump up. 

There was also a lot of confusion over the placement of Grypolyth last patch. With the addition of No Escape to its move set we believed that solidifies its placement in Tyrant even more. With decent HP, armor, a rending counter and a regen move, it can be hard to shake this creature off. Now that you can't run from it, it can also be swapped into things like Diorajasaur and win those matchups. It's also good to bring in to an already low HP opponent so they can't run to a fresh new creature and Grypolyth can usually survive enough hits to take it down. 

Where We Go From Here

We are still working on updating our Tier List page on the website, but we will make sure to have that done as soon as possible and will link that here when we do so. In the mean time, make sure to check out all the official images below for the full list. 

We also want to mention that this tier list is a general guide and if a creature on your team drops a tier it doesn't mean it isn't still a good option for you! Boosts can really change how these creatures fit in the current meta. I know of a very high level player that is running a Level 30 boosted Secodontosaurus on their team, and it works for them!  So use this list as a guide, but don't think it's the end all be all. 

We plan on some future articles that discuss creatures that do well in a boosted environment. We will also be spending a good amount of time creating articles for how to counter the Tyrant tier dinosaurs by creating updated guides that incorporate the battle sim results (some of which are fascinating). And of course, we love hearing from the community (via discord or social media). We will be closing the Community Tier List votes and will have those published in the next week or so as well! 

All in all, this was quite a feat and we're excited to share it with you! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the placements? Join our discord to chat more!

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Tier List Images

Huge shout out to our artist Orange Rex for these incredible images! 

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