King of Fighters ALLSTAR Reroll Guide

  • A guide on how and what to reroll for in King of Fighters ALLSTAR

On October 22, 2019, Netmarble released King of Fighters ALLSTAR to global servers. Players all over the world now have access to this mobile beat-em-up, but what does a player need to do in order to get the right head start?

Redditor u/xArceDuce has a guide that goes over a few of the basic ideas behind starting new accounts in King of Fighters ALLSTAR. 


"I heard you need to roll 95 Kyo or 99 K'"

95 Kyo and 99 K' are FAR from the best characters in the game. (Okay, 95 Kyo might be stretching it, but K'? Best? No way). The reason you don't really need to pull for them is that they will most likely end up in the select ticket pool. We get a select ticket every 28 days, so you can just grab them then.

"Infinite/Step banner is the banner to go for"

The banner you need to go for is the Orochi Leona/Iori banner that is unlocked by completing '94 Saga, Chapter 8 on Normal. The only other banner is the Goenitz banner you unlock after beating '96 Saga on Normal.

"You only need to clear '94 Normal 8"

 full clear is enough to give 1800 Rubies if you only use your choosing ticket. That's enough for two multi-pulls on the Orochi Leona and Orochi Iori banner. This means: Pay attention to the "Tag" missions.

Reroll Steps

When Uninstalling and Re-Installing

  • Download medium and don't download all to shorten download
  • Skip Tutorial (Top left button)

If you are at the home screen after Chapter 1

  • Select ticket 98 Kyo, 96 Ryo or 95 Yuri
  • Clear Chapter '94 up to chapter 3 to unlock upgrades
  • Do rolls on the wheel to get red exp potions
  • Go to your fighter's status menu
  • Throw EXP stuff at your carry
  • Unlock desperation skill and your third skill in Fighter Core Tree.
  • Keep auto-battling
  • Clear Chapter '94 Chapter 8
  • Go to the home menu
  • Go to the secret shop
  • Summon for Orochi Iori
  • If Orochi Iori is not added, uninstall/reinstall or delete cache via root (It's been proven, but I don't know since I don't emulate)
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary

Orochi Iori & Orochi Leona

Orochi Iori and Orochi Lena will only be available in banners they are featured in. If they are not featured, they will not appear in any pools. This means you will not find them anymore after their banner expires.

These characters are STRONG. Insanely strong for the time, despite Orochi Leona falls off. Let me list why:

Orochi Iori

  • Rainbow +60% Atk lead for offense types
  • CD resets for active skills when using Maiden Masher
  • Attack Power +14.4% on rekka and attack increase by 1050 on core passives.
  • Insane fireball damage

Orochi Leona

  • Low CD's on active skills = strong damage outputs
  • Active skill cooldown reductions on core
  • Attack power on core passive, penetration and skill damage boost
  • Critical Rate increase by 20%
  • Carries an equally obnoxious projectile skill for PvP
  • STRONG as hell multipliers


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