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Tier List Preface

Explorers! We have the 2.14 Tier List ready for you! It's been a while since we did one and a lot has changed, so we are glad that we managed to get this one done before the 2.15 Update releases! We managed to get every single creature Tiered, even the newly-introduced Ailurarctos! Some placements might come as a surprise to you all, so be sure to read on and find out where everything placed! But before we start, we'd like to take this chance to give proper credit to the people who helped create this wonderful Tier List:

Bart, C123, Castal, Cesar, CopperKiwi87, Dinotris, DrWu13, Eduardo, Engin_86, Ghoul298, Hael, IDGT902, Martian, MattE, Pierebot87, Povalov, practicekat,  Steph, and xlbeef!

We could not have done this Tier List without this wonderful group of people, and we are glad that they took the time to assist us! So, let's get into the details on how the list was created and why creatures ended up where they did! 

Method to the madness

Many people want to know how the Tier List gets compiled so here is a look at our process:

In the 2.12 Tier List, we took the extensive approach to rank all creatures in Tiers so we could easily change them if there was need for it. We used this template for our 2.14 Tier List to have our group vote on the placements for each creature, bringing it up to discussion if they disagreed with it. We used a voting form to have everyone vote on the newly added creatures and the changed creatures. If a majority rose, it would be placed in the Tier it was mostly voted in. If there was less of a majority or even a split between multiple Tiers, it was brought up for discussion in the group, where we voted on it again. This resulted in the final Tier List you have today! 

In our votes, Boosts are taken into consideration. If a creature gets considerably better with Boosts, it will probably end up higher than something that gets a bit weaker when Boosts are introduced. Our thought was that creatures that only need 1-2 boosts get drastically better. Meanwhile, creatures that need 3 either stay the same or get worse since they have to spread themselves so thin on the boost allocation and one of the stats is going to suffer because of it. 

Now we have the Tiers themselves. We have a proper description of each of the Tiers, continuing the trend started by Temerity last Tier List, and we have Eduardo talk about some of the more interesting placements on the Tier List!


Definition of Tyrant Tier

High Tyrant - These creatures are simply the best of the best. The top meta is completely shifted around these creatures, and they should be expected on every team. They are the absolute top of the foodchain in JWA and should be gone for as soon as you can. 

Low Tyrant - While these creatures are not in High Tyrant, it doesn't mean they aren't as deadly. Each of these creatures is still extremely powerful, having at least one way to punch through any team in a ton of scenarios. This and the High Tyrant Tier are the top of the meta in JWA, and should be your targets to unlock as soon as possible.

Tyrant Tier

High Tyrant
Ankylos Lux, Arctovasilas, Imperatosuchus, Hydra Boa, Refrenantem

Low Tyrant

Andrewtops, Ankylodactylus, Antarctovenator, Ardontognathus, Gorgotrebax, Indotaurus, Mortem Rex, Parasauthops, Scorpios Rex G3, Skoonasaurus

Explanation of Tyrant Creatures

Since this is the Tyrant Tier these creatures are the best of the best. We will be going into depth on most of these creatures as to why they are in these tiers.

High Tyrant creatures

Ankylos Lux is the reason why so many creatures are falling out on this list. Creatures like Testacornibus, Spinoconstrictor, and Skoonasaurus all saw drops thanks to this beast. You have an incredible swap move, a good on escape, good immunities, and insane defensive and offensive capabilities. This apex can swap in on so many creatures at 1000 hp and just take them from full to 0 with little effort. This is easily in contention for the best creature in the game.

Arctovasilas is a creature that has proven to be as good in practice as it has on paper. This creature will shred through any teams that aren't prepared to face it with relative ease. Ferocity, Shields, Armor Piercing, Shield breaking, precision, high damage, good bulk, great multipliers, deceleration, Stunning - this creature has it all, and will more than happily take your team out!

Hydra Boa was already a good apex, but now it is a contender for the best creature in the game with its new buffs. It now gained a distraction immunity and more attack, which now allows it to potentially 1v1 certain creatures without using Fabled Fangs, only to use it the next turn and put you in a 2v1 sscenario. This is definitely an apex to watch out for and a definite contender for best creature in the game.

Imperatosuchus right now looks like an absolute monster. You have an immobilize that heals and gives ferocity on top of that, you have a counter, an on escape that pins while buffing attack, and a moveset that bleeds, shatters, and slows. This apex can do almost anything and take down almost anything. Definitely a force to watch out for. We instantly gave this one the High Tyrant placement because of its incredible potential on paper, and we don't think it will disappoint in practice.

Finally, Refrenantem got a big buff gaining a lot more hp, no delay on super distraction (which became an impact), and distraction immunity and more rend resistance all in exchange for 25% vulnerability resistance. This was such a big power boost that it made the largest jump of the patch and snuck into High Tyrant, although it is probably near the bottom of the pecking order there. But with this kit and those stats, it can easily cover all its bases and have a good shot at beating almost anything it faces.

Low Tyrant creatures

First up we have Skoonasaurus. This once-High Tyrant simply fell off a bit with the introduction of Ankylos Lux, but it has enough bulk and firepower to hang on to that Tyrant placement. The buff to Restricted Group Distraction certainly helped it out a lot and solidified its reputation as flock slayer.

Mortem Rex got a bit of love recently with an hp buff, full stun immunity, and now roar has priority. These may be small changes, but with the way the meta is going and these changes and the fact that Scorpius Rex gen 3 is now used for bigger threats, Mortem Rex has seen far more success lately, and we feel that this spike in viability is enough to warrant Low Tyrant.

Andrewtops also got a lot of love too with a resistance buff, an hp buff, and a small damage buff. Together, these changes made Andrewtops a monster that can 1-shot so many creatures in the game, even the meta relevant ones like Parasauthops. And when it comes in on revenge, you best be ready for the unfortunate reality that you may have to sack something. And even if you have a counter, nothing gets away unscathed.

Ardontognathus is the newest unique flock and the best unique flock for sure. With better rally healing abilities and a potential turn 2 devastation that speeds up and pierces armor when secured, this is a flock that tanks do not want to deal with. And with on escape invincibility that speeds up as well as alert the flock, this creature supports your synergy and denies your opponent synergy. One of the things keeping this tiny terror back however is the poor turn 1 options, so try to get a setup when using these little demons. 

If Ardontognathus is bad enough, then Ankylodactylus is even worse. Unlike Ardontognathus who struggles in some respects with its kit, Ankylodactylus has no issues in its kit whatsoever. It’s a flock, has good resistances, has good output, and it has a broken moveset that allows it to deal with every creature of every class. You have shields and dodge for resilients, superiority rampage for cunnings, and an instant cunning impact with evasion for fierce. Thankfully this thing cannot rally heal or it would be broken, and that’s its biggest flaw. However, it also has a dodge on escape and a swap in move like Brontotherium that allows it to tank a hit or two. Probably the best legendary in the game.

Gorgotrebax may have lost a step or two, but it is still a very powerful Apex that shouldn't be underestimated. With ridiculous damage output and great Resistances, Gorgotrebax still should be on your radar as a threat to your team!

Indotaurus is just a solid creature. With good stats, a scary moveset, and great options, it easily earns the title of Tyrant. There aren't many things keeping it back other than a lack of a stun immunity for example. Just a solid creature that will see you through thick and thin.

If there's one creature that just refuses to go down, it's Parasauthops. This creature has two healing moves, a Counter Power Heal, high attack, great bulk and can hit you hard with a Resilient Rampage Revenge or Group Cunning Strike. Overall, a very solid creature and one of the best Uniques around.

Scorpios Rex G3 is a creature that is able to repress so many creatures thanks to its signature move: Toxic Quills. Not only that, it has a great Swap-In that perfectly sets it up to deal with anything opposing it, making it a big threat to all Fierces and non-DoT and/or Stun Resistant creatures in general.

Antarctovenator only hangs on to the Tyrant placement by a hair. Why is this little guy up here? Well, Antarctovenator has more options than most creatures in the game. It can deal with bulky tanks like Mammolania or Testacornibus with ferocity and definite rampage, it can play defense with cunning strike combined with the null counter, it can be a setup creature with vulnerability impact, it can be used as a swapper, or as a revenge killer with revenge definite rampage. And combined with its immunities and resistances, we still believe it is worthy of the Tyrant placement, but definitely the weakest one of the bunch.


Definition of Elite Tier

High Elite - While not Tyrants, they sure are powerful. These creatures can take you to high Arenas and will do well there, but they face problems when faced with the other Tyrants. They can certainly tussle with them and even beat them at times, but their flaws are a bit easier to find and they can be worked around a bit easier than Tyrants.

Mid Elite - These creatures find a niche in the top meta. They are strong in certain scenarios, but their performance drops outside those scenarios. These creatures are generally outclassed by the Tyrants, but will perform exceptionally well when the Tyrants are nowhere to be found.


Low Elite - These creatures unfortunately can't find their way into the top meta due to their limiting kit or more glaring flaws. However, these creatures can be very strong in Tournaments, where the restricted meta can play to their favour. 

Elite Tier

High Elite

Albertospinos, Ankylomoloch, Ardentismaxima, Argenteryx, Ceramagnus, Coelhaast, Compsocaulus, Diorajasaur, Diplodocus, Enteloceros, Entelolania, Erlikospyx, Fukuimimus, Geminititan, Grypolyth, Haast Maximus, Hadros Lux, Mammolania, Monolorhino, Phorurex, Poukandactylus, Quetzorion, Smilonemys, Spinoconstrictor, Stygidaryx, Tenontorex, Testacornibus, Troodoboa, Trykosaurus

Mid Elite

Acrocanthops, Ailurarctos, Allosinosaurus, Ankylodicurus, Carnotarkus, Compsognathus, Diloracheirus, Dimodactylus, Diplovenator, Dodocevia, Dracoceratops, Dracoceratosaurus, Eremoceros, Erlidominus, Grylenken, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor G2, Magnapyritor, Majundaboa, Mammotherium, Megalotops, Megistocurus, Monostegotops, Phorusaura, Purrolyth, Rinchicyon, Sarcorixis, Scorpios Rex, Scutophicyon, Sinokotaraptor, Thoradolosaur, Thylacotator, Titanoboa, Tryostronix, Tsintamoth, Utarinex, Woolly Rhino

Low Elite

Alankylosaurus, Albertosaurus, Alloraptor, Ankyntrosaurus, Ardontosaurus, Antarctopelta, Anurognathus, Brontolasmus, Carbotoceratops, Compsognathus G2, Dsungaia, Edaphocevia, Entelochops, Erlikogamma, Glyptoceras, Indominus Rex G2, Indoraptor, Keratoporcus, Monolometrodon, Monomimus, Nodopatotitan, Ovilophomoloch, Pteraquetzal, Pterovexus, Scutosaurus, Smilocephalosaurus, Spinonyx, Stegodeus, Suchotator, Tuoramoloch, Tyrannolophosaur, Velosrhacos

Explanation of Elite Creatures

The Elite Tier is massive with 3 different levels within it. We won't go into detail about all of the creatures, but here are some highlights we'd like to talk about. 

Albertospinos sits on a knife’s edge. In some scenarios it’s a clear tyrant but in others it’s a high elite. We felt high elite is better for it as many times it will go down with the ship in a matchup, but Tyrant is just as fitting for Albertospinos. It’s got a good offensive kit, good stats, and is a great counter to many high tyrants and low tyrants, but it can lose to many as well. For now, it sits at the top of high elite.

Troodoboa is a better Majundaboa in many regards. It has a ferocious strike that can cleanse, a precise impact that distracts, a shielded decelerating strike that can have priority when threatened, and also has a group move with group cunning rampage. While maybe tyrant upon release, it has been slowly falling out due to meta shifts and fell into high elite.

Diplodocus got a buff, and a big one at that. With now a big group rampage turn 1, stun immunity, distraction resistance, and high hp, Diplodocus is a monster than can kill almost anything it wants. No one wants to be staring this thing down when it’s at 10000 hp and 2500 attack with a rampage, a move that shatters shields and bypasses armor while setting up its own shields, and a move that applies vulnerability.

If Ankylodactylus has any competition for the best legendary, no other legendary can rival it quite like Fukuimimus. With good stats, a good set of resistances, and an annoying moveset, Fukuimimus never dies. This thing can kill flocks as well as tyrants like Mortem Rex on a swap. And with its speedups, heals, and a group rampage, this legendary is the ultimate tool to make your opponent ragequit.

Ailurarctos was released and despite being released on April 1st, this thing is no joke. It may lack a basic attack like Preondactylus and Dakotaraptor, but it's a terror to go up against. This thing can break through almost every epic and rare and can also stall out many creatures. Like for example, every flock minus Ardontognathus can never win as Ailurarctos can keep healing over and over. Thankfully this thing can't cleanse otherwise creatures like Hydra would also get stalled forever, but this epic is going to make an impact on the epic tournament format. This creature only just got released, and we mainly used our Battle Sim for this placement. We simply haven't had enough time to see what it can do, but we wanted to include it anyway to fully complete our Tier List. If it does worse or better in practice than it does on paper, expect this creature to move next Tier List.


Definition of Alpha Tier

Alpha Tier Creatures are generally considered to not be Arena relevant when you enter the higher Arenas such as Aviary and Lockwood Library. However, these creatures are excellent building stones to the higher-ranked creatures, and can be a force to be reckoned with when they are unleashed in Tournaments! 

Alpha Tier

High Alpha

Acrocanthosaurus, Alanqa, Allosaurus G2, Andrewsarchus, Andrewtherium, Andrewtodon, Arctalces, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Concavenator, Dilophoboa, Dracorex, Gigaspikasaur, Marsupial Lion, Nasutoceratops, Ornithomimus, Ovilophosaurus, Poukaidei, Rajakylosaurus, Scorpios Rex G2, Spinotasuchus, Titanoboa G2, Utasinoraptor

Low Alpha

Ankylocodon, Archaeopteryx, Arctodus, Dakotanops, Dakotaraptor, Diloranosaurus, Dodo, Doedicurus, Edaphosaurus, Einiasuchus, Elasmotherium, Fukuisaurus, Giraffatitan, Gorgosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Gryposuchus, Kelenken, Koolabourgiania, Megalogaia, Megalonyx, Pachycephalosaurus, Paramoloch, Preondactylus, Procerathomimus, Purutaurus, Pyroraptor, Secodontosaurus, Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus G2, Stegoceratops, Stygimoloch, Troodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex


Definition of Beta Tier

These creatures are very much stepping stones to the higher tiers. Stay away from them if you can in the Arena and in Tournaments as they won't help you much, but if needed they can still pack a punch and provide some useful roles in early stages of the game or in restricted Tournament formats..

Beta Tier


Amargocephalus, Arambourgiana, Arctops, Argentavis, Blue, Carbonemys, Carnotaurus, Cervalces, Darwezopteryx, Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Diplotator, Entelomoth, Erlikosaurus, Erlikosaurus G2, Megalosuchus, Megistotherium, Monolophosaurus, Nodopatosaurus, Parasaurolophus Lux, Postimetrodon, Pyrritator, Rajasaurus, Rinchenia, Smilodon, Sonorasaurus, Stegoceras


Definition of Survivor Tier

These creatures will not be useful at all unless it's for creating their hybrids, or in very restricted Tournament formats. They will only provide a very niche role on your team that can easily be filled by one of the higher Tiered creatures. Use them as stepping stones to higher creatures and nothing else.

Survivor Tier


Bajatonodon, Bumpy, Charlie, Coelurosauravus, Deinotherium, Delta, Dsungaripterus, Eremotherium, Glyptodon, Gorgonops, Haast Eagle, Kentrosaurus, Maiasaura, Majundasuchus, Megalosaurus, Meiolania, Moschops, Nodosaurus, Oviraptor, Purussaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Scaphognathus, Scaphotator, Struthiomimus, Triceratops, Tuojiangosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex G2, Velociraptor, Wuerhosaurus

Scavenger & Hatchling

Definition of Scavenger & Hatchling Tier

Scavenger - Only useful in the beginning phases of the game to pick off the Hatchlings.

Hatchlings - Stay away from using these. Level them up to their required levels for hybrids and don't touch them otherwise.

Scavenger and Hatchling Tiers


Allosaurus, Amargasaurus, Amphicyon, Ankylosaurus, Aquilamimus, Baryonyx Gen2, Brontotherium, Darwinopterus, Deinocheirus, Dilophosaurus Gen2, Dracorex Gen2, Echo, Edmontoguanodon, Eucladoceros, Euoplocephalus, Haast Eagle, Irritator Gen2, Koolasuchus Gen2, Lythronax, Megaloceros, Miragaia, Nundasuchus, Ophiacodon, Proceratosaurus, Pteranodon, Sarcosuchus, Scolosaurus, Sinosauropteryx, Skoolasaurus, Spinotahraptor, Suchomimus, Tarbosaurus, Tragodistis, Triceratops Gen2, Tupandactylus, Utahraptor, Woolly Mammoth


Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Apatosaurus, Archaeotherium, Argentinosaurus, Bajadasaurus, Deinonychus, Dimetrodon Gen2, Dimorphodon, Diplocaulus, Diplocaulus Gen2, Edmontosaurus, Einiosaurus, Entelodon, Gallimimus, Haast Eagle Gen2, Hatzegopteryx, Iguanodon, Inostherium, Inostrancevia, Irritator, Kaprosuchus, Koolasuchus, Majungasaurus, Monolophosaurus Gen2, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Phorusrhacos, Postosuchus, Purussaurus Gen2, Stegosaurus, Stygimoloch Gen2, Tanycolagreus, Tenontosaurus, Tsintaosaurus

How to use the Tier List

This Tier List is a general guide to what creatures are best to work on for the endgame. However,  just because a creature is in a low Tier or if it has dropped a Tier doesn't mean that it isn't good for you to use! So use this Tier List as a guide, but not an end-all chart of what to do. An Elite creature is still a fantastic creature when compared to Tyrant Tiers, and just as usable!

Join our discord for even more discussions and let us know what you think about our new Tier List! 

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