The Thor Injustice

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How Dare They?

Who do these Gamepress folks think they are?  It was bad enough when they snubbed Thor by dropping her to High Apex and now they have the audacity to go even lower?  The nerve! 

Listen, I know it, you know it.  Thor is one of the premier dinos out there.  Just look at how it performs in the higher arenas!

Thor's Sim Results

All Tiers

  •     Win Rate: 72.47%
  •     Win Quality: 38.02%
  •     Rank: 31 out of 184 (Top 16.8%)

Low Apex+

  •     Win Rate: 41.01%
  •     Win Quality: 27.53%
  •     Rank: 33 out of 63 (Top 52.38%)

High Apex+

  •     Win Rate: 33.65%
  •     Win Quality: 31.50%
  •     Rank: 28 out of 38 (Top 73.68%)

OK, but those are only 1v1 results.  A set up Thor is an absolute beast!

Set Up Thor's Sim Results

Low Apex+

  •     Win Rate: 54.72%
  •     Win Quality: 49.91%

High Apex+

  •     Win Rate: 43.33%
  •     Win Quality: 30.52%

What?!  Well, that’s just a bunch of averages.  You gotta look at what Thor is able to counter, right?

Sigh, OK, that’s not a lot of things but there are 2 Tyrants that it can counter!  What else are you going to use to counter those things?  

Well, um, I give up.

Thor Belongs in Mid Apex

There are definitely areas where the sim is imperfect (swap in, counter attacks, bleed), but none of these apply to Thor. Oh, and you may be wondering what "Win Quality" means. That's the %HP that Thor has left at the end of the battle. So as you can see, as the field improves, Thor gets consistently worse.  Even a fully set up Thor ( 100% HP, DSR and IC off cooldown) can’t beat half the High Apex+ field.  It barely manages to break the top half of Low Apex+. When it does win, in High Apex+, it has less than ⅓ of it’s HP left, on average. This is Thor at its absolute best. When it comes to counters in the High Apex+ field, Thor counters 6 things and is countered by 15 things.  It ties against Monolorhino. For the two Tyrants that Thor does counter, there are numerous better counters for. Two creatures (Tenontorex and Mammotherium) even share the overlap of countering both Orion and Tryko.

Then Why Do I Get Beat By Thor?

Well, simply put, because people think Thor is better than it actually is. Given its past dominance, people dumped all their resources into Thor, but this only serves to mask its otherwise poor performance. The tier list looks at all creatures on an even playing field.  Equal levels, no boosts. The actual arena is rarely that fair.  Many people will think of this as a reason to dismiss the results, but I see it as quite the opposite.  You see, the Thor's you're getting beat by are at the very top of their game.  Meanwhile, it's very likely that you haven't put all your eggs in one basket and instead apply your boosts more or less evenly.  That means those pumped up Thor aren't going to be getting any better while your other creatures will.

What If I Like My Pumped Up Thor?

Hey, if you're having fun with it and are satisfied, keep using it! We're not the boss of you or anyone else. Where we put any creature on the tier list doesn't change the actual game. I know my intro here was a bit snarky, but I honestly wasn't mocking Thor lovers. I was merely acknowledging the line of thinking that a lot of players have. Heck, it essentially took me writing an essay to convince the other Tier List curators to consider this. The bottom line is, you do what you think is best and what you have fun doing. Our job is to help the player base at large and we came to the conclusion that Thor just isn't something we'd recommend for the endgame.

But if you do want to try replacing Thor, just to see what it's like, I say go for it.  You might surprise yourself.

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