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Tier List Preface

We know 2.11 wasn't complete when we released it so we are excited to release the full 2.12 list with explanations! There weren't many changes from the 2.11 list and we are pretty confident these lists will be released in a timely manner after updates from now on. We might even be able to keep up with the once-a-month updates that Ludia has been pumping out lately. Before we go into the details, we want to thank everyone that participated in tier list discussions/voting this time:

Temerity, Pierebot87, MattE, Eduardo, Thaneson, Xlbeef, Dinotris, C123, Bart, Ghoul298, Silverlynel21, Martian, Povalov, Steph

So let's get into the details on how the list was created and why creatures ended up where they did! 

Method to the madness

Many people want to know how the Tier List gets compiled so here is a look at our process:

In the past, we went through a pretty extensive process of creating images for every creature, voting on said creatures, discussing the creatures, and then finally placing them in tiers. It took forever and things could get heated (and that's putting it nicely). We have also always done the list with lvl 26 unboosted creatures. 

We acknowledge that the game has evolved and y'all have asked us to consider boosts for a while now and we are so excited to announce that we have finally done that! In this tier list, boosts were taken into consideration.  So this tier list process looked a little different.

First, we "ranked" the creatures in order based on the previous tier list. We added in the new creatures where we felt they fit. We did not put creatures in actual tiers at first and instead focused on placement in relation to other creatures. When considering boosts, we didn't focus on a specific build, but instead asked the question “In a boosted environment do you have more or less trouble with this creature than the one above/below it?". Our thought was that creatures that only need 1-2 boosts get drastically better. Meanwhile, creatures that need 3 either stay the same or get worse since they have to spread themselves so thin on the boost allocation and one of the stats is going to suffer because of it. 

After we put everything into a relative order, we voted and discussed any changes we thought should be made and then split the creatures into tiers from there. We put them in alphabetical order within each tier so the list you see does not reflect actual rankings within each tier. We are excited to finally bring a boosted list to the community and plan to continue with this format for the foreseeable future. 

I want to make sure and give a special shout-out to Eduardo for all of the explanations of the creatures and Temerity for helping with the definitions of the tiers. 


Definition of Tyrant Tier

Hight Tyrant - These creatures are simply the "Gods" of the arena. With the meta shifted entirely around them, or they are so dominant that once they are out there is very little you can do about them.

Tyrants - While these creatures are not in High. This doesn't mean they aren't as deadly. Each creature in this tier comes with a way to pack-a-punch through any team in almost any situation. This tier is the main top of the food chain meta.

Tyrant Tier

High Tyrant
Phorurex, Skoonasaurus

Low Tyrant

Antarctovenator, Arctovasilas, Gorgotrebax, Hydra Boa, Indotaurus, Monolorhino, Parasauthops, Scorpios Rex3, Spinoconstrictor, Testacornibus

Explanation of Tyrant Creatures

Since this is the Tyrant Tier these creatures are the best of the best. We will be going into depth on most of these creatures as to why they are in this tier. 

Let’s start off with the two big boys. First up is Phorurex. This is the best revenge killer in the game hands down. It denies swapping while having a rampage that has priority and is combined with high base damage. Obviously while boosted, this is going to deal massive damage. Many Phorurex can easily achieve 6000 damage with priority. And to make it better, it has distraction. And that’s one move. The other signature move it has is lethal rampage and run, which is a running move that’s a rampage, can shatter shields, bypass armor, and inflict bleed. Its downside is that it has a two-turn delay, but with a stalling move like critical sidestep (which makes this move stronger) or a defensive move like daring strike, Phorurex can easily run away. And to stop swappers from ruining its day, it has stunning obstruction to keep things on the field while it can swap in with rending lockdown. It has everything you could ever want in a creature and there’s a reason why it’s up here.

Next up we have Skoonasaurus. Skoonasaurus may not have gimmicks like Scorpios Rex gen 3 or trapping abilities like Hydra Boa, but rather it has just pure brute force. To start, it already has killer base stats. Most builds are almost twenty attack with one or two boosts invested in speed and the rest dumped onto hp. Combine that with all the resistances it has, and you have something that can break through anything. With a decelerating rampage, a distracting impact, resilient strike, invincibility, and a full decelerating counter, there’s no wonder why Skoonasaurus is up here. It just walls hits while dishing out major damage in return. It’s a beast.

One of the most creatures most brought up when we posted the teaser was Antarctovenator. Why is this little guy up here? Well, Antarctovenator has more options than most creatures in the game. It can deal with bulky tanks like Mammolania or Testacornibus with ferocity and definite rampage, it can play defense with cunning strike combined with the null counter, it can be a setup creature with vulnerability impact, it can be used as a swapper, or as a revenge killer with revenge definite rampage. And combined with its immunities and resistances, it is worthy of tyrant. It is probably the weakest in the tier, but a creature worthy of the tier nonetheless.

Next is Arctovasilas. *DISCLAIMER*: We haven’t been able to test this creature out yet, but based off sim results we ran and discussion, we have settled on low tyrant for now. Testing is needed to better pinpoint where this creature goes. This also applies to Arctovalces and Arctodus. But based off a good chunk of discussion and simulated matchups, we feel low tyrant is good for now, however paper vs practice is a thing and we can easily change our placement of this when people start to unlock it.

Gorgotrebax is one of the best apexes around. It has good stats, great defensive bulk with the moveset, good multipliers, and great revenge capabilities. It's got a good get-off-me with instant group distraction and matches up well with a lot of the meta.

Indotaurus is just a solid creature. With good stats, a scary moveset, and great options, it easily earns the title of tyrant. There aren't many things keeping it back other than a lack of a stun immunity for example. Just a solid creature that will see you through thick and thin.

Hydra Boa is a creature that is beginning to make an appearance in the meta. With possibly the best on escape move in the game and a ferocity counter, this is something you do not want to swap on. And with not one, but two instant attacks, it is hard to get the jump on this snake. It does run into some issues like a poor turn 1, but no creature wants to run into a swapper on this.

Monolorhino has been the only creature since 2.0 to remain in Tyrant, and while it has had some rough patches, it still is a creature worthy of any team. It has probably the best swap in move in the game, great resistances, good bulk, decent offense, and good synergy. While it has seen better days, it still is tyrant nonetheless.

Parasauthops is the newest swapper in town and if there's one creature that really doesn't want to go down, it's this one. With two healing moves,  counter power heal, resilient rampage, high attack, a swap move, good hp, and a group attack, it can stick around for a long time.

Scorpios Rex gen 3 is a creature that is able to repress so many creatures thanks to its signature move: toxic quills. That, paired with the swap in ambush, makes so many creatures like Trykosaurus or Diorajasaur almost irrelevant. It's one of the biggest reasons why fierce isn't doing so hot in the meta right now.

Spinoconstrictor is now a major threat in the meta thanks to its defensive build and all its bleeding abilities. Not only that, but it has great offense with precise rampage. And with its on escape, it can really deter any swapper. It really matches up well against most of the meta.

Finally, we have Testacornibus. Ludia has been hitting Testacornibus pretty hard over the last few patches with many nerfs, and yet it's still up here. It's a great tank with good offense and great defense. It can heal with dig in, hit hard with devastation and superior vulnerability, or use superior vulnerability to set up other creatures for a potential sweeper. The reason why it dropped was the counter-power heal nerf had some noticeable effects on Testacornibus. But it can easily mess you up.


Definition of Elite Tier

High Elite - They aren't Tyrants, but they are powerful. High Elites are what we call gateway creatures. They can take you to shores and still have a niche role against Tyrants. But that's where their ceiling ends. They are still very powerful indeed but they alas, do have a ceiling to their strength.

Mid Elite - These are the creatures that find a niche role in the top meta. They are very strong against everything below. But when paired with the creatures above, they simply fall off. More than likely becoming very hard to make it to the top of the meta unless surrounded by tyrants. They usually have a strong niche role at most.

Low Elite - This is where the ceiling drops off entirely. these creatures usually can not find a way into any top Meta team due to the inability to provide much of anything at all. However, these creatures can be strong in tournament formats where the meta is cut off.

Elite Tier

High Elite

Ardentismaxima, Argenteryx, Ceramagnus, Coelhaast, Compsocaulus, Diorajasaur, Enteloceros, Entelolania, Erlikospyx, Geminititan, Grypolyth, Hadros Lux, Mammolania, Mortem Rex, Poukandactylus, Quetzorion, Smilonemys, Stygidaryx, Tenontorex, Trykosaurus

Mid Elite

Acrocanthops, Allosinosaurus, Andrewtops, Ankylodicurus, Ankylomoloch, Antarctopelta, Carnotarkus, Compsognathus, Diloracheirus, Dimodactylus, Diplovenator, Dodocevia, Dracoceratops, Dracoceratosaurus, Eremoceros, Erlidominus, Grylenken, Haast Maximus, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor Gen2, Magnapyritor, Majundaboa, Mammotherium, Megalotops, Megistocurus, Monostegotops, Phorusaura, Purrolyth, Refrenantem, Rinchicyon, Sarcorixis, Scorpios Rex, Scutophicyon, Sinokotaraptor, Thoradolosaur, Thylacotator, Titanoboa, Tryostronix, Tsintamoth, Utarinex, Woolly Rhinoceros

Low Elite

Alankylosaurus, Albertosaurus, Alloraptor, Ankyntrosaurus, Ardontosaurus, Brontolasmus, Carbotoceratops, Compsognathus Gen2, Diplodocus, Edaphocevia, Entelochops, Glyptoceras, Indominus Rex Gen2, Indoraptor, Keratoporcus, Monolometrodon, Monomimus, Nodopatotitan, 
Ovilophomoloch, Pteraquetzal, Scutosaurus, Smilocephalosaurus, Spinonyx, Stegodeus, Suchotator, Tuoramoloch, Tyrannolophosaur, Velosrhacos

Explanation of Elite Creatures

The Elite Tier is massive with 3 different levels within it. We won't go into detail about all of the creatures, but here are some highlights we'd like to talk about. 

Argenteryx last time was just barely voted into tyrant, with many people like myself voting it more into high elite, but now with its threatened state activated at one member, there is no doubt that it is high elite. It is still a very bothersome creature to deal with, but it is much more manageable now without the constant rally healing.

Ankylomoloch is probably one of, if not the best creature in it’s tier. Upon release a few of its moves were broken because, well, Ludia. However, it’s placement is one of those most subject to change on the list. With great synergy, good group attacks, and decent stats across the board, this creature is a legendary to watch out for.

Next to it is another creature that was brought up and that was Antarctopelta. This is probably the weakest creature in the tier and could easily fall to the next tier below. However, with its strong defense and offense hitting so many creatures, it was voted mid elite. It also has a few more options than most tanks with the option of ferocity.

Majundaboa also has a few people scratching their heads, but this thing can bring the pain. With ferocity, a raking counter, good resistances, cleansing abilities, and precision, it can handle a wide array of creatures. With a build that focuses on hp and attack, it’s going to hurt anything that touches it. It is also able to match up really well with many of the top tier threats like Phorurex or Coelhaast.

While there are many good uniques in the game, there is one that stands out as the absolute worst of them all. Pterovexus just doesn’t work. Sure it got the on escape, but the loss of distracting impact made it lose a good defensive first turn tool. And its kit is also something that doesn’t flow. Compared to Dimodactylus or Stygidaryx, Pterovexus is trapped on the field when it swaps in. And with the loss of distracting impact, it is incredibly vulnerable to many attacks. It can work in some very niche scenarios, but at that point use Dimodactylus or Stygidaryx as they just work better.


Definition of Alpha Tier

These creatures find their way into the homes of tournaments. Never to be found in the arena unless you're in Aviary or below, or rarely at times in Library. These creatures provide a way to make some noise in tournaments to give you a slight boost in production.


High Alpha

Acrocanthosaurus, Alanqa, Allosaurus Gen 2, Andrewsarchus, Andrewtherium, Andrewtodon, Arctalces, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Concavenator, Dilophoboa, Dracorex, Dsungaia, Erlikogamma, Gigaspikasaur, Marsupial Lion, Nasutoceratops, Ornithomimus, Poukaidei, Pterovexus, Rajakylosaurus, Spinotasuchus, Utasinoraptor

Low Alpha

Ankylocodon, Archaeopteryx, Arctodus, Dakotanops, Dakotaraptor, Diloranosaurus, Dodo, Doedicurus, Edaphosaurus, Einiasuchus, Elasmotherium, Giraffatitan, Gorgosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Gryposuchus, Kelenken, Koolabourgiana, Megalogaia, Pachycephalosaurus, Paramoloch, Procerathomimus, Purutaurus, Pyroraptor, Scorpios Rex Gen2, Secodontosaurus, Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus Gen2, Stegoceratops, Stygimoloch, Troodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex


Definition of Beta Tier

These creatures can help in tournaments, at a very little margin but you want to stay away from them if you can. They can also be stepping stones in your very new to the game to help you gain as much ground as you can before creating hybrids.



Amargocephalus, Arambourgiania, Arctops, Argentavis, Blue, Carbonemys, Carnotaurus, Cervalces, Darwezopteryx, Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Diplotator, Entelomoth, Erlikosaurus, Erlikosaurus Gen2, Megalonyx, Megalosuchus, Megistotherium, Monolophosaurus, Nodopatosaurus, Ovilophosaurus, Parasaurolophus Lux, Postimetrodon, Pyrritator, Rajasaurus, Rinchenia, Smilodon, Sonorasaurus, Stegoceras


Definition of Survivor Tier

These creatures are lucky to survive at all. They will provide almost nothing if anything at all and at most provide a very niche role on a tournament team that won't give you much of a boost. Unless you are dead set on running one because it's your favorite creature ever, these aren't usually worth leveling or boosting past the level they need to be for a hybrid. 



Bajatonodon, Bumpy, Charlie, Coelurosauravus, Deinotherium, Delta, Dsungaripterus, Eremotherium, Glyptodon, Gorgonops, Kentrosaurus, Maiasaura, Majundasuchus, Megalosaurus, Meiolania, Moschops, Nodosaurus, Oviraptor, Purussaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Scaphognathus, Scaphotator, Struthiomimus, Titanoboa Gen2, Triceratops, Tuojiangosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen2, Velociraptor, Wuerhosaurus

Scavenger & Hatchling

Definition of Scavenger & Hatchling Tier

Scavenger - They can scavenge the tier below and that's about it

Hatchling - Just stay away from these, they are only good for their fusable DNA for hybrid creatures

Scavenger and Hatchling


Allosaurus, Amargasaurus, Amphicyon, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Aquilamimus, Baryonyx Gen2, Brontotherium, Darwinopterus, Deinocheirus, Dilophosaurus Gen2, Dracorex Gen2, Echo, Edmontoguanodon, Eucladoceros, Euoplocephalus, Haast Eagle, Irritator Gen2, Koolasuchus Gen2, Lythronax, Megaloceros, Miragaia, Nundasuchus, Ophiacodon, Proceratosaurus, Pteranodon, Sarcosuchus, Scolosaurus, Sinosauropteryx, Skoolasaurus, Spinotahraptor, Suchomimus, Tarbosaurus, Tragodistis, Triceratops Gen2, Tupandactylus, Utahraptor, Woolly Mammoth


Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Archaeotherium, Argentinosaurus, Bajadasaurus, Deinonychus, Dimetrodon Gen2, Dimorphodon, Diplocaulus, Diplocaulus Gen2, Edmontosaurus, Einiosaurus, Entelodon, Gallimimus, Haast Eagle Gen2, Hatzegopteryx, Iguanodon, Inostherium, Inostrancevia, Irritator, Kaprosuchus, Koolasuchus, Majungasaurus, Monolophosaurus Gen2, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Phorusrhacos, Postosuchus, Purussaurus Gen2, Stegosaurus, Stygimoloch Gen2, Tanycolagreus, Tenontosaurus, Tsintaosaurus

Carcass Tier

We don't technically have a Carcass Tier this time as we got rid of that several patches ago. We might have to revive it, however, as the number of creatures keeps growing. Eduardo did want to make a note that there is one creature that belongs in this tier by itself so consider this the honorary carcass tier. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a round of applause to Archaeotherium for being the absolute worst creature in the game. With awful bulk, horrible base damage, and only a strike for damage, Archaeotherium can’t do anything. In an unboosted environment, it can only take Dimorphodon, Scaphognathus, and Darwinopterus down in a 1v1 matchup. Two of the three, however, can swap out so there isn’t much Archie can do at all. While there are some other bad commons like Iguanodon or Parasaurolophus, Archaeotherium takes the cake for being the worst creature in the game.

How to use the Tier List

This Tier List is a general guide to what creatures are best to work on for the endgame. However,  just because a creature is in a low Tier or if it has dropped a Tier doesn't mean that it isn't good for you to use! So use this Tier List as a guide, but not an end-all chart of what to do.

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