JWA 2.8 Tier List PART 2: Further Explanations!

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Explorers! As prefaced by our Tier List article yesterday, today is the follow-up to the Tier List! In the previous article, we covered all placements from Tyrant and High Elite, and now we're moving down to the other Tiers and explain everything that has either moved or is new on the Tier List! Like last time, our writer Eduardo has written all of these pieces, so big shout-out to him! We will start from the lowest Tiers and move our way up, so read on to find out why we moved every creature that has moved, or placed the new creatures in their respective places!

New Creatures - Non Hybrids

First up we have our first new creature in Survivor, being TSINTAOSAURUS. Unfortunately, almost all Hadrosaurs are just not good in the Arena (unless you're a bioluminescent Apex) and Tsintaosaurus suffers from the same fate as most of its brethren: poor attacking options and not-too-great survivability. However, it's definitely one of the better ones for sure.

Next up is the Beta Tier, and there have been some new introductions in this Tier. First up: BUMPY and DEINOTHERIUM. Bumpy made it into Beta because it unfortunately did not receive as much love from Ludia as it received from Ben. Stunning Alert is decent, but the mediocre damage output, Health and Speed let it down. Deinotherium isn't as mighty as it might have been when it wasn't extinct unfortunately. Ferocious Impact and Instant Rumble give it good damage output, but it isn't putting out big numbers like other Resilients, thus falling into Beta. 

Now we come to Low Alpha, and we've got four new creatures to cover. First off, we have all the Continentals: STRUTHIOMIMUS, RINCHENIA and STEGOCERAS. Unfortunately, none of them really make a big splash on the meta. Struthiomimus is honestly just a worse Ornithomimus, Rinchenia is on par woth Oviraptor and Stegoceras also isn't making a big impact either. They're just not that special. They're all at the bottom of the Low Alpha Tier, with Strutiomimus likely being the lowest one. However, they all at least have their own gimmick that makes them work with swap-heavy teams, landing them the spot in Low Alpha. Next up is ARGENTAVIS. This Rare bird flew into the fray and outclassed its eagle counterparts with its Health, multipliers and good Resistances. While not enough for High Alpha, Argentavis is a rare that could make a splash in Rare Tournaments if played well.

High Alpha is next, and we've got a couple of good ones here. First off, we have everyone's favourite goofy flock of DODOS. The Dodo's have good Health, Deceleration Immunity and a very good kit to boot. Protective Alert allowing it to Rally Heal and Distract and the Alert Decoy allowing the Dodo's to dish out massive damage while running away allow them to be a solid High Alpha placement. Their Immunity to Deceleration is very good as most Group attacks have a Decelerating side effect, allowing it to Rally Heal before running away. However, this is still the weakest of the flocks, and we'll touch upon the others right now:

COMPSOGNATHUS and COMPSOGNATHUS GEN 2 have scurried their way into JWA and onto the list of most annoying creatures in JWA history. Compsognathus Gen 2 was a major threat in the Rare Tournament and the Gen 1 variant ruled over the Legendary Epic and the Epic All Tournaments. With the ability to trap with Alert Swarm, Heal with Alert Scurry, a Swap-in Rally Heal with Alert the Flock, Cunning Strike to Cleanse Damage over Time, great Resistances and a Stun immunity, Compsognathus is a very good Epic, easily deserving of the Mid Elite placement. Compsognathus Gen 2 has a basic Priority move that always lands a Critical Hit in its secure state and a Running move to allow it to get out easily. While not as good as its Gen 1 counterpart, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and more than deserves its Low Elite placement!

Our final non-hybrid creature also lands in Mid Elite, and it's none other than the threatening ALBERTOSAURUS. Albertosaurus earns its Mid Elite placement due to its amazing Resistances, great Stats (especially that 106 Speed, making it the second-fastest non-hybrid chomper behind Mortem Rex!) and most importantly: Killer Instinct. This Priority Defense Shattering Impact pushes Albertosaurus to obscene levels in our 1v1 Sims (without Flock creatures or creatures with Alert abilities) - Top 30 out of 256, beating out other strong Fierce creatures such as Mortem Rex and Alloraptor! Killer Instinct paired with Albertosaurus' 1750 Attack stat will mean the end of many Cunning creatures coming to counter it, and it also means many Resilient creatures will not get a second hit off against Albertosaurus if it lands a Critical Hit (which is likely with its 30% Critical Chance and Crit Reduction Immunity)! Arguably the strongest Rare non-hybrid around now, and 100% deserving its Mid Elite placement!

New Creatures - Hybrids

Andrewtherium  Scorpius G2 (High Alpha) Andrewtodon Tsintamoth (Low Elite) Megistocurus Scutophicyon (Mid Elite)

All of the new Hybrids actually did pretty well on our Tier List, not landing below High Alpha! We will start off our explanations with the newest of the bunch: SCORPIUS REX GEN 2., Scorpius Rex Gen 2 is still a very good Cunning/Fierce with access to its signature move: Quill Impact. So with Scorpius Rex Gen 2, you can Quill Impact into Cunning strike (thus reducing damage by 100%), then run. You also have Swap-In Ambush to get ahead of the competition, allowing you to outspeed key threats. The reason why it doesn't rank as high as its Legendary and Unique counterparts is that it has poorer Resistances, worse stats, a worse kit and overall is very reliant on being swapped into battle, pinning it down for two turns and making it prone to revenge-kills. 

Next up are the two Andrewsarchus hybrids: ANDREWTODON and the tapir ANDREWTHERIUM. To be honest, you're better off leveling up Andrewsarchus instead, it's much better than its two Hybrids. Due to the lower Speed and a kit that just doesn't like to 1-2-punch like Andrewsarchus, both of them don't perform as well. Andrewtherium requires a bit too much setup to make it into Elite, going to High Alpha instead, while Andrewtodon is able to get into Low Elite thanks to it doing quite well against Cunnings in the swap meta.

The other hybrid that landed in Low Elite is the THIRD Mammoth hybrid: TSINTAMOTH. Tsintamoth is a nice creature. It has great stats and Immunities, as well as a nice moveset allowing it to Heal with great effect and dish out damage. It also has a high head-to-head matchup spread, but mainly against things below it. It can hardly defeat anything above it, which is why it landed in the Low Elite tier. But Ludia has a tendency to make Mammoth hybrids insanely good, so let's see how busted this creature's future Superhybrid will be when it releases!

Finally, we have our two Mid Elite dogs: MEGISTOCURUS and SCUTOPHICYON. Megistocurus was a mixed bag during the discussions. It has one of the better Swap-ins with 1400 damage, destroying Shields and bypassing Armor, paired with a decent Critical Hit Chance while also preventing the opponents from leaving with No Escape. On the other hand, it can't really keep up on the field. It was too easy to 2-turn it, on top of it being able to be Stunned and Pinned. The Group Shield helps, but it isn't good enough to push this armadoggo further. Scutophicyon is one of the better Revenge creatures, having access to two Revenge moves similarly to Entelochops and Acrocanthops. With its Revenge Protection, it can kill Ceramagnus on Revenge while also being able to pick off slow Armored creatures thanks to Revenge Shattering Impact and No Escape. With 3 amazing Immunities in Stun, Vulnerability and Slowing along with decent bulk, Scutodog is no less than Mid Elite.

Creature Changes

Since 2.6, many creatures have fallen or risen throughout the meta, whether it be through (in)direct buffs/nerfs or other factors. We will start off with the lower Tier changes and work our way up to Mid Elite. We covered every change in High Elite and Tyrant in our original Tier List article, so be sure to see that one as well if you haven't!

Starting off in Scavenger, we see both OURANOSAURUS and KAPROSUCHUS drop from Survivor to Scavenger. Upon closer inspection, these two creatures don't do as well as we initially thought, with Ouranosaurus really not being good offensively or defensively and Kaprosuchus also lacking in almost all departments. Both have kits and stats that are lined more in Scavenger than Survivor tiered creatures, so we decided to move them down.

Some creatures dropped out of Alpha and into Beta. KENTROSAURUS fell down because compared to its Rare counterpart Tuojiangosaurus, Kentrosaurus lacks the damage output and team utility, not having a Rampage or Swap-in Move. SPINOTAHRAPTOR dropped because its stats are just lackluster. Its main use is to kamikaze higher tiered creatures, and it usually doesn't even take them down. If this creature got a buff in stats or gets No Escape, maybe it moves back up into Alpha. Finally, we have AQUILAMIMUS, and upon closer inspection it has very little going for it. Pin Immunity is its most usable asset. Poor damage output and it has no real use in the higher Arenas. Even Struthiomimus can handle more than it, and that's saying a lot.

Next up, we have our most hated ex-Raid Boss: MEGALOSUCHUS. Megalosuchus dropped from High Alpha into Low Alpha. Group Ferocity really lets this Counterattacker down, as it has little use on it in the Arena. Megalosuchus just cannot do enough in the time it has Ferocity, as it either gets twoshot or it can only use its Ferocity in one turn. Unfortunately, its component Megalosaurus is just better than it, and Megalosuchus can almost be considered a straight downgrade. 

Now onto some creatures that move up! Do you want something that is very easy to make and can stop Ceramagnus on the Swap-in? Look no further than MAJUNDABOA. This Epic Snake might not be as strong as its Epic counterpart Titanoboa, but it shouldn't be underestimated. It is able to stop Ceramagnus dead in its tracks if predicted on the Swap and can also deal nicely with the Flocks. Last time we were on the fence with Majundaboa, but this time around the vote was unanimous for it to move up from Low Alpha into High Alpha.

Walking out of Alpha and into Low Elite is the majestic BRACHIOSAURUS. Brachiosaurus is one solid Epic, with the ability to kill every Cunning in the game aside from Compsocaulus. It even does very well against other Resilients and Fierce thanks to its high bulk and decent offensive capabilities! Compared to other High Alpha's like Pyroraptor, Dracorex, Acrocanthosaurus and Allosaurus Gen 2, Brachiosaurus stands tall (literally) above the competition, allowing it to move up to Low Elite.

Now it's time to get back to some droppers. We have a bunch of creatures moving from Mid Elite to Low Elite due to various reasons. First off, we have our favourite predator from down under: MARSUPIAL LION. It's the absolute best non-hybrid when it comes to killing Tyrants, but with the introduction of Flocks as well as some premium Cunnings, it got hit way too hard. It was already borderline Mid Elite last time around, and the introduction of the Scorpius Rexes certainly didn't do it much good, terminating its stay in Mid Elite. But if you want a Rare to kill the best Unique in the game, this is your best bet.

Next up is the Raid King itself: TUORAMOLOCH. Comparing it to other Mid Elite creatures like Phorusaura, it does not belong in Mid Elite. While the Priority attack is good, Phorusaura can almost double that and has better team synergy than it than Tuoramoloch does. Tuoramoloch can still do very well, but it really needs everything to line up well for it to do so. While boosted it can be a solid force in the Arena, unboosted it is solidly Low Elite.

The final Unique to join Low Elite is PTEROVEXUS. Pterovexus unfortunately just doesn't do as well anymore when compared to other Mid Elite creatures. With the top Tiers becoming more competitive, Pterovexus just falls victim to power creep. Frail stats, a non-specialised kit and niche role lands Pterovexus into Low Elite. It's just becoming worse over time, and we decided to drop it down to Low Elite.

We also have one creature making the biggest drop of all creatures this time: MONOLOMETRODON. This poor creature dropped all the way from High Elite into Low Elite, and I don't think we have to explain why. Ludia hit it with a Monomimus-sized nerf, removing 25% Deceleration Resistance, Distraction Resistance as well as its Defense Shattering Rampage in favour of a Defense Shattering Impact. It still has great variety in its kit and good Immunities, but that isn't stopping it from dropping down to Low Elite.

Next up is Mid Elite, and we've got a couple creatures to cover. First up: CARNOTARKUS. We realised that Carnotarkus was too good for the Low Elite tier. It does very well against other High Elites and Tyrants and doesn't get shut down easily. The fact that it indirectly got buffed with its Group Decelerating Rampage and Greater Rending Counter being great answers to Flocks also helps it out a lot. As a Counterattacker, it's closer to something like Diplovenator rather than Rajakylosaurus.

Another creature that moved up from Low Elite into Mid Elite is POUKANDACTYLUS. With its major overhaul in 2.6, Poukandactylus is now surprisingly good. With Stun Immunity, more attack, a Shattering Counter and an insanely good Defensive moveset, Poukandactylus is one of the few answers to both Compsocaulus AND Scorpius Rex Gen 3. Definitely an underrated creature!

Finally, we have two creatures dropping down from High Elite to Mid Elite. First off is everyone's Epic bane: SARCORIXIS. Like Monolometrodon, Ludia rebalanced this creature, losing 200 attack and 25% Deceleration Resistance in exchange for a 300 Health buff. It could have been worse. It still has its amazing kit, allowing it to be the premium Stunlocker in the game, but this doesn't save it from dropping down to Mid Elite. It's still a very solid Epic that should be respected, but it isn't the scourge like it was before.

The final creature to discuss today is ALLOSINOSAURUS, who dropped down to keep its superhybrid Thoradolosaur some company. With the addition of the Scorpius Rexes and Flocks, Allosinosaurus just doesn't hold up anymore. It was probably the weakest High Elite last time around, but like Pterovexus, powercreep got to it and now we feel it's more suited for Mid Elite.

Parting Words

So that's all of the new placements and creature movements covered! I want to thank Eduardo for writing up all these explanations, and we'd love for you to discuss our Tier List in our Discord server! You can join by using this button below. What do you think of the Tier List and its new placements and creature movements? Do let us know in either the comments below or our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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