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Community Tier List

Hello Explorers! The update has been out for a week now and we are super excited that we have already started Tier List discussions! Or the "QuaranTier" list as we are affectionately calling it since most of us are stuck at home with the rest of the world. So we have plenty of time to debate about dinos! The last patch, we decided to have the community vote at the same time as we were discussing ours, and we had a positive response from it. 

We write a lot about JWA and talk a lot about JWA, but we will humbly admit we aren't inherent experts. We get things wrong and our wonderful community is usually quick to point out when we do! And we appreciate that. We want the tier list to represent what the majority of the community thinks and we believe we got pretty close in 1.12. We are hoping to be even better with 1.13, but we don't want our opinions to sway yours, so you get a chance to give us your opinions while we are still debating! The community tier list will in no way affect our current tier list discussions. We just want to see how you would vote compared to where creatures actually end up. 

To get an idea of where creatures were in 1.12 and what the community tier list looked like last time, check out the links below. 

1.13 Community Tier List Survey

While we (the tier list team) voted on ALL of the dinos, we aren't going to make you do that. We will just have you vote on the Apex and higher tiers as those seem to be the most important for people. If there is a lower dino you would like to bring up, make sure to make a comment at the end of the survey.

As a reminder, here are the new moves, and move changes this patch:

New Abilities

  • Distracting Shield
    Reduce your opponent’s damage by 50% for 2 turns. 50% Shields for 2 turns. Attack 1x. Cooldown: 2
  • Superiority Impact
    Cleanse distraction. Reduce opponent’s speed by 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x. Cooldown: 1.
  • Immune to Vulnerable
    This creature cannot be inflicted with a vulnerable status.

Ability Changes

  • Cautious Strike
    No longer cleanses
  • DoT 33%
    Now does 33.4% DoT
  • Superior Vulnerability
    No longer inflicts vulnerability before dealing damage. Vulnerability still lasts until the end of the next turn.

Remember that the tier list is NO BOOSTS and equal levels. So those boosted monsters you see in the arena might not reflect how they really are without boosts. Run some friendlies to see how something really does! 

We are really excited to bring this survey to you and we hope you enjoy it as well. We wouldn't be able to do what we love (write articles about a game we love) without our wonderful community and we appreciate all you do for us. So without further ado, click the big button below to fill out the official 1.13 Community Tier List Survey!

1.13 Community Tier List Survey

We won’t release results until we have at least 500 responses so share with your friends and alliance mates and make your voice heard! And make sure to join our Discord for more discussions! Hopefully, we can release the Community Tier List at the same time as we release the official GamePress list. 

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